Best Mechanical Engineering Apps For Android

Best Mechanical Engineering Apps

Using a mechanical engineering app on your Android phone is the most constructive way of using smartphones by Mechanical engineering students and professionals. The apps allows you to horn the mechanical engineering skills with great convenience and with the least amount of the time by constructing mechanical structures on the smart phones and testing them. Today’s professionals don’t have to spend extra time and money on testing the practical functionality of a mechanical structure. It’s also a great idea of being with your mechanical app if you are a professional, because having such productive app on your phone allows you to utilize your spare time brainstorming ideas about your interest (which is mechanics), anywhere anytime you want.


Although there are numerous best mechanical engineering apps for Android and other sources but we have mentioned only those applications that works on Android platform and which are best of the best.


Just after learning about FrameDesign app feature, I was mesmerized by it. It is not just a mechanical engineering app but also caters civil engineering and architecture students too. The projects you can create on it include rectangular and triangular loads. This allows you to build your projects in presence of the variables include stress, reaction forces, moment and deflection. It also has numerous formulas for engineering, annotations, and metrics. You can export the project you have created to other applications or can store it in your cloud either containing textual or graphical data. It works with 10 different languages.

[appbox googleplay nl.letsconstruct.framedesign]

Basic Mechanical Engineering

If you are a technology hobbyist or a beginner in Engineering who wants to be a big shot in the world of mechanical engineering then this is the app you should download on your Android device. It deals with the basics learning of mechanics and the implementation of its concept by teaching through text and tutorials. It’s a great engineering app for the newbies.

[appbox googleplay com.infoland.basic_mechanical_engineering]

AutoCAD 360

For Mechanical students, drawing and drafting is vital part of their work and especially if you are an automobile engineering enthusiasts or love designing structures and machines then this is an app have everything whatever it takes to draw and draft. You can create 2D and 3D models of machine on AutoCAD 360 which allows you to put several layers on the drawing. The best part of this is that it can work offline and you don’t have to access to internet. It’s a free drawing and drafting app that allows you to share, edit drawings on Android platform.

[appbox googleplay com.autodesk.autocadws]

Engineering Unit Converter

Either you are a scientist or a student, unit converter is something that we all need while doing a technical work. But it is something that is a mandatory while you get your hands on some engineering calculations. This is a small Android app that allows you to convert one unit to another. Either it is length unit to light intensity unit, this application contains more than 700 units. It can work online so if you are on field, you don’t have to worry about internet access.

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Best unit converter apps

[appbox googleplay mobile.unitconverter]

Mechanical Engineering One

Mechanical Engineering One is an ultimate app especially if you belong to the field of mechatronics because it can provide you with calculation convenience of electronics units, civil engineering units and even architectural tools to get your angle right. It’s a complete tech professional app that is a must have for every professional belongs to the field of any engineering. Either its chart conversion or unit calculation, you can do it within couple of seconds by switching from one to another application.

[appbox googleplay com.sshh.mechengtoolbox]