Best Apps To Read Comic Books for Android

These some of the best apps to read comic and would not just save a lot of money but time too.

We all know that how much comic books have contributed into the pop culture by creating epic fictional Superheroes. Comic books are responsible for coloring the imagination of kids and providing us with breath-taking movies and animations like Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy and Logan.


With time, comic books have also moved along the changing trends of the world and from books to animations and from animations to movies, comics have traveled such a long journey. Now the comic book reader apps are another step further in the direction of advancement and being up to date concordance to the current needs of comic audience. Your Android phone can be the ultimate comic where you can have any comic either of Dc or Marvel. Most of the comic book apps are free while some are premium but even then it worth paying for a fan, as how priceless is to read a special edition of your favorite comic. Read also: eBook reader apps

These some of the best apps to read comic would not just save a lot of money but time too.

These some of the best apps to read comic and would not just save a lot of money but time too.

Astonishing Comic Reader

Why grow up when you can have the same excitement for the comics as you had in your childhood. Astonishing comic reader helps you to revive your childhood memories by providing convenience for reading and interest sharing with your old friends. As you can generate images and wallpapers using it that you can be shared on social media to have a good time with like-minded comic enthusiasts.

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At the same time, no matter how old you are, you would not have any difficulty reading a single letter of your comic, for you can zoom in at any point you want. Easy to navigate and convenient to use, astonishing comic reader has changed the way fans of past and present read comic books.

Marvel Unlimited

Since the past 75 years, Marvel has entertained its readers and viewers with some master pieces of books. And now marvel unlimited has digitalized all of its books and you can have about 20k different books in this enormously giant library of Marvel. Just subscribe to it and experience diverse style comics from X-men to Spider-man.

[appbox googleplay com.marvel.unlimited]


Comics is one of few Android comic readers that are providing so huge range of variety of comics when it comes to their publishers. Comixiology has what you can name, either it is Dc you like or if Manga is your thing, it can amuse you with its 100,000 books. You will surely find a book matches your taste. Although another free comic book reader but only the first comic reader app in our list until now that has providing such huge number of books. Let’s see what we can have further. Check more: Android audiobook apps

[appbox googleplay com.iconology.comics]

Madefire Comics & Motion Books

Medefire is a reasonable app for some good comic books. No matter which fictional character is your superhero, it will let you follow it with great ease. Not just with the comic books of past, it bears some of the most recent book edition available in the market. So if being up to date with your current book is a big deal for you then this can be your best Android comic reader.