Best Games of PS3 That Everyone Need to Play

best games of Ps3

PlayStation 3 games have been a huge success similar to its pre-successors. For its gaming pool include the titles belongs to diverse genres and categories. From stunning car racing to astonishing Rpgs, you can have the best of master pieces in your hand of gaming.


Apart from its huge success, the debate about the best gaming names is still not settled between the gaming gurus. This post is our attempt to bring all such gaming enthusiasts to same page by matching their opinions to this list. Obviously the best games of Ps3 we have mentioned in this list would add weight to someone’s opinion among all the ps3 fans. Even then it would be interesting to adding more colors to the debate.

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


  • Puzzle adventure Role-playing
  • discovers temples and travel different places
  • You will fight with the rivals using modern weapons.


Ps3 best games
Sony Computer Entertainment

Uncharted 2 has elevated the level of prodigious temple adventure and its exploration. By being a professional adventurer, you will come close to so many hidden secrets. But with secrets come the danger of guarding them. Therefore, you have pushed yourself where militant groups with heavy ammunition gonna chase you and will try to hunted down. But you are also not bare handed and will have armaments to confront such experts of weaponry.

The surroundings keep changing for you continue travel through tropical forest, frozen mountains, third world countries and other unseen places. It is a real Ps3 prime grade that deserves to be proclaimed as one of the best ps3 games.

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The Last of Us


  • Quite touching story-line (in a horrifying way)
  • Post-apocalyptic world
  • Thought provoking survival RPG


Playstation 3 games
Sony Computer Entertainment

You now live in a world that has been hit by strange mutation among human beings made them really sick. Although there are enough humans remained to keep holding the structure of military hierarchy but everything else seems diminished. Everyone is now on his own. You are surviving in this partially destroyed society that has lost all the moral values and only been driven by the instinct of survival. You have to make through this anarchy using different implements of war which include weaponry from guns to arrows.

Go through different modes and story based missions where every challenge has its meaning. This prodigiously thought provoking survival scenario makes you think what would you do if it will really happen in the future. Anyhow even being a game, “Last of Us” is quite terrifying even for regular adventure role-playing gamers.


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Portal 2


  • Futuristic environment
  • Strange looking tools & weaponry
  • Exploration & discovery


Best games on ps3
Valve Corporation

Portal is about being in a science lab where you are an explorer of different elements and machinery around you. Although the lab consist of the size equal to a city. You can go almost in any random direction but have to understand the scenarios taking place all around you. For this, you have to do bit of experimentation with whatever you find there. A future simulation Rpg, quite brain teasing.


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inFamous 2


  • Regular guy as superhero
  • Fight crimes in casual clothes
  • Make electricity your slave


You can throw electricity and can climb different buildings and structures
Sony Computer Entertainment

You have the total command of electricity running in the nexus of main power supply wires all around the city and can even use it to ride on it. You can throw electricity and can climb different buildings and structures. Your sole motive is to stop the crime and restore piece of the city. You may also fight with creatures as very little to do with humans. But even having little resemblance in the appearance these creatures can be quite harmful for the humanity. Fight them and finish them using your electric bolts.

You will enjoy many missions and modes. The armaments and machinery using which you can be attacked hardly has any limit. Your opponents even owns military machines like Apache. There are not exactly like you but can really be a difficult target to hit upon. It is an interesting to play and thrilling to reach the same level of reaction time as the game demands.



Mass Effect 2


  • Action shooting RPG
  • Outer planet places
  • A futuristic solider of some other planet


PS3 shooting games
Electronic Arts

Playing as a solider of futuristic army may sound really thrilling because it really is. You are spying and confronting different enemies for the accomplishment of your given mission. Everything seems more of a science fiction alien movie where other world’s civilizations are fighting each other for the need of their interest. You are fulfilling your responsibility as a solider.

Shooting is a great compulsion to be the prominent name in the army. Being a shooting Rpg, your gameplay highly depends upon ability to shoot. A splendid high-tech graphic shooting action to play in.

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