Best Fake Tweet Apps For Android

Tweet apps

Using social media platforms these days has become a routine for most of us and one of the most famous one is twitter where posting sarcastic pictures has become coolest thing. We encounter so many types of hilarious, ridiculous tweets on daily basis and they become so famous that they are also trending into face book and Instagram as well. You can also become popular celebrity by using best fake tweet generator Apps to post your tweets and make them look cools among others.

This is a great way to make great pranks for your friends to follow you and build up a page to bring fame into your life. There is no powerful than social media platform which will help you not only be a popular but also you can have followers as well. But why not approach this by suing apps and post fake tweets in order to make a perfect impact in the peers.

So, if you truly think you got a whimsical sense to make an impact and successful fake funny tweet then you are should be using these following fake tweet apps to make it as hilarious as possible. You don’t need to put up more work, all you need is to simply download them in your mobile phones and start making fake tweets. Lets checkout them below which one you should use in the first place.

Tweet fake

This is a type of tool that any person to create fake tweets which looks like another person has tweeted something. With this app you can take screenshots and share them with your friends like an expert. The best thing about it is that you can create fake tweet with any name you want. It is advised not to hurt anyone’s sentiments in the process just use it for fun.


This is another great fake tweet app that allows you to create tweets with any twitter account or user. The navigation is very simple to use. Its interface is made in a way to help a person who uses smart phones easily. All you need is to search for an accurate username that makes sense and create fake tweet.

You can quickly generate not one but many fake tweet images as well with twitter account and can also share them with your friends for laughing purposes. This sounds so much enjoyable experience.


It is one of those famous websites that can provide you easy methods to create fake twitter tweets to prank your friends. You can fool them by creating a believable fake tweet online for fun and enjoy their reactions while reading comments.

There is a reason why this one is considered best fake tweet apps of all time. You can simply navigate the interface and you will get ready-made usernames and fake tweets in so many ways. Just select a profile picture, type your desired message, enter date, and fill the embed text. Also you can take a screenshot as well.

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