Best Android Course for Beginners

Best Android Course for Beginners
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With every passing days, the number of Android users are increasing day by day, so is the number of Android developers. At every time of the day, there are more than 225 million Android users active worldwide. This shows the increasing popularity of Android operating system and apps not only among the users but also for the developers. Although, now there are greater number of developers inclined to learn Android App or game development courses available online. Therefore, we have compiled the list of the best Android course for beginners as the courses included in our list emphasizes on step by step learning and even for those who are not really good in development. Following are just 4 best courses for Android yet you can say they are one of most high quality and effective courses.

Building Mobile Applications by Harvard University

This Mobile Application course is a part of a computer science module of exclusively for Harvard University and created by the world’s best educators. But this is not the best part about it, the best part is that it is free and everyone from any corner of the world can learn Android Mobile App Development. Although this course is for both IOS and Android Platforms yet it includes every detail of developing Android app using eclipse and android sdk. This course is highly flexible and very convenient for the beginners.

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Android App Udacity Course By Google

Udacity is a place to learn coding and programming stuff. The specialty about this Android development course is that it is one of the world’s best Android development courses. I am not overrating it, as it is created by the creators of Android itself “Google”. This course for Android is best for developers interested in learning Android development having different level of proficiency. You can be an advance level developer or a beginner, this course will fulfill all the purpose efficiently.


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Programming Mobile Applications by University of Maryland

This course is about the programming and the software application development for handheld devices By Adam porter. This Android programming deals with the specific topics of user experience and software architecture. However, this course is not much Android oriented and for general application development of tablets and mobile phones. To start learning from this course, you don’t need to pay anything, for it is best free Android course but you must have a little bit of experience in Java. The duration of this course is 4 weeks.

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Android authority course

This Android course is also one of the most authentic and acknowledge courses as it is developed by Android authority. This course covers all the dimensions of an Android app development, either for beginners or advance level development. This course covers 105 Lec that deals with the topics such as app development, resource collection, app data storage and creating user interface. Although this is not free and charges you 19$. Yet it educates best in some specific details of Android development which no other course considers.

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