7 Awesome Android RPGs in 2019 (updated)

rpg games 2019


From the very origin of modern video games, RPGs have a special place in the hearts of gamers. Even being a genre of old times their popularity is still gaining momentum over time. Especially in the mobile gaming industry.

But here we are not discussing the best of the mobile industry Rpgs but being more specific only Android Rpg games of 2019. It includes both rpg games released in 2019 and upgraded in 2019 (in short known among the best for year 2019)



[appbox googleplay com.nexon.da3.global]


Darkness Rises

  •      Fight against demons
  •      PVP matches and boss battles
  •      Character customizations

The darkness is crawling into our world with the ferocious demons to takeover our land from us. But not today as our legendary heroes are on their most critical battles. You choice heros and do customizations as you proceed in the game.

The game is quite sublime with respect to it’s graphics, storyline and terrific boss fights, it has to offer. Take part in the pvp battles or play as a single rpg gamer.

In this fantasy rpg you will come across strange creatures and unseen sights with wizards, Berserker  and warriors.



[appbox googleplay com.gameloft.android.ANMP.Gloft5DHM]


Dungeon Hunter 5 – Action RPG

  •        Action RPG with so much to explore
  •        90 mission and 900 weapons & armors
  •        PvP, team of 3, spell & magic

You are a fighting hero in the era of monsters and dark knights attack, and here is your opportunity for glory or gold. You have so many options and so much to experience that you can get overwhelmed if try to know all at once in the beginning.

This hack and slack action rpg has elements of so many other games with unparalleled high quality graphics that it gives the illusion of an alternative reality. And it’s not just the role playing you have to be good at but also a tactical and strategy game. Every enemy of yours has specific set of strengths and weakness you have to choose the weapons and situation wisely. Players would also be allowed to ask for help from their friends and allies.

On the other hand the game has defense mode where the MMO aspect of the game comes forward in an unsurpassable way.

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[appbox googleplay com.zitga.ninja.stickman.legends.shadow.wars]

Stickman Legends

  •        Offline RPG of stickman series
  •        Ninjas and zombies
  •        Gunners, hunters and archers

You be the hero with different missions, fighting monsters and zombies. If you are a fan of ninjas & rpgs and zombie movies are your favorite, then we must say that this is your lucky day. For Stickman Legends has all of it.

The specialty about the game is it’s offline feature which allows players to enjoy their rpg in boring times when there is no internet and wifi around. The characters include will have different specialties, some will be hunters, archers while other be gunners. Along with the characters you will see several customs of every kind which you can wear in the game.




[appbox googleplay com.nomadgames.everybodyrpgpay]

Everybody’s RPG

  •        An endless idle RPG
  •        PvP fights
  •        Resources, points and upgrades

There are many different heroes to play with and win the fight. Over power the opponents and climb up the leaders of excellence. Gain as much resources and points as you can because  they will help you upgrade your equipment and weaponry.

Challenge other online players world wide and see how good you are in the game. These pvp matches will help you learn faster and better about the game, for you will be playing with live players and not just with AI.



[appbox googleplay com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftO2HM]


Order & Chaos 2: 3D MMO RPG

  •        One of the best Android MMO RPG
  •        Fight in quests or pvp matches
  •        Knights, elfs, monks, hunters and battles

It must be admired about the game that it bears breathtaking graphics along with super interactive fantasy world environment. There are 5 different breeds of heros, you can choose the one you like most (because you will surely like them all) and then pick out the one quest among the 5. Each quest allows you to be either a monk, warrior, blood knight, ranger or a mage. But no matter which one you choose one thing is for sure that it will bring ample amount of adventure & excitement for you.

Hundreds of missions and quests to take part in. You can make a great team to fight against one single enemy or compete against each other in pvp matches of this massive rpg. One can walk into the battlefield with some of the best players in the world out there to put their skills to test. Or you can follow quests’ storylines to train yourself a bit. No matter what you do just don’t miss the MMO Boss battles in the games because these are where the true excitement of game beings.



[appbox googleplay com.gamesture.questland]


Questland: Turn Based RPG

  •        First person perspective turn based RPG
  •        Adventure and battles with monsters
  •        Tactical with magic, knights, pvp arena and millions of players

Questland is the game for those who like rpg and turn-based strategy games equally. This wonderful blend of genres comes with first person perspective to play with. Along with the community of millions of players.

Join hands with other players by joining a guild and fight side by side with monster. Chat with each player in your guild, while exchange gifts and tribute to expand your guild. The fantasy world of Questland is full of magical artifacts like almighty rings, magical swords and chests.Whereas the individual quests are also quite amusing in their own way.

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[appbox googleplay com.makingfun.mageandminions]



  •        Action RPG (Offline)
  •        Cast spell on evil and enemies
  •        Axes, guns, skeltons, zombies and fantasy world

Enjoy real time multiplayer matches if interested in playing with live players. Otherwise most of the game’s features work perfectly fine offline. Only few of the features require internet.

It has “tap-to-move” and “swipe-to-cast” intuitive controls that make the experience more natural and fun. Have to fight against creatures like skeletons, demons and even zombies, all the evil that belongs to different times and era collected in one. Cast the spell by drawing signs on your screen and all of a sudden your enemies will be gone. Not just the villains but there are heroes of many types, there are knights and bounty hunters, Mage and other characters. Each have the potential to use 20 novel abilities individually. Once you reach the 70th level you will be not a regular fighter any more but a champion level player.

There is so much to discover, explore and experience in this superb rpg that all can’t be mention here, you have to play it to know it all.



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