Best Medical Apps For Android Smartphone

Best Medical Apps

Nowadays we have multiple apps in our phone, each for our specific task. From the watering reminder of plants to the goal management of our career, we rely too much on our smart phone. But in all this what gets most neglected is our health. Although, there are apps too on health and medicine yet most of us do not bother to do much about our health.


There are some amazing Android medical apps available online that are must have for everyone and which keep the security check of your most precious asset, your Health. The medical apps can get you aware about the disease symptoms you are having or about the pharmaceutical assistant you need before you get into serious trouble. Although it is best to have a medical checkup when you think there is something wrong at which you need to pay attention on but to trouble shoot your small doubts, these healthcare apps can prove really helpful.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of most authentic and best medical apps for android that exist on internet. Check also: Emergency apps

First Aid

Red cross is something that can be very helpful in a critical situation but most of us either don’t learn to provide first aid, or get too panic when the accidents occur in real life to recall what we have learned about first aid in the past. Here this app comes handy which is an official red cross app to provide first aid whenever it is needed. There is step by step instruction available in this healthcare app that can guide you in any accidental situation from sports injuries to a broken bone.

Best medical applications
American Red Cross

Download Red Cross


CareZone is a medicine journal app that manages the medicine doses and their timing. It can manage the medicine doses that you and your family are supposed to take at a specific time. It keeps a proper general of your medicine schedule on a calendar which keep reminding you about the medicine you have to take and for what specific period of time you have to take it. It’s a must download app for anyone on serious medication.

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[appbox googleplay com.carezone.caredroid.careapp.medications]

Doctor on Demand

It provides you with the medical expertise when you need the most. From advises about the flu to plantar fasciitis, this medical app can do the job. Although for the treatment, you must see a doctor yet sometimes when the health issue arises. You don’t have instant access to the physicians or medical experts. At that time, it can provide you with the tips on skin problems, severe pain in any part of the body, headache or even toothache.

Download DOD


Although domixity is an app for physicians and the doctors but it has a great contribution for the betterment of health societies. Using this social media app, physicians can discuss their patient conditions with each other and also about the health problems that overlapping symptoms of different diseases.

This is a great tool for doctors to resolve their patient’s problems and to learn new advancements and news of medical science. This app also allows physicians to share patient’s prescription via fax.

[appbox googleplay com.doximity.doximitydroid]


Medscape has brought down all the vital information about medical advancements and medication related to different diseases on a single platform. It is the eight wonder for medical students and professionals. It might sound like a no big deal but having it in the phone by medical student and research department scientist can really save lot of time. This makes medscape one of the most useful applications out there.

[appbox googleplay]


It has made finding a doctor more convenient than fueling up your car from nearby station. It wouldn’t just find you the best doctors’ appointment but the one closest to your home and you can have reviews of their current patients. Finding a doctor was not this easy and taking appointment is far simpler with zocdoc.

Zocdoc has made this entire doctor finding stuff lesser time-consuming and lesser hectic.

[appbox googleplay]

Doctor Insta

It would not provide you far easy access to the medical consultancy but of a particular specialist. Don’t just consult a general physicians for your problem but discuss it with the dermatologist if it’s of skin, orthopedic if it’s of bone and connect to nutritionist if want to confirm that either you are eating healthy or not. All these specialists’ consultants are real-time doctors and are really expert of their field.

Just connect to them with the touch of finder and you are all set to receive best medical advice that no one provides on the internet.

[appbox googleplay com.main.drinsta]

Practo Pro

Practo is a medication hub and an institute itself where medical professionals and patients discuss medical problems in detail. We all know there is no last word for a medical condition or disease a person is suffering from because improvement can be expected at any stage. You can here share medical records and all your past prescriptions to let other consulting doctors have it. Read more: Apps for survival

They will see you case with open mind and will provide you the best of medical advice. The culture of helping each other and knowing that are people out there having the same problem can really help. You can know that there are people out there like you and there are doctors that are ready to stand by your side so you can have the most satisfying explanation of your medical condition.

[appbox googleplay com.practo.droid]


It is your personal physician that will provide the best of medical consultancy at your home. No need to go anywhere, just download Your. MD on your Android phone and you would not ever need any other physician to provide with you consultancy. The time is changing really fast and the one who can adopt would be ahead of everyone else and it applies to every aspect of life. Medical apps are the next big thing in the medicine domain that would change everything you know previously about it.

Share your past records to provide the MD with the best of details to know what can be the best solution to deal with it.

[appbox googleplay md.your]



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