7 Best Education Apps For Android

Best Education Apps

Now Android is totally advanced as compared to iPhone and other smartphones. Android devices have an app for everything that is presented in the world so why we forget education we think that Android doesn’t have any app related to the education, but we are wrong. Android devices have too many educational apps that help the students to solve the difficult Math questions, learn English and any subject from the app without any teacher or college.


Mathway is totally free and you can download it from the Android store. You can get immediately answers from the Mathway to the problems of your Math. It will explain each and every Math question step by step and in detail. It gives you always the correct answers and explanations. The great concept tool to have in your Android devices.

Chemistry Helper

Chemistry helper is the best education app on Android and it is developed by the Adam Hogan. It’s both free and paid version are available in the store. This is a great help for the chemistry lover students it contains all periodic tables, Wikipedia articles of chemistry and some math tools are also available in this application which calculates the molecular masses and other calculations.

Write My Essay

This is the new application of 2018 it will help you to write your essay. We all know that definition essay topics, assignment is very difficult for students. No matter it is an academic essay or personal essay. The problem of mostly student is that they don’t know how to start it. It will help you in writing essay and it is the best app for students. You can get good grades with the help of this it.

English Grammar Book

The English language is the only language that speaks worldwide. We all know that how to speak and write English, we understand this language but we don’t have the full command over grammar. English grammar book has too many things to learn. This app is developed by the Appsoftindia and the best part of this application is it is totally free app. Also Check: English grammar apps

Celeste SE

This app is totally different from other apps as it is an amazing app which contains all details of our solar system. This app defined all the things with the animations. It is great way to teach your children about solar system and this thing is very important for our children’s like other educational apps.

High School Physics

Usually Physics avows high level of theory as well as high level of Mathematics. The interface is very easy to use and its features are designed like TOI newspaper for the practical use. Make physics easy due to this application.

Memory Training

You all know that regular exercise and mental training sharp your mind, and boost memory. This application is specially designed for your mind and it helps you to improve intelligence.


All these apps mentioned will help you and solve all your education problems. You can learn different new things from all these apps, and solve the learning problems of others and make life easier for everyone.