Best Android Sci-fi Games That You Should Play

Android Sci-Fi games

Top Android Sci-Fi games To Save the world and Beat your opponents

Science fiction is one of the most popular categories in the movies and now it is making its way in the game genre too. When we talk about any sci-fi game it usually relates to some blockbuster movie or so. The best part about playing those games is, it bears character in the story line more familiar and meaningful to you and makes perfect sense.

The Sci-Fic genre gradually extending due to increasing likeness for science fiction film nowadays and in the same way. Android users are more inclined towards this genre. Therefore we have made a list of best sci-fi games for android.

Galaxy legend

For the people who are a fan of space games, galaxy legend is great news for them. Apart from the science fiction ingredient it possess, galaxy legend is an outstanding game in which you will be a commander who wants to conquer the entire galaxy by winning battles in the process. But it is a bit tricky for the multiplayer game in which you get chance to be confronted by real time online players,with whom you can fight battle.

Galaxy legend has fantastic graphics and due to the several challenges and levels it provides, this makes galaxy legend suitable for those android users who get really fed up with few levels. Galaxy legend a tactical specific game which you can play without paying anything.

space combat strategy game
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Star wars: Kotor

How it is possible that one discussing sci-fi and does not mention the Star wars. This is the pioneer and also iconic legend in the science fiction category. Now its game has released for android platform Star wars: KOTOR. It is an abridged version of all six star wars movies. The people who are fan of this series know what would be the story line.

Star wars has outstanding graphics that can match the standard and reputation of star wars and what a series fan would expect from such a game. It is although available for both android tablet and phone. But it is suggested to play it on tablets for better user experience. Otherwise the game is a real gem according to the user reviews.

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Last horizon

Last horizon is a perfect choice to set you on space exploration. You will be act as a last survivor ship pilot who belongs to an ending civilization, in search of pastures. The pastures you will be searching obviously should be of a planet.

Last horizon has graphics that contribute in creating the experience of a space ship simulator to make the experience more lively. While it is detailed oriented having gauge for everything such as fuel and oxygen of your space craft. The controls are also suitable for android devices and you would not be irritated by over whelming controls on your screen which most of such games usually do. Last horizon is one of the most reality based sci-fi game in our list.

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Reviews: 4.6

Downloads: 100k- 500k

Price: 2.99$

It’s always amazing to fight alongside a good robot against bad guys. You will play the role of Josef, a robot whose girlfriend is being abducted by the gang of black cap people. It has every thing what makes an addictive science fiction game. One can not resist the temptation of its outstanding graphics along with the joy it provides. The different level it has, bears the interesting variation of background and environment. Anyone who is an adventurer and action game geek would love this Robot journey based on a fantastic story line. Machinarium has great reviews from the Google store and although it is not free unlike many yet 2.9$ is not a price much for such a fabulous game.

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Galaxy on fire 2

Reviews: 4.4

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Price: free

The Galaxy on fire 2 has been greatly admired for the space adventure it provides. Even if it’s a bit old but galaxy on fire 2 still has enough potential to compete as a current android game. You are a space hero who is fighting against the villains trying to destroy and invade the galaxy. Your job is to go on several missions to rescue the galaxy using your space ship. Every level belongs to whole different planet and a unique environment every time you play. The graphics are 3D and can be seen as a reasonable nice choice. Although the graphic seems a bit old school yet the galaxy on fire gets eye catching with its tons of explosions and blasts.

Up till now it has 10,00,000 to 50,00,000 downloads which makes it a choice of greatly wide audience and its review of 4.4 makes it seems a game liked by today’s smart phone users. This is available for free and you can try it yourself.


Reviews: 4.5

Downloads: 500k-1000k

Price: 2$

The game is more of a space adventure in which you get the feeling of being lost on an island. A space craft gets crashed onto the moon and you are the only one man survive, while all other got missing or die. Now your job is to guide that single man and help him to survive on the moon until he gets able to reach back to the home. It has a lot of suspense and interest factor which will keep you glued to your android screen.

Lifeline is really popular among the android users and this can be understood from the number of downloads it has achieved. The game will cost you 2$ which is not much for game like this.

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