Best Arcade Games for Android

Best Arcade Games

Bring Back your Childhood with these Best Arcade Games

From the beginning of the video games, arcade was the main focus of consoles of 80’s. People even now play these arcade games on their smartphones and android devices. But the problem is there are so many of them available on the Google play store that you get yourself into the paradox of choice. We have created this post to help you out and guide you towards the best arcade games for Android.


Badland is a simple fun in which you will be making a dweller its way to the next level. If you fail to do in the given period of time you will be engulfed by the badland itself. Therefore, you have to keep moving to keep surviving.

The game has unique horror, gothic graphics with weird alien structures and obstacles like grinders. While the game is very different from any other arcade game you have played before. You can share this amazing experience in the multiplayer mode where things get more intense.

Download BadLand

Metal slug 3

Those who have played metal slug in the times, when there were no smartphones out there, know how good it used to be. Now metal slug is reviving that extra ordinary arcade experience with new smartphone generation and I will especially recommend it to all the Android users. Although it has a huge portion of shooting game yet it would not fades its arcade aspect. In this new version of the metal slug 3 they have customized the game more concordance to the Android device.

Now unlike any other game you can play it without internet at the multiplayer mode . You will be connected with the other smartphones or devices via Bluetooth which eliminate the wifi compulsion.

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Android Shooting games

Download Metal SLug 3

Geometry wars

A big hit of the Xbox 360 who has made its way to the Android platform. As it is not limited to the android phones and you can enjoy it also on android TVs.

In this game, you will be blowing up many villains and making your way to the next level. You can do it by choosing one super power out of five. You will be accompanied with the drones that shoot out bad guys coming on your way. There are 15 different drones you can choose from, while there are about 100 levels in the game which will never let you get bore. But it is a bit expensive and comes with the price tag of 9.99$.


Sky force reloaded

Sky force reloaded is again a shooting game in our list of arcade but it made its way in the list with the great likability and appreciation by the users. It will be a great experience for you as this android game is well suited for players of all ages; you don’t need to worry about the controls and features as this is one of the most simple arcade games out there for android. You just need to move your fingers on the screen for shooting and moving the character. And you will soon get idea about the working of game.

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CSR Racing 2

FOR those who want to get a feeling of being really involved in car racing, CSR Racing is that kind of android game. Along with the real time cars, you will do the drag race with manual transmission and changing your gears yourself. Unlike any other car racing, a single match does not take much time. It is a competent candidate also to be mention in the list of best casual games because you don’t have to put a lot of time in it. You can customize your cars by appearance and also by performance. Upgrading engine, transmission and turbo will surely add up to your chances of winning the next race.

The graphics are amazing and the controls too. You can play it with great coordination along with the android device and never feel the need of any extra buttons or console controllers. This outstanding game is available for free on Google Play Store.

drag racing Play Series
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Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing a great time killer can serve as a rescue from boring parties and gatherings. It’s really simple fun with not so easy levels. You have to throw your hook for fishing into the water and make sure that no fish will touch it while it’s going down in the water. The trick is to trap a fish only when you are getting the lure of your fishing rod upward out of the water. Although the graphics are not very extraordinary but you don’t need such for an arcade games like Ridiculous Fishing, while you enjoy it more than any other high quality graphics game. It comes with the price of 2.99$.

Paper toss

A simple scenario game with greatest difficulty I have seen in a single game. Paper toss is a great example of how such 1 level simple graphic, having no story line can be so interesting to play. Obviously, as you can judge from the name, you just need to throw a paper bowl into the basket placed in front of you. But believe me it’s not that simple as it sounds.

There is a table fan beside the paper bowl which will blow air at a specific speed and the speed will change with the change in your score. By keeping in view the wind speed, you have to make an estimate of the angel at which you want to throw the paper bowl so it can land into the basket. If there isn’t any wind blowing you must throw it in an erected line, while in case of blowing air throw the paper in a curve towards the direction of fan.

An amazing simple arcade game you can have for free. But keep in mind that it is highly addictive, therefore be aware while playing it :D.

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