Best Android Games of Last Year (2018)

Best Android Games

After the end of 2018 we have picked some of the best android game titles released in the last year. Though it’s a real headache for there were too many of them to consider yet we somehow manage to collect some of the first-rate games of their category. And the best part is most of them are freemium games.

However the list includes the name from diverse genres as there were marvelous releases of Puzzle, strategy, casual, action, social, Fps, Rpgs and many others in this last year (2018).

 [appbox googleplay com.madfingergames.legends]



  •        First Person Shooter
  •        Fight alien invasion
  •        RPG, player vs player and cooperative multiplayer game

The aliens has attacked us and Shadowgun Legends are our only hope. These legendary warriors can save the human civilization from extinction.

Now the responsibility is upon your shoulders as you are one of Shadowgun Legends.

Due to its multiple missions, huge options for arms and A grade graphics with pvp, rpg and multiplayer game play, if you find it additive it’s not your fault. There are 210 million users out there who also find it highly interesting. It’s large number of users makes it’s social features of interacting with other players and building your own squads more fun.

You can either go for cooperative multiplayer missions against aliens or play against other online player on PVP mission, Either go for sniper rifle or submachine-gun, there are sundry options in it’s every aspect.

There are four different planets to raid on or go for war against, 600 gun types, 1000 pieces of armors and  250+ kinds of customizations you can make to your own Shadowgun legends suit.

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[appbox googleplay com.ustwo.monumentvalley]

Monument Valley

  •        Puzzle
  •        About places, architecture and optical illusions
  •        Intuitive controls and tablet supportive

The protagonist of Monument Valley is a princess name Ida, who you have to guide through impossible geometrical structures. These structures have magnificent architecture and mysterious optical illusions.

This puzzle game has won many visual awards and is a masterpiece in itself the way it treats and shifts of physics in the game.

The game is quite fascinating in the way it challenges and at the same time makes you wonder about it’s each level. You have to find the way hidden in between the tricky and beautifully crafted structures but the most amazing is the way things interact with each other. The game is like nature, complicated but intuitive.




[appbox googleplay com.oddrok.powerhover]


Power Hover

  •        Action
  •        Pass through different worlds on hover board
  •        Hoverboards, adventure and robots

Do the endless hovering on the hi-tech hoverboard on numerous landscapes through different obstacles and robots. The hoverboard will not just help you to move sideways but also upside down by defying gravity and inertia.

The obstacles at each level varies and presents you with novel challenges requires different way to compete each level.

Compete with your friends on boss level or experience the marvelous story line. Every way the endless hovering is very surprising and wonderful at every new level.



[appbox googleplay com.ninjakiwi.bloonstd6]

Bloons TD 6

  •        Tower defense (Strategy)
  •        Protect a monkey tower from balloons
  •        Simple yet tactical, animated graphics and tons of updations & levels

Bloons TD 6 is the one of the most fun way of playing a strategy game. The concept is so simple that one gets the entire gameplay with just a glance. But interesting enough to make you keep going for hours.

You have to protect a tower called Monkey Tower from a series of balloons coming towards it. But they gonna come towards the tower via predetermined path. And here the game gets really interesting, you have to place Monkey heros who would destroy these explosive balloons in the middle of the path before they hit the tower. The positions you plan for your heroes are really important and will play a key role in your overall strategy.

There are 20 unique maps in the game with 19 cool Monkey towers. Where each monkey tower has 3 paths you can choose between. Even the monkey heros have 20 signature upgrades.




[appbox googleplay com.tencent.ig]



  •        Shooter
  •        Battle Royale with 100 players
  •        Real weapons, vehicles and surround sound

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is the ground shattering success of 2018 not just among it’s own genre but also among all other games released in 2018. PUBG is one of the most popular android games if not the most popular.

PUBG has taken the multiplayer shooter game experience to such a level where it was never before. The game starts when you are dropped on an island wearing a parachute, now you have to keep yourself alive till the very end, which is what happens exactly in a Battle Royale game.

It sound interesting but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. You have to compete against 100 players like you to be the winner. In this face-off battle you will have real-life weapons and supplies require to complete the level. You can also use trucks, cars, bikes and boats in the game which adds more dynamics to it’s tactical gameplay. With it’s stunning physics engine and 7.1 channel surround sound you can have racing heartbeat.

Chat with other online players world wide and prove yourself as the PUBG warrior.



[appbox googleplay]


Asphalt 9: Legends

  •        Car racing
  •        Top-notch super cars
  •        Online club and leader board

Unstoppable terrific car racing experience with breathtaking visuals. Have your collection of up to 50 supercars of manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari. With each new racing challenge have fun and unlock some new cars or tracks.

From color to material of your car, you can perform whatever modification you want to your car. For the detail oriented graphics make it worth spending more time on your car customization.

Either participate in career mode where you can practice nearly 800 events or compete with real-time online players worldwide. One can compete against 7 players in a single race. And if you get tired of just competing in races you can make your own club of hardcore like-minded racers. As what you can do in Asphalt 9 only sky is the limit.

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[appbox googleplay com.codebrewgames.pocketcity]


Pocket City

  •        Simulation (City building)
  •        Built a functioning city
  •        Making of structures, institutes and plans

Build your city with advance buildings, residential areas and commercial area to earn revenue for city. But the power of making a city comes with a responsibility which is protecting and facing the natural disasters.

