Best Funny Apps To make You Laugh

Funny Apps For Android

Laughter can be a great way to nourish your mind and body. Nowadays there are several things around us which can trigger the stress and by being too much in the state we can negatively influence our health. Fortunately if you have a smartphone you can get some laughter anytime anywhere you want, because there are some funny apps that can do this for you.

Best vines

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Reviews: 4.3

A great funny video app to make accessible some funny stuff. You can watch this stuff in the subway or in a waiting list when there is nothing to do. Best vines collect some of the coolest and funniest content available on the internet.  It also has long videos for Saturday nights which you can enjoy with friends and family. The videos that are available on it, are in high definition quality while you can share some of the best videos you like online .

[appbox googleplay com.avodev.bestvines]


Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Reviews: 4.1

It allows you to change any photo of your friends and family to a funny one. This funny faces App will create some really hilarious photos you take. If you are afraid that people will mind such editing then you can take your pets or animals photos and can share them on social networking sites. There are also some funny voice filters you can add and record an audio for your friends to show. You can share it on YouTube to get some likes. There are some other photo filters like glasses, mustaches that can make anyone’s photo pretty funny.

[appbox googleplay]


Downloads: 5000k-10,000k

Reviews: 4.5

I know that stumbleUpon is not about funny stuff but the categories provide such things is really good at this. You will find a lot of memes, Gifs, jokes, and other funny content if you login. You can create a list of funny material which will help you to find related content on the stumbleUpon. While you can also follow your like-minded friends on it and can see what content they have liked and can enjoy you.

[appbox googleplay]


Downloads: 50,000k-10,000k

Reviews: 4.4

Although tumblr is a social site famous for the blogs and other’s shared content but you can also find your favorite funny videos and gifs whenever you want to. It provides you with some really funny videos, memes which you can recommend and share to your friends. You can also do some tagging. You can watch funny things with your online friends by being contact with them via chatting.

[appbox googleplay com.tumblr]


9GAG is a great way to let know the latest trend about laughter and make new friends worldwide. It is an easy to use with simple interface app that can work offline. 9GAG is a laughter app along with which fun never dies. So download this laughter remedy and use it whenever you need some.

[appbox googleplay]

Memedroid: Memes & Funny Pics

If you are a joke lover and memes do good enough for you, then this is the memes app designed for the people like you. You will Find interesting full of laughter jokes and memes of any subject you want. The jokes it includes are adult and kids jokes.

The great thing about memedroid, it works best on social media site and that’s where most of your Friends are. So have fun with your friends and do some funny comments on it.

[appbox googleplay com.novagecko.memedroid]

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