Best Android Racing Games for Car Enthusiasts

Best Android Racing Games

Racing games have always been one of the most favorite categories for video game enthusiasts. The same is with Android Game lovers. Because of increasing demand for the Android racing games. I have created count down of few best Car Racing games For Android.

CSR Racing

CSR Racing is one of my favorite Android racing game, as the steering control is always a tricky part for the Android gaming. This multiplayer racing game does not need any steering control as it is a drag car racing game and you just need to worry about changing the gears at the right time. In this, you compete with a single opponent and you have to reach the finish line before your opponent to win. You can buy different parts of your drag racing car such as body, steering, engine and intake.

CSR Racing game
NaturalMotionGames Ltd

Download CSR Racing

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is one of the few racing games that you can enjoy playing with your friends online. It has several rides to unlock by paying for them, whereas you can customize and upgrade your vehicles. There is also an Arcade mode in it you can try.

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Asphalt 8

Download Asphalt 8

Death Rally

Death rally is no ordinary race game, it actually allows you to fulfill your urge of killing the competition by killing your opponents. I’m not saying one should promote the impulse of killing but we all know there are no real people there, just digital shadows. Imagine how would It be like driving a Mad Max vehicle loaded with weaponry and ammunition. The good thing about this dead race game, there is something for everyone.

Death rally
Remedy Entertainment

Download Death rally


Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6, as you can judge from its name that it is based on the movie Fast & Furious 6. It is a drag racing for Android with drifting option. You don’t have to worry about handling controls even without which you can do the drifting by pressing the button at a specific time when the game demands it. Other of its game play is same as Asphalt 8 Airborne, you just need to change the gears properly to overpower your opponent.

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Real racing 3

Real racing 3, obvious from its name that it includes cars and tracks from the real world. In this real racing game, you can also compete with your friends, by playing with a bot that will mimic the driving and lap time of your opponent. In this way, your friends don’t have to be online at the same time as you are, to play with you. You can also compete by creating a new lap records.

real racing game

Download Real racing 3

Angry birds Go

Angry birds Go is an Animated kart racing game with full of funny characters from angry bird itself. It is a fun game with satisfactory level of graphics, although the graphics are animated based but full of details.

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Go bird Racing
Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

Download Angry birds Go

Dirt Trackin

An off-road car racing everyone wants to play with a great variety of cars to choose from. It is a really fun game with about 10 types of tracks while you can change the number of laps to complete a race up to 100. It comes with decent graphics and pretty simple controls.

Dirt Trackin
Dirt Trackin
Price: 3,09 €+

Drag Racing

You may have been playing Drag racing from a long time as it is an old game which has been recently updated again. This game has a great deal of car customization and modification for the players and they can tune their cars to enhance their performance in the drag race.

The multiplayer mode of the game is about drag racing and unbeatable experience. It is one of the Best Android racing games one can have on Android device. Read also: Best Motorcycle games


Android Racing Car Games
Creative Mobile

Download Drag Racing

Hill climb racing 2

Hill climb racing 2, as you can judge from its name is about the Hill climbing race. It is a game with several different modes to play and there are challenges you can fulfill as the part of this hill climber. Hill climb also has the feature of multiplayer gaming that you can enjoy with your friends. It can be played by anyone even if he or she is not too much into the game because to play it, you need to just download it without paying anything, as it is a freemium game.


 Download Hill Climb

Need for speed Most Wanted

Hardly there is a chance that you are a car racing lover and haven’t played any NFS game series. Need for speed has been ruling the PCs and gaming consoles racing from the past decade and now it is doing pretty well for Android. This NFS game is a great illustration that how you can get the most out of Android touch screen functionality for your video game controls.

It allows the great idea of features and operations as a racing game, you can drive the car manually or even automated depends upon on your choice. The graphics are up to the expectation of the users, this is one of must play games if you are a car racing enthusiast.

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Need for speed most Wanted

Download N4S Most Wanted

Speed night 2

Speed night 2 is like more of a Mad-max game version because you not only race with your opponents but also have to destroy them using different weaponry which you can enhance by unlocking more of it. There are gold coins available in the game that you must collect to improve your weapons that will in turn win the game.

Like any other recent Android racing games, this is also a multiplayer and has an online leader-board which will display the names of the best racers throughout the world playing game. Along with racing, it gives you thrill if destroying your enemy like in a shooting game.


Android Car Gaming

Download SN 2

Need for drift

A huge number of car racing fans love the drifting category of racing and Need for drift fulfills your desire by providing you the game for drifting. Need for drift is a drifting game with large variety of the options for tracks and cars. You can choose from 30 different cars, while the tracks are far more than cars and numbers, up to 100. It possesses up to the benchmark graphics with simple and easy control functionality.

Need for Drift: Most Wanted
Need for Drift: Most Wanted

Driver Speedboat Paradise

Driver speedboat paradise is the first boat racing game in our list and it is supposed to be played for its unbeatable fun. Unlike any other boat games, it has a story line in which you have to deal with different kinds of good and bad people like in the real world and successfully make your way to the end. By winning races, you can upgrade your boat performance. It has six modes to play and an online multiplayer feature too, (as I always say) you can enjoy this multiplayer game with friends and family online.

Reckless Racing 3

If you want to play a racing game which should be a bit different from its pre-successors but carries the same racing spirit then you must know about Reckless racing 3. It is a wild racing that not include only cars but also trucks and buggies. With no limit of environment tracks and cars, it is fun to play with several different modes.

Like all successful classic racing games, it also has career mode in which you can play this through the end in a more synchronized way.

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Multiplayer racing game

Download Reckless racing 3

Racing Rivals

Racing rivals is a more of a real life racing experience which you can play online, the race include huge bets and live opponents to play. There are weekly events you can enjoy while playing with other online players worldwide. And if you are worried about that either it has large number of users or not, then you must know that it has more than 10 million downloads.

Ready to race at different places with a different car every time. The car it has, ranges from tuner to super cars. Either have fun with the muscle car of your choice or try your hands on one of the exotic cars like Ferrari. It is teamed up with 70+ big brands ready to show up their efficiency. Races at different tracks and enjoy race types. Customize your cars with the upgrading, you unlock at each new level. A full to fun action explosive racing car game.

Racing Rivals
Racing Rivals
Developer: Glu
Price: Free

Red bull air Race 2

A new variety in our list, Red bull air race 2 is a plane craft racing which is an upgraded new version of its previous one Red bull Air Race. There are not many aerial racing games and among those few, this is best of best. In this, there are customization options available to enhance the performance of your aircraft and there is also different options available for you crew members too.


Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of those Best Android racing games which allows you experience the fun of driving different super cars as this include a huge variety of super cars you can race with in situations and tracks similar to the real life. The races have to conduct on the real life roads with traffic. It is a fun for every person either wants to play for killing the time or as a racing fan you can have whatever you want.

With its small challenges and other time limit racing mode, you can play it in short times while there are some other modes that will entertain you in your spare time.

Horizon Chase

For those who don’t know Horizon chase, it is a great hot cake of 90’s, which is again reviving its car racing spirit. This old racing game is about racing throughout the world by winning several cups. You gonna choose from 15 cars, each with its own specialty. But that’s not all, there will be storms and climate changes in the way while you will see the cycle of day and night. It will test your car driving skills in different circumstances.

Well, it is a game that has backup of a highly experience game development company so it will surely have something new to offer the audience.



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