Best Android 3D Games For Tablets and Phone

Android 3D Games

Enjoy These Amazing Android 3D Games on Your Tabs

Today our smartphones and tablets have the processor equal to the power of those that were possessed by the first spaceship landed on moon, Apollo 11. So when it comes to hardware specification of your device you don’t have to worry about running a high specs game. With the increasing demand and dramatic enhanced supply of android games, your phone has now started acting like more of a gaming console. Therefore there are far more gaming fans on mobile devices than on any gaming console. But when it comes to 3D, smartphone devices are given tough time by the gaming console in terms of performance and quality. Yet there are several games launch every day on play store and rising the standard for android 3D games.

Uber strike

For those who love shooting games, uber strike is the next 3D game for mobile devices. It is the counter strike of smartphone; it has breath taking 3D graphics which are up to the expectations of android gamers. The popularity of this game, can be better understand from its more than 8 million downloads.

Uber strike is full of guns, armor, explosion and action. Especially for the boys who love battle, this is the current best and most popular choice. You can have clans and can fight with other teams. As it is a multiplayer, therefore you can play it by making two teams that would compete with each other. In this way, it also has the strategic and tactical aspect. Even if you do not like shooting very much or not very keen of army games but uber strike is something that will grab your attention for the next few minutes. This mind blowing game with unbelievable graphics is available for free on play store.

Assassin’s creed

It is extra-ordinary when it comes to the story line and far more popular than any other game having no relevancy with previously famous character. With the launch of assassin’s creed movie, the popularity has grown much more among android audience. The story is simple and so is your task in it. You are the assassinator who has to cease third crusade by killing 8 men. It has marvelous 3D graphics that displays the ancient era of Jerusalem.

Assassin has mysterious levels along with cool weaponry. While the controls are very smooth to play on touch screen.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

Hardly any car racing game lover who uses smartphone have not heard about Asphalt series. Asphalt 8: Airborne has raised the racing craze among the android users. It has unparalleled 3D graphics which no other game of this class has.

It is full of real time super cars and controls. You will have turbo and NOS in your car and if you get hit by something it will show on your car. Therefore, it is far closer to reality than any other car game. While if you are worrying about the levels, then let me tell you it has about 300 events can be enjoyed in the challenge mode. This is an ultimate package of thrill and fun that you can enjoy with your friends.



Although this is a bit old yet it’s one of the first fighting game taken to the new dimension of 3D. Soulcalibur  not just allows you to attack in back and forth but also in side to side dimension to your opponent. It has several modes which you can enjoy fighting. The modes include story mode in which there will be a story line related to your each fight while there is a survival and an extreme survival mode. In survival mode, you just got to keep fighting until you get beaten up badly.
This is not for free unlike most other in the list. It comes with the price tag of 13.99$ but even then it’s worth playing and huge amount of the Gamers doing so is the prove.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Reviews: 4.3

Downloads: 50,000k-100,000k

Price: Free

For 3D Fans deeply in love with the army games, modern combat 5 is something they must try. This FPS is on battle field game in which you have to fight to the end. It is full of the guns, explosions and action which Gamers dream of. Modern combat has several different kinds of weaponry and missions you enjoy playing. It also avows six different army teams, each with its own pros and cons. Your task is to make the right decision of choosing the team perfectly suit you and lead it into the battle field.

Every Android user reading this post should try this at least once, for it is available free on Google play store.


Water Slide Adventure 3D

Reviews: 4.0

Downloads: 5000k-10,000k

Price: Free

This summer you do not need to plan a trip to water park, as the game can provide the fun. It is about a water slide, you have to slide in a way so you can collect as many coins as you can. It has five different levels in which you have to prove yourself. The game is full of different eye catching water park slides which no one wants to miss. Water slide is one of its kind 3D and can be found interesting by casual gamers.


Riptide GP2

Reviews: 4.5

Downloads: 100k-500k

Price: 1.99$

Riptide Gp2, a breath taking water racing game which has earned a reputation of having unbelievable 3D graphics. You are racing on a ski jet automobile which seems to be come out of a Sci-Fi movie. It is not just about fantastic waves with nail biting stunts but also a great racing game you can enjoy with friends in multiplayer mode. It has other modes include the campaign and multiplayer.


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