Best Android Games for Kids Age Between 4 to 12

Best Android Games for Kids

Nowadays kids are more keen towards gadgets rather than spending time with their parents. Parents can spend better quality time with their kids in the way kids like. As kids find it more fun to play smart phone games with their parents and friends, therefore Google play store has a whole different section for family apps and games.  This section will provide you with the best Android games for kid , which allows you to spend time with your children by doing the activity they are more interested in. These best Android kids games comes along with the features such as parental control which allows you to have proper surveillance on your children activates. The games, that Google play store offers can be suitable for kids age between 4 to 12 years and you will surely find a game that matches your kid’s age.

The list below is of the best Android games for kids ages between 4 to 12 but it is an accumulative competition of this different difficulty level game for children of different ages.

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds has everything a kid wants in a game, easy to understand and fun animated graphics. Angry bird is although one of the most popular games out there played by people of all ages but it is also one of the best choices for parents. As it is interesting enough that they will enjoy themselves while at the same time can play along with their kids.


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Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

Download Angry Birds

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is one of the best educative Android games for kid’s age between 4 to 8. This will show a shadow of a word in which you have to place the letters scattered around. You have to do it by dragging the letters with your finger and when the word gets complete, an animated characters will tell you the meaning of it.

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Download Endless Alphabet

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

It is one of the best Android games for kids, age between 1 to 5 as it is an educative Android game designed for preschool kids. It teaches your kid about the colors, shapes, counting and puzzles even before he gets to school. This surely will give a boost to his brain power and self-esteem. As 90% of kid’s brain develops before age 5, it is a great brain teaser that will give a boost to your kids IQ during this vital period. Money Preschool is simple to learn game and has animation that makes it eye catching for kids.


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THUP Games


Download Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Cut the rope

Cut the rope is a fun Android game for kids as well as for adults. You can enjoy this Android game with your kids while getting amused with the game. This has simple mechanics and bears about more than 100 levels to play. Therefore you never get bore while playing with your kids. This game same as Angry bird, has animated graphics which are too much liked by the kids.

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Download Cut the Rope

Fruit ninja

Fruit ninja is an amazing smartphone game for the kids in which kids have to slice fruits in the least time possible. While there are also bombs among the fruits which you shouldn’t slice out. By slicing fruits faster can get you earn points while slicing bombs will harm your score board. It is a simple control game for kids age between 4 to 12.

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Halfbrick Studios


Download Fruit Ninja

Explorium: Ocean For Kids

It is an educative game for kids which every parent would like to have their kids. Ocean for kids is a very informative game that makes kids learn about sea, oceans and marine life. Two characters get into the sea and make your children know about different fun facts of ocean. It has about 50 fun facts to make you aware about the ocean and its a really happening game. It is a multiplayer game which children can enjoy with their parents. It comes in premium as well as in free version.


Lego games

Who doesn’t know about Lego and want to share the same playing experience with their children they had in their childhood. Nowadays there are also different movies has been launched on Legos related to the different themes and comic book characters. Although it is a game that Android users of any age can play without getting bored but it is a perfect example of a game that parents can too enjoy playing with their kids. As Lego games have amazing mechanics, however it is really simple to control and a great fun to play. The best part about it is, you can revive your old times without paying anything as the game is totally free to play.

Download Lego

Moonbeeps: Fireflies

Nowadays kids have little opportunities to know and get close to the nature because of being surrounded and living in a concrete jungle. Moonbeeps Fireflies can get your kids fascinated by the nature and make them inspire if they want to be a biologist or do something related to nature. It is a pretty simple game in which you just need to collect fireflies, for catching them you need to tap the firefly and it will be captured by you. There are multiple fireflies of different colors which you can mix together. It is an extremely simple game which rather raising your heartbeat or making you sweat, just gives you an calming effect.


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Moonbot Studios LA, LLC

Download Fireflies

Toca boca

Kids always used to have the craze of becoming an adult and doing the stuff they do. Toca boca allows your child to fulfill their fantasy by making them do all the daily chores that makes them feel like an adult. It includes everything from going on vacation in a big city to doing kitchen’s regular tasks. This is one of the best games for kids who love cooking things with their mom.

Where’s My Water Free

Where’s My Water is a perfect game to make children learn about the gravity and honing their problem solving skills. This game has animated graphics and a simple story line in which you have to provide an alligator with the water supply so that it can take bath. The alligator’s bathroom is under ground while the water reservoir is near to the land’s surface and you have to make its way down to the alligator’s chamber. While making way for the water you have to make sure that you never take it below the alligator’s chamber or you just can’t make the water supply reach to alligator’s shower.

Disney games for kids

Download Where’s my water





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