Best Gardening Apps For SmartPhone

Best Gardening Apps

Either you have a degree in horticulture, a professional gardener or just a hobbyist. These apps can help you to create amazing master pieces of your gardening. Gardening is all about creating a unique and interesting garden plan which includes fascinating landscape, eye-catching ground covers and blending the right plants together with their matching ones. There are multiple gardening apps available online which you can have in your mobile phone to have better guidance about planting garden, plant identification, flower identification and water reminders. There are numerous apps for kitchen gardening that may help you to grow your own food. Following is the list of Android best gardening apps that we have compiled for the gardening enthusiasts. Check out: Best diy apps


Garden Compass

Garden compass is a whole new guide for gardeners, either you are a beginner or an expert in gardening. This gardening app owns the expertise of 50 different experts that allows you to identify the flowers and plants of any kind you want to know about. You just need to take the picture of the plant you want to get identify by the Garden Compass and then send it to the app database.

You will be given information about the plant along with the guidance and tips about how to take care of your plants. In free version of this app, you can get identify three plants or flowers after which you have to buy the paid version, where you can have identification of unlimited plants for a month in just 4 pounds. In my opinion, this is a great plant identification app not just for gardening lovers but also for horticulture, botany and biological students too.

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Plant Alarm

Either it is about watering your plants, removing weeds, pruning or putting fertilizers into your garden, plant alarm will take care of all. It is a gardening reminder and record keeping app that allows you to keep journal of your daily garden related activities, plant development and weather conditions, they are growing in. You keep track of your plant growth by taking pictures and notes facilitated by the app also allows you to see the plants development in a graph against the weather conditions they are growing in.

It’s a great app for growing multiple plants either for flowers, fruit, veges or even none of them. Plant Alarm is a beneficial gardening app for beginners who wants to start gardening with big bang.


Either it is about watering your plants, removing weeds, pruning or putting fertilizers into your garden, plant alarm will take care of all.

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The Vegetable Growers Handbook

This is a kitchen gardening app that helps you to grow your own food. It allows you to grow about 50 kinds of vegetables. Even if you have no or little experience with growing vegetables, it will guide you all the way down. By growing your own food, you will not only increase your self-esteem but would also know what fertilizers or chemicals are used on your vegetables to grow. Read also: Android weather apps


This is a kitchen gardening app that helps you to grow your own food.
Klaus Laitenberger

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DIY Gardening Tips

DIY Gardening Tips provides you with the little tricks that one gets after years of experience in gardening. This application is a gallery based app that provides you tips for every type of garden and on it’s every aspect. It includes tips of growing vegetables, growing herbs, creating landscape, growing flowers, making bonsai, creating topiary, designing Japanese garden and more than that you can imagine.


gardening tips

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Gardroid is the perfect kitchen garden app you always have dreamed of. Now with it, you don’t have to get into the hectic task of recording date and time of sowing seeds for each vegetable in your garden.

It also guides you about the amount of light each vegetable needs and in what depth and by how much distance each vegetable seed should be sowed in the ground.

Start your kitchen garden and grow your own food with gardroid.

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Sometimes beginners’ gardeners lost into the abundant data they found on internet that they miss some of the most important things to look after while growing landscape. As the information of internet is not tailored concordance to your climate, temperature, soil and the skills you have so it’s very easy to make mistakes while doing gardening for the very first time.

Here it is an app that can save the season for you and at the same time can help you create an astonishingly beautiful landscape in your backyard. With its supporting community, you can grow almost anything on your own from an indoor succulent to an outdoor kitchen garden. You will know the instructions and tips in the simplest way possible. As growIt has that human touch that most of gardening apps do not possess.

[appbox googleplay com.growitmobile.growit]

Plant Diary

Plant Diary keeps things simple when it comes to gardening. I mean if you have hit by the gardening craze recently, you may wonder if there is any easier way to take care of each of your garden’s plant in a more specific way like plants of tropical region wants more water while there are some other such as cactus and succulents don’t need water at all or very little.

With it, you can save your time like being effective and would not kill a plant due to over-watering or don’t watering it all.

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PlantNet Plant Identification

Identifying plants in your garden is one more of the most interesting activity related to gardening and PlantNet Plant Identification app can add more fun into it. With it, you can know what that tiny new thing growing in your backyard or what kind of mushrooms are growing near the stem of your porch tree. It is really sophisticated and enormously precise in identifying any plant.

It is a really fun thing for gardeners and plant lovers but can act as an amusing study medium for students of botany and horticulture.

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