Best Android Channels on YouTube

Best Android Channels on YouTube

For the increasing trend and enhanced consumer usage of Android, applications has consequently also increased the demands for Android development tutorials. As YouTube is the most convenient, easy and economical friendly source of online tutorials for Android app development and other programming languages. Therefore, I have created a list of best Android channels on YouTube concordance to my personal experience and preference.

The new Boston

The new Boston is a channel that is created by Bucky, an online IT expert tutorial maker who has commanded over various aspects of information technology. This channel is known for its more than 1.5 million subscribers. It is one of the best sources to learn Android from.

Bucky’s tutorials’ specialty lies in his step by step teaching method, which makes it far easier to learn for the people who does not have any Computer Science background.


Check it out The New Boston Channel

The new boston youtube

Derek Banas

Derek Banas is a remarkable channel to learn Android App development for Beginners. I prefer it to beginners of Android development as the videos are highly detail oriented. You will find only 25 videos and they are enough to make a newbie learn how to make an Android App. This channel although, also has videos on other programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, NodeJs, Assembly language, Visual Basic Tutorial etc..

While when I switched on this Android YouTube channel, I was greatly satisfied with the videos and the voice quality it has. But the thing that I found tremendously amazing about this YouTube channel is the way it makes you learn by providing useful and related examples. Read also: Make money from  Apps

Android developers

Android developers is a Google’s official YouTube Android app development channel, which I will say is a cluster of wide variety of development elements in one pack. Although you can learn Android, no matter which level of development skills you previously had, yet it also provides information about Android’s new features and also the recent news related to the Android. And the most amazing thing about this YouTube channel is, some of its videos are available in more than one language such as Japanese, English and Portuguese. Check out: Android Architecture

However, if you are worried about that either is it concordance to your learning level then don’t worry about it, it will guide you from how to install environment to the development of an incredible app.


Android Developers

Check the Android Developers Channel Playlist


However, if you are not satisfied with the channels that I have mentioned above and want something that is more basics and to the point then Devslopes is the thing for you. Devslopes is highly customized for the beginners who learn to code with Android, as it has layout and icons related videos, So if you are a beginner, we suggest you Devslopes as the first preference. Check also: Google Store Alternatives


Devslopes Tutorials

Check also Devslopes Channel on Youtube

Programming Knowledge

This channel Programming Knowledge is known for its Android tutorial series based on 52 videos. Besides this development, its other two more popular series are Android SQLite database and MySQL which each of both series also composed of few step by step videos. There are other mobile app development related series and playlists that exhibits uses and learning of other tools and features related to the development of Android. I really prefer this channel because I learned a lot of things from this channel and it is one of the best Android Channels on YouTube.

Programming Knowledge YouTube channel

Youtube Programming Knowledge Channel



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