Android Backup Apps to Restore your Data Easily

We have compiled a list of best backup apps for Android.

Our Android device data is one of the most precious things we have in the name of our assets. If something causes loss of our highly valuable data in our phones, it is a really big problem for us. But there are apps out there known as Android backup apps that can help you to restore your phone data with great ease. You just need to have one of backup app for Android and you would get rid of worry about using your phone data or phone theft.


The apps nowadays available on Play Store are not just best in what they do but at the same time are highly user-friendly.

So, here you go… for the list of best backup apps for Android.

You just need to have one of backup app for Android and you would get rid of worry about using your phone data or phone theft.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a photo backup app after downloading which you will be more than happy. Because hardly any other application can work the way with an Android OS that an app developed by Google itself does.

Photos aren’t just megabytes of data rather they are precious memories or an image carrying important info sometimes. From every aspect having a photo backup is as important as for having Android phone backup as whole. So before you face the threat of losing all your current photos. Just join your phone photos with your Google account and access all your photos from any device and anywhere in the world.

You can also know these easiest methods of backup Android.

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Super Backup & Restore

This Android backup app is really super in its own way, because you can create backup of not just of your photos or contacts but of every bit of information exist in your phone. Create backup of messages, calls and other files and folders. It will also restore the apps that are not available by default on your mobile.

After restoring you can have your data either in the Gmail or can save in SD card. Both ways it is an app that you can rely upon. Just a single app and all of your phone’s data is secured forever.

[appbox googleplay com.idea.backup.smscontacts]


If it’s your apps you are more concerned about then helium should be in your phone. Because it can create a backup storage in your cloud, SD card or even your PC.

I remember there were many highly customized app in my previous phone but after it split into two for some reason, I had to start from the scratch and lost all my progress and data that my applications were containing. Helium is a perfect match to rescue you from such dilemmas.

Backup & Restore

It does what it is called and by mean backup it creates backup of every bit of valuable information you possess in your phone. From contacts to text conversations and from apps to call logs, it got all the essential data we usually have and care most about. Although it does not include photos when it comes to creating a backup yet the things it covers can make the mare go.

If you have lost your phone, then here are methods you can find your lost Android.

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