Best Android Launchers To Make Your Home Page Appear Novel

Best Android Launchers to make your home page appear novel


What Android Launcher is? The way icons are arranged and appears on the home page of your Android device is because of the launcher you are using in your phone. As our phones have more than one home page for all apps, widgets and drawer icons can’t be on the single home page. Therefore the different facets of home page and everything it offers including the short cuts and app icons is because of the Launcher. Actually it’s more of a theme thing as that of a functional application.

Here comes the second question, which android launcher is the best and why? Frankly speaking it’s like asking which hairstyle is the best? Because it all depends on the person asking. So, why don’t we give a look at some first grade, top notch, best of the best Android launchers and ask ourselves, is this what I’m looking for or not? Let’s start.



[appbox googleplay com.buzzpia.aqua.launcher]

Buzz Launcher

  • 1000,000+ free themes
  • ad-free
  • Built-in app locker and RAM cleaner

Buzz launcher is known for the level of customization is offers to it’s users. From hundreds of themes and wallpapers it has some really astonishingly amazing features. One can easily customize the wallpaper or screensaver it has on the Android screen. The Buzz launcher has also recognized for two different awards, the best Personalization App and the Best of Best Brand Identity award by two different award giving institutes.

If it’s the huge reservoir of theme and wallpaper launcher app you are looking for then this should be the one you have started the search for.




[appbox googleplay com.anddoes.launcher]

Apex Launcher

  • Really fast
  • Effective in handling lots of apps
  • For both phone and tablets

Apex Launcher is for all those Android users looking for speed, security and ease of use in a Launcher. Even after making some real customizations you can hardly decrease its response speed. Comes with numerous fabulous skins and icon packs. A good news for those use Android tablet, that Apex is a tablet launcher too.

Along with the convenience of use it has the option to hide or lock apps for better privacy and security. It’s one of the best if it’s about handling long lists of apps in one’s phone, it allows to sort apps by title or personal usability in it’s app drawer.




[appbox googleplay com.actionlauncher.playstore]

Action Launcher

  • Highly customizable and popular
  • Quick to change themes
  • Tons of extra features

A free launcher for Android which is one of the extremely customizable launcher out there. You will understand by just giving a look at Action launcher why these applications are also called theme launchers. From the dock search box to the dot notification whatever it has comes with the customizable feature enabled. One can change the theme with just one or two tabs on the home screen. Features like “shutter” and “At a glance Widget” allow you to see notification on all your apps and your appointment without opening a single app. Not just that but with it’s Quicktheme, Quickbar, Quickedit it’s one of the fastest Android launchers. We can’t mention it’s each and every feature, however can’t miss these two pros of it, include all Pixel Launcher features and Google Now integration for all. With all these benefits and features hardly any list of Best Android Launchers 2018 can miss this name.



[appbox googleplay com.teslacoilsw.launcher]

Nova Launcher

  • Totally smooth and simple
  • Support huge icon packs
  • Comes in free and premium version

A top launcher having the reputation of changing any Android phone’s screen into Samsung Galaxy S9 look alike and Google pixel phone. Well, it is known for both making complex themes and for having a sophisticatedly simple home screen on your Android. Nova is in the market from a couple of years and still has managed to secure it’s position in the Best list. With Sub-grid positioning, Color controls, Widgets in dock, Icon Themes and Import Layout, one hardly needs anything else to have his dream home screen. However if you want to enjoy relishing features like Unread count badges for social media apps, Hide Apps, Icon Swipes, Custom Drawer Groups and More scroll effects, you better go for premium version.




[appbox googleplay ru.execbit.aiolauncher]

AIO Launcher

  • Is most informative launcher
  • Smart in functionality
  • For professionals

Rather than just being flashy and visually pleasing this app has more feasible and useful features. You can have informative details like latest RSS feeds, messages, emails, notifications, RAM usage, storage capacity and even Bitcoin price on your home screen. Though it emphasizes more on functionality doesn’t makes it a boring launcher from visual perspective. As it has icon packs support, several different themes, along ability to change font sizes and apps names. This smart launcher’s features like frequent used apps and contact display, in addition with advance search system allows you to see searched results for apps, files, contacts and on internet in a single go. So, it would be appropriate to say that AIO is one of the best launchers for career oriented Android users, especially if your phone usage is more diverse than any other line of businesses’ professional.



 [appbox googleplay ginlemon.flowerfree]

Smart Launcher 5

  • Adaptive icons
  • Automatically categories apps
  • Ambient theme feature + hundreds of themes

Smart Launcher’s popularity has gained momentum after the launch of recent Smart Launcher 5. Which comes with unconventional features like Ambient theme that automatically changes the color of the theme to match your wallpaper. The icons are adaptive in every aspect of shape, size and color. Smart Launcher 5 is a light weight launcher apps which helps in providing smoother user experience. Being supportive for both gestures and hotkeys, you can do some of the tasks with just a single tap or swipe. Designed to be used with single hand, therefore most frequently used icons are at the bottom of screen. Whereas if you want to have a bit bigger screen you can hide the navigation bar. The launcher has the ability to categories apps in to groups and in addition to this, it’s smart search feature allows you to find anything within seconds.




[appbox googleplay is.shortcut&hl=en_GB]

Evie Launcher

  • Pixel Launcher-style app drawer
  • Lightweight, fast and Free launcher
  • For clean and empty home screen

Evie is another word for simplicity and ease, this free launcher for Android has Universal search bar that can help you have your apps, contacts, multimedia files etc in just a jiffy. As a result this lightweight launcher provides you with much clean home screen. Being simplistic doesn’t mean it lacks the ability for making novel themes for you, instead you can make your theme from the very starch like choosing icons shape, size, color, wallpaper, layouts etc. It also has some useful practical features like unread badges and custom short cuts.




[appbox googleplay]

Microsoft Launcher

  • Re-launch of Arrow Launcher
  • Can integrate with Microsoft Pc
  • Support themes, icon packs and can update new wallpaper form Bing

Microsoft Launcher is a re-launch of Arrow Launcher with some new features. It allows you to customize your theme & accent color, gesture, icon packs, wallpapers and much more. The gesture control allows you to lock the phone with double tab and open the drawer with a swipe. With Microsoft Launcher comes benefits like accessing your work/school account of Pc, snap a pic and open it on Pc or simply have all Pc’s files on your phone without slowing it down for sec. Although these are the features exclusive with this launcher yet obviously only those having Microsoft Pc can be benefited from it.




[appbox googleplay com.hdeva.launcher]

Lean Launcher

  • Much like Google’s Pixel 2 Launcher
  • Voice search
  • Automatic theme change according to wallpaper

Lean Launcher has auto color change to match the theme, along with changeable icon size, shape and grid count. You can also have shades of black for dark themes and can use optional swipe indicator. You can hide apps in the drawer, can use amazing gestures and also can create static & dynamic short cuts. In the lean glance you see weather, time, calendar even, whereas there will be notifications dot to make it the user experience more easy. Even after all that I have mentioned above there are whole lot of features still absent like Google Now, lockable desktop, optional transparent navigation bar in your drawer and much more.



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