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The increasing popularity of business card scanner apps can be of many reasons but the top most is, “there is no point of receiving a business card if you will most likely to forget it in your draw.” This app is one of the most productive thing one can have in his/her Android device, for it doesn’t just save your time of manually entering phone numbers in your Android device, but also gets you those contacts you wouldn’t have for long due to procrastination of adding those into your phone. Many of you already know the consequences of feeding up your wallet with business cards and those of you who don’t, shouldn’t try this, because at the end either you will temporarily (means “for undeclared time”) empty your thick wallet into your office draw or will place them at a secure place where you can’t find it again.

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Having a business card app (Android) is always a good idea because it doesn’t just digitalize all your business contacts but you can also easily access them on your laptop or tablet as well by just saving on your scanner app’s cloud. So you just need an Android business card scanner app to be a contacts organized person, right? Wrong. Not all apps can scan every business card, therefore you need one of the best Android business card scanner, and we have mentioned some in our list below.




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Wantedly People scan biz cards

  • Can scan upto 10 cards at a time
  • Send instant message with Wantedly Chat
  • Search by company, job title & name

Wantedly known for it’s speed and accuracy, it detects business cards with OCR (optical character recognition) which is powered by AI. Can detect 10 business cards at a time and with great precision. You can search entered business cards by company and job titles too if you forget the name. One can have chat on the in-build Wantedly chat. You can share business cards in a very safe way, as it provides temporary url for exchanging card on chat & email. The apps allow you to add that information with a business card which is not possible with a physical one, you can literally create CVs and profile of professional contacts using this business card app for Android.




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CamCard Free – Business Card R

  • Can detect business cards in 16 languages
  • Automatically translates card in your language
  • Secures the business cards in cloud storage

No doubt Cam card has made it’s way among the top grade business card reader apps. For it can scan cards of 16 different languages such as Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, German etc. And doesn’t just scans but provides you with the translation of the card. To make sure the contacts you have stays with you life time, the app saves all your business cards in the cloud storage. Along with these features it have some more highly useful features. However if these aren’t enough to download the app, maybe number of downloads can help you then.




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ABBYY Business Card Reader

  • Suggested by CNN, The Telegraph, The New York Times
  • Translates your business card in 25 different languages
  • Featured App in the Intel® Business App Portfolio

In our list of “Best Android Business Card Scanner” hardly another app has this much recognition and privilege. The app has many practical features you use several times in your routine day. Like the CardHolder allows you to categorize business card in a way you can find each in the least time when you need it most. No matter what is the total number of business cards you hold in your Android phone you can always have it in no time. Doesn’t just help you collect cards but also facilitates you in sending others. As you can transfer the card in 25 different languages and can share it via SMS & email, this makes you expand your professional acknowledgement and exposure across borders. While you can also export your data to MS Excel. Along with these features you can save contacts to cloud storage and can access & synchronize all your Android devices. Whereas the app highlights the contacts it’s uncertain about so you can give it a double check.




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ScanBizCards Lite – Scan Card

  • “Bringing order to the chaos of a business card collection” [New York Times]
  • Ideal for sales people
  • Merge with existing contacts or in the address book

Using ScanBizCards Lite one can easily transfer the scanned business cards to CRM (customer relation management) software like Salesforce in just 30 secs. As have mentioned above the app has designed for professionals who have to meet too many people, (Like sales person). An app that can support 22 different languages. Group your large bank of business cards in to different folders and share via email. You can easily export contacts to SugarCRM, Evernote and Salesforce. Made notes about each card and enjoy 3D gallery view mode. You can’t just scan one but the both sides of the business card.




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Evernote – Organizer, Planner for Notes & Memos

  • Can scan almost every thing
  • A note taking app that stores data in cloud
  • Can store data in photos, audios, PDFs, Web clippings, Videos etc

Although Evernote is not just a card reader app yet it is much better than an app only designed for this purpose offers. Actually Evernote is a software that takes virtual notes either it is about taking photos or scanning documents. You can scan your brain storming ideas on a white board and later can add more in the scaned version of the photos. Therefore if used as business card app, it is one of the best Android card scanner app, for it allows you to add notes with your scanned business cards. Not just text notes but hand written notes as well, which adds more meaning to the details. You can attach videos, photos, and other formats of notes with your business card. The best part is, you can access all your ideas, presentations, receipts and notes from any devices runs on almost any operating system.



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