Best Android Phone to Buy

Best Android Phone

Although there is hardly any equal competitor of Android in the smartphone industry except Apple, yet the competition between the Android smartphone companies is constantly arising. The companies such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei etc are consistently playing as a rival to capture each other’s market share and segment by providing better Android device as that of their rivals. This is a good news for smartphone users as it contributes in the positive competition of providing more updated, high performance, more features and innovative specs to the users. However, with time it has become a big difficult to determine the best android phone among all others, since the Android has become the most widely used Smartphone OS.

Google Pixel is good for all Segments

Although Google did not  do very well with the Nexus yet Google pixel has raised some hope. As it is a great all-rounder Google Android phone that comes with a new Nougat version of Android. It has a satisfactory level different hardware, specs such as camera which is 12.3 MP and one of the best smartphones cameras out there. It also has all other hardware components that one can expect to have on any top Android phone.


Google Pixel the best phone

Galaxy S8, A competent successor

After Samsung galaxy S7, This S8 has every thing you are expecting from a new upgraded version. Although its camera of 12 MP can’t compete with the Google pixel’s 12.3 MP yet the difference is not much apparent. While it has huge 5.8 inch screen and the same latest nougat 7.0 version as that of the Pixel. But its gear 360 camera gives it an edge. You can use it for video streaming if you are a YouTube Vlogger or any of your other video making requirements.

The design of this phone is aesthetic that comes with a curve screen like that of its Pre successor.


samsung s8 and s8 plus

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LG G6 has best camera among its competitors

LG G6 although is trying to compete hard with Samsung and HTC yet it seems like little fruit has yielded from its efforts. The modular implementation issue has been the constant problem in this phone as it was in the previous LG smartphone LG G5. However its 13 megapixel gives it a competitive edge for being targeting the selfie lover users. Apart from its best camera, its Quad HD 5.7 inch LCD screen is a reasonable factor to consider when going for a good Android phone.


LG phones The best competitors

Moto Z play has no match for battery

When it comes to the battery timing and non stop using your Android phone without caring any power bank then Moto Z play is the phone you must buy for yourself. This phone comes either a 5.5 inch screen and Octa core processor which makes it a reasonable performance choice among its competitors, even it’s not the best when it comes to performance with its 3 GB RAM but it can be an average performance Android phone but with best battery timing. If you perform just low processing functions such as internet browsing and checking your mails but always keep travelling then Moto Z play is the best smartphone for you.


Motorola Phones Z series

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Huawei Mate 9

In the past few years, Huawei has started to appearing as one of the few top notch mobile manufacturers, with its Mate 9 Huawei has set a new standard for its future product line. Mate 9 is known for it’s Android phones having longest battery time. With its amazing processor and shiny 5.9 inches display it has made its place in the list of best Android phone. It also has dual SIM feature that may be an edge for busy executive and professionals having more than one contact number. If you are thinking of buying a new phone and battery timing is an issue, then Huawei mate 9 can be considered as an option.

Best phones 2017

Lenovo P2

Again An Android phone that made its way in our list of best of the best due to its extra ordinary battery timing. But what makes Lenovo p2 stand out from its other long battery timing competitors is its price and the features that comes along. It is reasonable screen of 5.5 inches and a powerful processor that does not let the phone hang while running several apps at a time. Like its competitor Huawei Mate 9, it also has dual SIM feature. But it comes with the price tag of 200 pounds.

Lenovo best phone

Oneplus 3T

OnePlus 3T is an upgraded version of its pre successor OnePlus 3, which is not very old than its new models. The new has better processing, battery timing and the larger data storage space of 128GB. The oneplus 3T has also upgraded the front camera using which you can make your selfies a better experience.

Android best smartphones

Moto G5 Plus

Although Motorola has not been a competitor in the smart phone market yet with the launch of Moto G5 Plus, it has come back with the big bang. The Moto G5 plus has 4GB Ram and 64 GB of internal memory. While it’s battery is considered as a long life partner of the Android phone. This mobile phone also has fast charging ability with the finger print recognition system which is first time in the Motorola phones. It is also known for its fantastic design that makes it more eye catching and appealing. Moto G5 plus’s price is 229$ which is not much for such a reasonable range of software and hardware specifications.

list of android phones

Honor 8 Pro

Honor 8 Pro is a new trend setter in the mobile phones designs, as it again about to set the trend of phones with metallic body. Its extra ordinary design is just not its only distinctive edge as it comes with the 6GB of RAM and Android Nougat 7.0 version. The data space it provides is also pretty decent with 64 GB. As considering today’s demand like many phones in our list, Honor 8 Pro also comes with the enormous battery timing. For the hardware geeks, I want to reveal that the Honor 8 Pro bears 960 chipset, while the other specs of the Android phone makes it a powerful device.

honor phones