Best Medical Apps For Android Smartphone

Best Medical Apps
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Maintain Health With These Best Medical Apps In Easy Way

Nowadays we have multiple apps in our phone, each for our specific task from the watering reminder of plant apps, to the goal management app; we rely too much on our smartphone. But in all this gets most neglected is our health. Although, there are apps also available on health and medicine yet most of us do not bother to do much about our health.

There are some Amazing Android medical apps available online that are mush have app for everyone and which keep the security check of your most precious asset, your Health. The medical apps can get you aware about the disease symptoms you are having or about the pharmaceutical assistant you need. Although it is best to have a medical checkup when you think there is some seriously wrong but to trouble shoot your small doubts, these healthcare apps can prove really helpful. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of most authentic and best Medical Apps For Android exist.


Red Cross First Aid

Red cross is something that can be very helpful in the critical situation but most of us either don’t learn to provide first Aid, or get too panic when the accidents occur to recall what we have learned about first aid in the past. Here this app comes handy which is an official red cross app to provide first aid whenever its need it. There is step by step instruction available in this healthcare app that can guide you to any accidental situation from sports injuries to a broken bone.

Best medical applications
American Red Cross

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CareZone is a medicine journal app that manages the medicine doses and their time. It can manage the medicines doses that you and your family are supposed to take at the specific time. It keeps a proper general of your medicine schedule on a calendar which keeps telling you of which medicine you have to take for what specific period of time. It’s a must download app for anyone on serious medication as this app is for free.

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Doctor apps

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Doctor on Demand

Doctor on demand provides you with the medical expertise when you need the most. From advises about cold flu to planter fasciitis, this medical app can do the job. Although for the treatment you must see a doctor yet sometimes when the health issues arises. You don’t have instant access to the physicians or medical experts. At that time, this app can provide you with the tips on skin problems, severe pain in any part of the body, headache or even toothache.

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Although domixity is an app for physicians and the doctors but it has a great contribution for the betterment of health societies. Using this social media app, physicians can discuss their patient conditions with each other and also about the health problems that overlapping symptoms of different diseases. This app is a great tool for doctors to resolve their patient’s problems and to learn new advancement and news of medical science. This app also allows physicians to share patient’s prescription via fax.

Healthcare apps
Doximity, Inc.

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