Anyhow to unlock advanced level building you want in your city, you have to complete the level you are currently playing on. At first there will be empty plots of lands where you will build your city and by city doesn’t mean just buildings and infrastructure but citizens, vehicles and even animals will also live in your city.

The thing that makes this game stand apart from others is you can play it off line and even then can be transferred to other device via cloud storage, the game provides. The game can be played in either portrait mode or landscape mode.

It also caters well hardcore gamers by providing it’s premium version with extra features and on the other hand offers a free version too for casual gamers of android.



[appbox googleplay com.devolver.reignsGot&hl=en]

Reigns: Game of Thrones

  •        Card game
  •        Based on iconic: Games of Thrones
  •        Recreation of story, tactical & political in nature

You can be the legend of Game of Thrones by playing your cards right. You can change the complete story line using your cards. Though the seven kingdoms bear the same characters of TV series, whom story will be now directed by you.

You will switch between different kings and queens at different levels of the game. The characters across your way can be overpowered by tearing their cards, though you have to be able to pay the price.

The game is strategic, tactical and political in nature which is not just loved by strategy game lovers but also by the GOT fans.  

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[appbox googleplay com.squareenix.lis]


Life is Strange

  •        Adventure (choice and consequence game)
  •        Make decisions & rewind time
  •        Story based, Five part episodes and hand-painted visuals

The game is based on the story of a girl who can rewind time and have to made right decisions to set everything right. She discovers about her gift while trying to save the life of her friend. The girl and her friend both investigates about missing school fellow and come to know some strange truth.

It’s movie like presentation of story and mysterious associated with the game makes the challenges not just more interesting but also full of suspense. Whereas the other factors of the game like the protagonist time rewind power and hand-painted visuals makes your experience about the game something you don’t often come across.

It’s social perspective is parallel to its novelty, as you can share the choices you make in the game with your friends and come to know what happens with them. The photo mode allows you to take photos in the game which can be shared on the social media. “Life is Strange”comes with full controller support too.



[appbox googleplay com.bluewizard.f13puzzle&hl=en]


Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

  •        (Horror) Puzzle
  •        Play as Jason
  •        Horror, gore and puzzle solving

The uniqueness of this game lies in it’s genre and the game play it provides, may be that’s why audience like it so much.

The Jason Voorhees is back again and he is same as blood thirsty as he was before. The game provides 100 interesting levels with 8 episodes. Though there are two different modes you can play the game with, R mode allows you to see gut-wrenching horrifying scenes from the movie whereas in PG mode the game gets less horrifying.

You can choose different Friday 13 weapons and can trade your old weapons from new shiny ones. The game includes different dynamic situations and characters from the Friday 13 series. Like you would play in Metropolitan skyscrapers and in the prisons too along with Cops, land mines, swat team, traps and even Jason mom. There are different Jason Voorhees versions included in the game like  Frozen Jason, Supermax Jason, Apocalypse Jason etc.



[appbox googleplay jp.halegg.nazcaf]

Part Time UFO

  •        Casual
  •        Do odd jobs with a small UFO
  •        Retro graphics, fun game play and super interesting

The game is so popular that proclaimed as one of the best mobile game of 2018 by GameSpot and IGN US. The simple and intuitive controls and tempting game play are the strength of “Part Time UFO”.

Do variety of jobs from building castle to supporting cheerleaders and earn money. From the money you have earned you can buy new customs, which will not just give new look to your UFO but also new capabilities. You may come across different jobs and strange clients from scientists to animals there is huge range of customer portfolio you work with in game. Just use the UFO claw right to get the job done.



[appbox googleplay com.noodlecake.altosodyssey&hl=en_US]


Alto’s Odyssey

  •        Endless runner (sand boarding)
  •        2d sand boarding game with 180 goals
  •        Calming & mesmerizing visuals, exploration of new places and characters

Alto’s is the character that will do the sand boarding through diverse landscapes’, from sand dunes to temples. It’s one touch trick-system makes the game control easy to play and later help you master different combos of Alto’s ticks.

Full of natural backgrounds like shooting stars and sandstorms the game is more of a relaxing app then just an endless runner of sand boarding. Along with Alto there are 6 other characters that you can unlock by further advancing in the game. Each of these characters has it’s unique ability.

Like mentioned before the game has it’s calming element which makes you feel relax after playing it. Maybe therefore the developers has added in it a Zen mode with no score or points, just endless surfing through the bewitch desert.



[appbox googleplay com.FireproofStudios.TheRoom4]

The Room: Old Sins

  •        Puzzle (Room-Escape)
  •         About escaping from room by solving puzzle
  •        Convincing visuals, haunting soundtrack and full of suspense gameplay

The game starts with the plot about a husband and a wife, and an abduction that set the course of story in a new direction. Old Sins is one of the best ever of it’s time among all “The Room” series.

If you are a mobile gaming fan then surely you have played or heard of this famous room-escape game series bearing some real gems in a row. According to reviews this new sequel of Room series is the most amazing among all its pre successor.  

The suspicious events take place in the story make it more interesting and fun to play. As the interaction you will experience with game environment is astonishing and very attention grabbing. The game is full of exploration of always something new and puzzle solving.



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