Best Batman Games For Dc comic Fans

Batman has been a big hit of Dc comic since the very first time Bob Kane created the character. Since then batman has been all over the Superhero’s platform like comic books, action figure, superhero movies and even in video games. Therefore the Batman video games have great diversity of gaming platforms and consoles. The initial batman games were 2D and have very limited features and graphics for classic console like Sega.


Gradually the games of Batman started to appear on several modern consoles like PS and Xbox with extra-ordinary graphics the users of that time haven’t yet experienced for such games of superheroes. And after 2005 Christian Bale “Batman begins” movie, the trend of such game making just exploded and until now has gained more momentum. After which Batman games have been classified and released in many themes and story-lines such as Batman Arkham city, Batman asylum city and even in funkier categories for kids Batman games, like Lego batman.

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After which Batman games have been classified and released in many themes and story-lines such as Batman Arkham city, Batman asylum city and even in funkier categories for kids Batman games, like Lego batman.

Movies either animated or fictions have added fuel to this craze of batman gameplay. We all know that there are tons of Batman games you can find for your smart phones but only few are equivalent to the majestic image of this iconic character.

Therefore, we thought of diving into the giant pool of Batman games and place the top notch in our list by sorting from all such games on the Google Play Store.


DC Legends


  • Fighting game for Player vs. player challenge
  • Many other Dc comic heroes with Batman
  • Global players interaction
  • Locations like Gotham city and many others


What can be better than having other Dc comic heroes including Batman in your team of crime fighters? But you are selecting heroes for competing against other global players that will challenge you for a super hero fight. Select the superhero you think will fight best against your opponent and customize them as you proceed.

You will discover new powers as you will advance with every passing level. Don’t forget to add Batman in your team as the most ingenious Justice League hero. Fight at the Gothic locations like Gotham city.

LEGO Batman


  • 100+ Heroes
  • Include other superheroes
  • Batman gadgetry
  • Include elements like Batcave and Batmobile


Why just play with your Legos offline when you can have fun with them on your Android device too. This Lego batman game will take your imagination to a newer level for you would not just run across characters and stuff related to the Batman storyline but addition to that join hands with other Justice League Superheroes. Prepare yourself to fight crime and enjoy making plans in the bat-cave. Not just that, have a satellite in the outer space as a Superhero hub for all others crime fighting heroes. Chase Joker and deal with this most dangerous villain in the history of comic book.


VRSE Batman

VRSE Batman
VRSE Batman
Developer: Skyrocket, LLC
Price: Free


  • Pure batman action
  • Story-line revolves around Batman and Joker
  • Full of action hand to hand combats


Joker is back and the dark clouds of dreadful chaos are over the city. Being the only savior of the city, you again have to stand against this insane villain having frightening reputation. The city is under the terror of this monster rampage. Restore the peace of Gotham city so that the people can start living the way they used to.

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Batman: The Enemy Within

Batman: The Enemy Within
Batman: The Enemy Within
Developer: Telltale Games
Price: Free+


  • Has two big super villains (Joker and Riddler)
  • More focused on Bruce Wayne’s life
  • Other interesting characters


The deadly combination of Riddler and Joker causing devastation to the city and Batman can trust no one. In this turmoil, Bruce Wayne wears the cloak of other identities apart from Batman. The challenge Riddler and Joker has brought for him is not just harder in its physical aspect but also in the mental too. The puzzles of Riddler avow inside the answers Batman is searching for.