Best Bunny Games For Android

bug bunny games for Android

Bunny Runner : Carrot Adventure

This crazy bunny game begins when the fire start spreading in the jungle because of some careless campaigners. Although the campaigners escape without even try to extinguish it. Now its your job as a citizen of jungle, not just to save yourself but also some of your fellow wild animals. Run as fast as you can for your life by avoiding some hurdles and dangerous enemies.

Actually this bunny adventure game is about two heroic bunnies running for survival, which adds more to fun.

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Tunnel Town

You will establish a huge bunny world underneath the land. In Tunnel Town, You would not just create some room for your cute bunnies to move in but there will be some really cool stuff for your bunnies to include. It will include tables, chairs and even a dance floor your rabbits will use. While at the same time you will do the up bringing of your little rabbits by feeding them with hands and with time they will change into a fully grown rabbit.

Discover precious treasures with your bunnies and find hundreds of interesting items. you would also create some beautiful gardens with remarkable landscape. An entire world of bunny that will make them live like human beings.

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Bunny Pop

Bunny Pop is a bubble shooter game with same concept but different story-line. The bunnies are in the clutches of ferocious wolves and you can release them by winning the game. Place 3 or more similar color and watch them popping. This highly additive bunny puzzle game has 200+ levels with strange challenges to meet. The bunny world is waiting for a hero who can save them by mastering this bubble puzzles. Just bursting some bubbles does not matter, how you do it also matters a lot. Burst bubbles with least number of moves and get a high score on the leader-board. a classic rabbit game with an interesting theme.

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Rabbit Evolution

Be a genetic engineer and create some freaky cute creatures in your Lab. Just drag and drop and a new creature will be uncover to you. All the rabbits you will create would be a genetically mutation of regular bunnies. Some would be adorable while few would scare a hell out of you. Anyhow its our job and you have to keep doing it until you reach the final level.

The additive part of this bunny platform game is its suspense and curiosity it creates within the users.

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