10 Best Android Features You Don’t Know Exist

Best Android Features
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Awesome And Best Android Features Hidden in Your Phone

Android is the most widely used and popular smartphone operating system that is equipped with the highly convenient and most remarkable feature that facilitates us at their best. Although Android has a great number of users throughout the world yet some of its amazing features are unknown to majority of the audience. May be due to the disable or hidden mode of the features, most user don’t even try to get know more of their smartphones and deep dig enough to get the best feature of their phone. We are presenting some of the best android features that you don’t known your android device possess.


Google Now in Marshmallow 6.0

The new Google now in Android Marshmallow facilitate your search results with great precision and accuracy. Google now assist you to its best detecting a time and place where you are, performing the search and the most suitable and demanded results concordance to your need will be presented the Google now.  Google now detects and gather more information about your searching behavior to customize your searching results to your expectation.


Android Phone Best Features

Marshmallow 6.0 improved Copying and Pasting

Before Marshmallow 6.0, it was a bit difficult for the users to copy and paste a text, because to do so you have to go to the top of the page and perform copy and paste function but with the improved copy and paste feature of Marshmallow you can copy, paste the text any being anywhere on the page without the need of getting on the top of the page and doing copy and paste. By just hovering over the required text you can do so.


Android Marshmallow features

Custom Google tabs by Marshmallow

Again this amazing improved feature of the Google chrome is affiliated with Android marshmallow as its new custom Google tabs, people can use the browsing and internet without switching the app they are using. It also allows you to save all your passwords and profiles stored, which allows you to access to them without getting into any hustle.


google chrome browser

Hidden UI tuner

There are some features of Android Marshmallow that they have not released in this version but they would in the next updated versions. Such UI tuner can be discovered by going to the gear from notification and then tap on system you will be revealed to a new menu that tells you about, these features are not entirely developed and will be launched into the upcoming Android versions. Therefore, use then with care. These features include the “Do not disturb”, tweaking status bar and even swipe up split screen. Although these features you will encounter in the stock marshmallow smartphone version yet there are some chances you will also find them on your android device.


Hidden UI tuner in Marshmallow

Nougat cat game

Although previous Android versions such as Lollipop and Marshmallow used to come with the hidden flappy bird game with lollipop and marshmallow theme but the new Nougat 7.0 of Android has changed this previous flappy bird game with some kind of a cat game, which is far less easy than the previous flappy bird game and far more interesting.

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Nougat 7.0 Cat game

Better notification in Nougat 7.0

The notification feature of Android nougat has taken notification display to the next level in which the notification display is much wider and less in length, which helps you to receive more notification in much lesser space. As most of you have already known that the new nougat has three notification display views which has also contributed in the betterment of notification display.


Do not Disturb

Do not disturb although being underestimated in today’s world where all got habitual of being getting interrupted by our phone in the form of the text, updated and social media notification. But the “do not disturb” feature can help you save a lot of the time. This feature would not just switch of your phone and just cut off you from the rest of the world so that you don’t know even about the alien invasion. Therefore, do not disturb feature comes up with some reminders, alarms and priority features, if something really important and you really want to disturb for that project only, then it is a great feature for you.

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Android do not disturb feature

Save internet volume with Nougat

The Nougat comes up with the features called data saver which allows you to save your mobile internet volume and use it more efficiently for your desired work. These android feature block the internet use of background apps and in this way the volume of internet data you lose even when you are not working on your android phone or using internet data, get saved. Even it can be used at times when you are at places far away from home and there is little amount of internet volume has left which you need really badly then this feature allows you to save the day.

Data saver Android Nougat

Emergency information

Emergency info is a new step in the direction of user friendly android feature, which allows you or anyone using your smartphone to access information that is crucial to know in critical situation. This info can be your blood group, a phone number, any statement or information that is necessary to display on the phone of the patient suffering from serious diseases and disorders. This emergency feature will appear on the screen on your Android device where you have to put your access code.

Although this feature may seem not very helpful yet it is the most beneficial feature you can have on android in the times of need.


Emergency info

With nougat watch and record TV

With your android phone, you can watch television without missing your favorite TV show and football matches. And if you are a big fan of particular TV show, then you can record it for watching it later or even recording it at the same time you are watching it. It allows you to rewind the TV shows and programs so that you don’t have to miss a series of shows on your Saturday night if you have gotten busy in to something.