Best Solider & Army Games For Android

army games for android

Being a soldier is about having one of the most prestigious professions among all others or at least being in army is related with bravery and glory from very ancient times. Most of us are fascinated by the style, uniform and toughness of soldiers and want to be one of them at some point in our life. This fascination is reasonably apparent among boys who always play army genre with their action figures as a child. Nowadays everyone can be a soldier in a virtual world of games such as in smart phones.

Army games are always been a popular genre which most people like because it has the element of shooting and strategy games. Therefore even if not every game in the list, most of them can be a good choice for strategy geeks and action lovers.


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Call Of Duty


  • Famous battle fighting scenario
  • Special effects
  • Full of armaments

If you already playing call of duty on your Android device then there is nothing surprising about it. It deserves to be a must have army game for all enthusiasts. Call of duty is not only popular among gaming consoles users and PC gamers but also admired by many Android users.

While it can also be played by strategy lovers as you have to lead an entire squad and will responsible for their lives. This has amazing detail orientation and has the ability to satisfy almost every military geek.




World War Battleship


  • Based on World War III
  • Include all World war armies
  • Almost every implements of world war

World war is the ultimate action game related to army you can have on Android. This is more of strategic then being a soldier, as you would play the role of a general in this. It includes countries which were involves in the world war and by choosing the country you can fight alongside their army being a general. Each country’s army will have specific strengths and weaknesses. There are some energy points, health points and power to air point involved with every army in that. You must choose which suits you best.

This is not one of those you download and delete after a week due to boredom. It is far too amazing to let you bore. It has marvelous graphics that you can enjoy while playing with your friends. Because of being online multiplayer game you will confront many dedicated and talented players that will get the game to the next level. It has too many fun missions and further to get unlock. When the game gauges your strategic skills above average you will be supplied with new outstanding missions.

Army games online

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Arma Tactics


  • Play as spy of army
  • Particularly for strategy lovers
  • Go for random missions, story-line or generated missions

For those who are searching an army game that is full of explores, firing and constant actions, arma tactics can be their choice. Arma tactis has great level of thrill and spontaneous along with the strategy element. You have to lead a squad and also participate as a shooter yourself. This is a blend of strategy and shooting. It can be a reasonable choice for those Android users searching for something different in these genre.

Solider games for Android
Bohemia Interactive a.s.

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Great Big War


  • Turn based military strategy
  • 45+ stages
  • Wide range of munitions

Great big war is simple but a fully loaded with lots of guns and grenades you will face many challenges each with its own difficulty level. And if you are worried that you will end the game with in few hours then there is little chances for this. Because it is loaded with 50 amazing missions. You can enjoy this military with your online friends as it offers multiplayer mode.

You can also invite your family members and friends online who never let the chance of playing a strategy. However, also serves as a great entertainment for shooting fans too. When it comes to the graphics, it is a 3D military game, like any high-profile for Android.


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Frontline Commando


  • Military campaign against dictator
  • Full on war action
  • Gunnery includes shotguns, rifles & machine guns

Front line commander is something like a one man army and unlike most of the games in a list, you are the sole fighter who is fighting from your side. It means you are on your own. This is more interesting and full of thrill because you are the only one who is saving the post like a superhero or a phantom.

In this, you have to fight with the enemies’ army and cease their invasion on your post. You need to survive by taking support of a wall as a shield against burst of bullets. There are only two weapons you can choose before a mission, therefore it is necessary to make wise choices and chose the guns that suit your needs. With every passing minute, your experience levels will enhance and after reaching to a specific level, you will be able to unlock some new features and weapons.

The graphics are remarkably amazing and fulfills the bench mark with great ease for criteria of top-notch. The controls are highly compatible for android touch screen. You can play it for free but with limitations of features and weapons. For getting your hands on powerful weapons you get to need premium version from Google Play Store.


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Strategy And Tactics: WWII


  • Particular military strategy
  • Turn based attacks
  • Different regions of Europe

As the name says it all, Strategy and Tactics is a full on strategy that based on the Second World War. As those of you who have read a bit about world war two will, get better idea about the story line.

This is highly focused on managing your army and getting the above average results by keeping your resources in view. Unlike any other, strategy and tactics consider some important factors with great precision that influence your chances of victory in a war. Such factors include scientific advancement and economic resources.

Like any other in the list it also has wonderful graphics that gets up to the expectations of the users. It also has multiplayer mode, by which you can fight with other great generals who have excelled in the art of war.

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