Best Android Multiplayer Games to Play With Friends

Best Android Multiplayer Games
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Nowadays you will see your friends and the family more online than in the real life as gadgets such as Smartphones and laptop has become essential parts of our wearing accessories such as clothes. It is better to have a method of spending time with your friends and family without asking for their time. It is possible by playing Android multiplayer games with your family and friends whom you can invite them to play via you’re your Facebook contact or any other social media websites. In this post we have discussed some of the best multiplayer games for Android which you should enjoy with your friends.

Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Real boxing 2 Rocky is a multiplayer Android fighting game with fine graphics, where you can play with your friends by customizing your fighters. In this, you will came across several items that will upgrade the performance of your fighter and help you fight better with your player against your online opponent.

Download Real Boxing 2 Rocky


BombSquad is a fun game to play with your friends with the simple functionality. In this online multiplayer game, you just need to bomb your opponent, while opponent will bomb you. And this will go on until someone wins. It is a pretty simple game with reasonable graphics and the best part about this multiplayer game on Android, is that you can play it for free.

Multiplayer game for android
Eric Froemling

Download BombSquad

Gun Bros 2

Gun Bros 2 is a multiplayer shooting game which you can enjoy online with your family. This is developed by the Glu Mobile and a really amazing thing for Android which can be played while you are free for short period of time. Each lap of this game is of 30 seconds in which you have to shoot out your opponents. This cool multiplayer gun game which you can enjoy on your android phone is free.

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gun bros Android multiplayer game

Download Gun Bros 2


If you enjoy playing pool with your friends then 8 BALL POOL is the game for you. This game gets interesting with every passing second. The 8 ball pool is free to play and you win tournament trophy which you can show on your Facebook profile. This is one of the best Android Multiplayer Games for every user. While you can also get coins for being victorious in single matches which you can use to upgrade your table.

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8 ball pool android game

Download 8 Pool Game

Riptide GP2

Riptide gp2 although has been around for years, for it is the one of first games to play with friends on Android yet it is still one of the best online games you can enjoy on your phone. You can race with three players at the time, while you can also get boost for your ride by doing simple tricks. It also allows you to compete with your opponent ghost if he/she is not online. Although it’s a nice game to play but it comes with the price tag of 1.99$.

Glow Hockey 2

If you had played air hockey with your siblings, you know how exciting this game is. Glow hockey 2 is a great free multiplayer game helps you to revive experience of all time to your friends and you. In this game, components will be appeared in neon color and it’s a great to play.

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Download Glow hockey 2

AdventureQuest 3D

The thing which I like most about AdventureQuest 3d is that it is a complete cross platform game which can be played either on PC or your Smart phone. The biggest barrier for most multiplayer game is that they are limited to specific platform and the devices and every platform has a limit of the users. But when you play a cross platform game you can play it with users varying in their device using habits. It includes different challenges and adventures along with some crafting. For being free to play, it is more tempted for multiplayer game lovers.

shooting multiplayer game for android
Artix Entertainment LLC



For all basketball fans, there NBA jam is a real deal. Like any other game it is all basketball but between two players only which you would play with your game buddy on multiplayer mode. The game experience is more like of a match with your buddy in the backyard rather than a professional NBA match. It is a fresh approach of a sports game like basketball. Although it comes with the reasonable price of 5$ but for basketball enthusiasts it is a small price to pay.


You are a member of a space team who are working together to make a collapsed space craft keep moving. Spaceteam is one of very few top multiplayer games that require great team work and coordination. You will be shown a control board full of buttons and switches. In this, You have to turn the switches, dials and press buttons at a reasonable pace to make the spaceship going. But the difficult part is that you have to coordinate this difficult task of yours along with the other three spaceship members. This game is a great way of spending quality time with your friends as it requires high level of communication between the players.

And you don’t have to pay anything to spend some fun time with your family and friends.


An addictive multiplayer game which has to be played by two players on a single device. You and your partner have to place their one thumb on the screen and move a cursor on the icons showing. However, it sounds simple but you will be dancing while playing it, as this is designed in such a way. But this game can only be played by the players who are interested in this unique idea of the game otherwise you will be bored if the other player is not that much onto the game. It comes with the price tag of 3$.

Download Bounden


Dual is a multiplayer Android game that demands a close proximity of the players. It will show you the two devices as one like there are a split between the two devices and you are moving your screen left and right like a night vision camera to have the proper sight of the surrounding. Although the game graphics and idea is simple but you had never played a game in this way.

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dual game for android

Download DUAL


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