Best Adventure Games for Android

Best Adventure Games for Android
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Adventure games carry you through the most boring slots of the day and with the increasing use of the Android games it has been easy to play game in such times you are doing nothing but waiting for someone or something. The best way to kill such times and change them into a bit of fun. Android adventure games are the one which can do the magic.

Adventure category composed diverse variety of Genre. So we have compiled a list of best adventure games for Android, so let the begin unfold.

Never Alone

Never alone is an adventure game based on a situation where a Nomadic boy is searching his tribe in Alaska. The tribe and the boy are the native Alaskan. The game is full of high profile graphics and several interesting obstacles. You will encounter several situations which grab your deep and intention. Never alone can be played on multiplayer mode with your friends and the family.

Adventure games
E-Line Media

Download Never Alone


Crashlands is an adventure game for those who like a combination of crafting and combating in a game. In this game, you play a role of a space trucker who gets crashed at an alienated planet where he has to store his cargo and survive. The survival is only possible if you combat with the enemies causing you danger. There are creatures, which you can tame to fight for you. To survive in the game, You need to establish a base for yourself which includes the crafting and it makes the game more fun. This is the best adventure game to play.

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Crashlands adventure game
Butterscotch Shenanigans

Download Crashlands

The Walking dead

As the viewers of the walking dead TV series, know how thrilling to be a part of a world in which zombies exists. In this zombie game, the same experience provided to the users where they are not just watching the story line but are experiencing it more closely by playing a role in it. However, killing zombie is one of gamer’s favorite part, as it always been. Walking dead is one of my Best Adventure Games for Android.

adventure game for android
Telltale Games

Download The Walking Dead

Miles From Tomorrowland

Miles from tomorrowland is an Android adventure game that is created by Disney and it targets kid’s segment of the market. In this game, your character continuously riding a mechanical ostrich and you have to get special items to make a higher score. There are some rocks like items available which you need to capture for the higher score.


Yesterday is adventure android game for those crime shows fan and also who are fond of movies involves a murder case and suspense. In this, you need to solve the murder case by acting as a character in the game. It is one of those games in which every coming part is highly unpredictable. And you will love this when you are trapped in boring parties and waiting lines.

adventure game
Pendulo Studios

Download Yesterday

Lara croft Go

Lara croft is based on the movie “Lara croft” as you can judge from its name. This game revolve around the same story and adventure of lara croft as shown in movie. This game is a puzzle adventure in which you play as Lara and have to find ancient articrafts.

adventure game of android
Square Enix Montreal

Download Lara Croft GO


Limbo is mysterious puzzle adventure game with haunting theme and dark background. Its black and white color scheme makes it different from all other games we play. It follows with the heart touching story line in which a little boy is going through different hurdles to find his sister. It is a 2D game with gothic theme and operated with a simple tabbing on the screen of your Android phone. Limbo has nothing to do much with the graphic specifications as you don’t see much, as everything is made of black and shades of grey.

Horror game

Download Limbo

This war of Mine

It is a game that is about making difficult decision for survival after a war. You are in a city that is recently occupied by your enemy and you have to survive with your team. You can do this by collecting resources and making different choices, but remember that each of your decision will determine either you will make it to the end or not.

Unlike any other game you enjoy playing it again even if you have made it to the end, because you want to know how different decisions affect your survival chances. This War of Mine is a really interesting adventure game and a must have for every survival skill enthusiast.

Ice age Village

If you have enjoyed the Ice age movie then you will surely find Ice Age village game very amusing. You just have to create a village on the ice plane for the ice age animals. While you were making the houses you will come across to many different animals of this age. The graphics of Ice Age Village is animated but pretty fine. It is a great choice for parents to provide this game to their kids, as it does not contain any appropriate content for kids and the best part is that is based on an animated movie which kids like very much.

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Ice age village game

Download Ice Age Village

Finding Teddy

Again I would say Finding Teddy is an adventure for kids because the story line is based on a little girl who lost her teddy. The girl’s teddy is stolen by monster but when she searches it into her closet; she ends up in a magical world where she struggles to find her teddy while fighting with different monster. Finding teddy is a Great thrilling game for kids who think a lot about monster and thinks like that.


Lifeline is a survival adventure about a man who got stuck on the moon and you are the only one who can help him to get through the situation. He has lost all of his team members and now you are the one who will guide him through the paths and help him making decisions. The amazing thing about this game is that you are the one who will make it further story line by making different decision that will change the story as it moves further. It also allows you to move back to your previous decision for watching what difference it makes while making the other choice after going back in the past.

Space Game for Android
3 Minute Games

Download LifeLine

The Wolf Among Us

It is something beyond what most adventure games offer. It has the suspense of a horror movie and thrill of action one. You will be accompanied by a murderer but you would not recognize him because you would be in a group of suspects after murder takes place. Now here comes a tricky part, which is how good you are at making decisions. Its like shooting bullet by aiming at the target, a little swing towards left or right can make a difference of meters if it is of just few inches in the beginning. Your decisions will direct you into whole new dimension.

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