Best American Sign Language apps (ASL apps) for Android

best asl apps

ASL or American Sign Language is the language of hearing-impaired community. This isn’t used in just America but in many other countries around the globe.

Fortunately there are apps out there using which you can communicate with these sweet people otherwise you can’t know much about. Though if you want to learn ASL for a friend or family member then one of these apps is a must have. However we suggest to have another source of learning for ASL along with these apps to learn faster and better. But these apps can help you learn without putting much time & effort into it. Because you can use app while standing in a que, traveling in a bus for home or work, Or simply just waiting for something or someone. You don’t have to allot specific time of your day to it.


[appbox googleplay com.asltranslator]

ASL Translator

  •        Text to sign generator (not perfect though)
  •        30,000­­­ + words in sign language
  •        Nearly 1,400 Idioms and Phrases

Though it can translate 50 words at a time and it’s not perfect yet it is something to look upto. You will have the video of sign language you can play in fast forward, repeat, pause or play it in slow motion. Just place the translation in the app and you can literally see video translation of the text you have just entered.

Great app to do advance level communication with hearing-impaired people without knowing anything about ASL. It can show you how to say the names in sign language that can easily be confused, like Mr. Brown. Don’t just say simple sentence, as it bears around 1,400 Idioms and Phrases. It wouldn’t just help you to communicate but also unconsciously teaches you ASL in the process.

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[appbox googleplay com.jquiz.asl]


ASL American Sign Language

  •        Great for learning ASL
  •        ASL Fingerspelling Flash Cards
  •        ASL Quizzes

If learning ASL is your priority then it can serve the purpose properly. It has the teaching material most appropriate for practical real life situations. Flash cards and sections about history, culture, family talk and different countries. Makes you learn the sign language which you can use in real life (even if you have just started).

The ASL quizzes in the app allows you to test your level of skill via quizzes. Words along with the pictures of hands and questions help you understand better.



[appbox googleplay com.softwarestudios.asldictionarysignlanguage]

ASL Dictionary – Sign Language

  •        A complete ASL dictionary
  •        ASL videos of 5000+ Words
  •        Can work without internet, quizzes, fingerspelling exercises

The way this app translates more then 5000 words into ASL videos along with 460 Multiple ways to the same sign word, is just phenomenal! If you are seriously into ASL then this is your ticket to mastery.

The best part is you can continue your learning at places where there are no wifi or internet signals, for it can work without it. The videos provided can be looped, fast forwarded or can be done anything you can usually with any other video on your phone. The quizzes evaluate your performance yet the real fun lies in the exercises. Especially the fingerspelling exercise makes you remember your good childhood memories. There are different categories and search options help you find content more of your liking.



[appbox googleplay net.tresors86.signit]


Sign language for beginners

  •        Aids ASL learning
  •        Includes photos of signs
  •        You can take quizzes

A very simple ASL app that can act as a catalyst if not a complete source for learning American Sign Language. Though it only include the photos of signs along with instructions and no video but even then it can supplement your ASL learning with it’s quizzes.



[appbox googleplay com.mindrocketsinc.mimix]


Mimix3D Sign Language

  •        Two way communication app
  •        No need to learn ASL to communicate
  •        converts speech/text into sign language & vice versa

An astonishingly wonderful app that allows you to communicate with deaf community without learning ASL. You enter either text or speech and an animated human figure translates it into sign language for hearing-impaired people to understand. Not just that but it allows people with hearing inability to type text using sign language keyboard or regular keyboard and the app will speak it to you.

Though the app frees you from the need of learning ASL but it’s the most practical way of learning ASL. For one learns the best by practicing what one wants to learn. And that’s exactly this app does. Along with it’s terrific features you can get benefit from its 3000 ASL words that can serve your purpose best. The best part is, it’s signs source is not limited and new signs add up every week.

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[appbox googleplay com.teachersparadise.aslamericansignlanguage]


ASL American Sign Language Fingerspelling Game

  •        ASL learning game
  •        Family friendly way to learn
  •        Many activities and games

One may really get quite precise idea about the popularity of this app from it’s numbers of downloads. Which are not too extraordinary but are impressive for an ASL app.

The app has chosen a different approach by adding the gaming element in to ASL learning. This makes a great combination for those android users interested in ASL. The app has separate categories for learning of alphabets and numbers, which become more engaging with 140+ flashcards, 80+ fingerspelling and sign language activities. 26 card sets complemented with games and activities to ease the process of learning for children and adults alike.



[appbox googleplay ca.seesupport]

Signing Exact English

  •        ASL Learning
  •        Categories like Alphabets, Affixes and Numbers
  •        Over 4000 signs

Have access to nearly 4000 ASL signs to learn. Enjoy learning from the categories like Affixes, Alphabets and Numbers. Accompanied with photos and clips, you get the best out of these 4k signs in the app. As obviously learning a word with proper pronunciation and meaning is better than three learned improperly.

Though not used by many but still good enough to deserve a try.



[appbox googleplay]


Learn Languages with Memrise

  •        A multi-language learning famous app
  •        Also supports ASL
  •        Offline support, videos and games

Memrise isn’t the name pops in to the minds of those who want to learn ASL. Regardless of it’s image as a common language learning app, Memrise also supports sign language along with many others.

It may not help you achieve mastery in ASL but can do quite well for the basics.

The images, videos and games for ASL can surely supplement your ASL learning from other sources. Especially for breaking the inertia to begin, Memrise can help with it’s daily goal feature.




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