Best Animal Games For Android Users

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Most Interesting Animal Games For Pet Lovers

With the ever increasing concrete jungles we are living in, it becomes rarer and rarer that we see animals around us. May be that’s why animals have become increasingly appear on the TV channels of science shows and video games. It can be seen as positive way of creating a connection with these animals that used to be in our nearby habitat in the ancient times . It is also a fun way to teach our children about the animals that they have not seen out of the zoo. Such games also recalls us that these animals are relying upon us and we have to make some space for them by saving jungles and the planet.


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Farm Frenzy

  • 72 levels
  • Sell farm products
  • Upgrade farm buildings

May be we can not live in a farm but still can know, how it feels like to live in one. Farm frenzy is a game that can do it for you. You just wouldn’t live in a farm but actually run all of it by yourself. You will have a big farm with lots of animals including sheep, ducks, cows, chicken, and cats. Don’t take it easy because there is some serious business going on. You have to produce cheese, butter, wool, milk and cakes to sell them for profits. In this way every time you invest your profit wisely into the farm. You will grow it to an immense level business administrator and the profit will also grow as a result. This is about management skills and seeing things as a Business man.

You can upgrade things including the infrastructure and the machines through profits you have earned. Farm frenzy has 72 interesting levels which will test your managing skills and how many things you can juggle at the same time. It also has simple 2D graphics which will come with some interesting details and attractive colors. A perfect game for the kids and casual gamers of all ages.


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Tap Tap Fish

  • Virtual Reality support
  • Built fish from corals
  • Tap to en-shape the corals

Unlike any other animal game, the Tap Tap fish is very mesmerizing and artistic, because when it comes to discovering breath taking under water world, it has no match. You are a creator and artist in the game who levels up the stones and create a marine creature out of it; it is really very interesting and relaxing. Tap tap fish has different interesting level where you just tap to shape up coral reefs to create a perfect sight. It is really simple but never lets you bore. The graphics are not very high profile yet meet up the expectations of android users with great ease.


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Police Dog Criminal Hunt 3D

  • 5 Areas to train 
  • Unlock dog breeds
  • Convenient game controls

A great game for everyone who likes dogs. The main character is a dog, actually a police dog on training. You are a mind controller of the dog who has to make choose the right option in 2 difficult tasks. The dog has powerful senses and has to find different hidden things and finding which it will bear award. And by completing each level of training you can unlock the next one as there are 5 training levels to unlock. While there are also some cool police dogs you can unlock in exchange of rewards you have won.

It also has highly simple screen tapping controls and anyone can play it with great ease. While its graphics are also outstanding for android gamers.


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Wonder Zoo

  • Create Zoo of your taste
  • World wild safari
  • Wild life  of great diversity

The game is about flourishing different animals in your zoo with the team of competent professionals. In your zoo, there will be many unique creatures you have heard only in fairy tales, such as Unicorn, phoenix, dinosaurs etc. You not only have to take care of your animals, rescue them in the time of need but you also have to take care of the administrative part of the zoo. You need to plant more trees to give zoo a more natural appearance and you can also construct some restaurants too. Wonder zoo also allows you to breed different species and help these animals of yours to increase in number. There are seven levels you can experience in this. It is such a great fantasy world of different unique creatures.


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  • Have 130 types of animals
  • Do genetic engineering of Zoo animals
  • Design your own Zoo

You are a zoo keeper with a backing of reasonable finance. You can create your own zoo the way you like. Make, breed several species and also discover new one via genetic engineering. There are many different kinds of the animals you can have in the zoo. The zoo offers you to breed about more than 100 different species of animals. While at the same time you can transfer surplus animals to the warehouses, if you have too many of them. A great animal game with amazing graphics.


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Mini Pets

  • Decorate your pet shelter
  • Have nursery for pet babies
  • Have over 120 animials

You will have different animals to choose as your pet. The game is not restricted to only domestic animals you can also have even cheetahs as your pet. You can take them to meet different animals with their owners. Mini pets is online multiplayer game where every online player will have their own pet. You can make your pet breed with other’s pet owners and you both can have cute little babies. It’s is a simple retina graphic pet game where you can invite your friends. Although the game is designed by considering kids as a targeted audience, yet adults can also play it.


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DogHotel Lite: My Dog Boarding

  • Have Dog hotel
  • Manage the hotel
  • Groom dogs in hotels

A perfect dog game, in which you run a dog hotel. The dog hotel will provide with world class service to the dog owners who want you to take care of your dogs. You need to take care of the dogs grooming, exercise and food. Each aspect will be count as the part of your service, and will determine how good you are doing. You need to take dogs for a walk so they stay healthy. To make dogs more hygienic and attractive, groom them properly. Dogs should be fed on time otherwise they may get mad at you. This is an ultimate experience for dog’s enthusiasts who want to learn about dogs more.


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