Best Messaging Apps for Android And IOS Users

Best Messaging Apps for Android

Nowadays Texting is something Everyone doing, I mean everyone who has smart phone either Android or IOS or any other operating system do texting and SMS. This is something that has made our daily tasks much easier than they used to be before phone texting used to be the way. There are several apps available online for texting and SMS that can make SMS more efficient and fast. Following are some texting apps that are known as best texting apps and have been used by masses for both IOS and Android.



Line is a Amazing Messaging App that is used by 600 million users worldwide. However, it is more popular in the Asia. This app allows you free texting; video sharing and you can also post on it like Facebook. Line App has a great number of the stickers and emojis which makes it a perfect texting app for Android and IOS operating system.


best texting app for android




Although WeChat is a worldwide popular messaging app yet its majority users belong to China. It has all features any good texting app can provide their customers such as photo sharing, videos sharing, voice messaging etc… But I think the feature that makes it the choice for 700 million smart phone users it, its Friend Radar Feature. It allows you to know about your friends nearby. This feature makes it not just the great SMS app for online communication but also for offline socializing.

Wechat app for android




Snapchat has huge numbers of young users online and the plus point about Snapchat is that almost every celebrity shares his/her photos and videos on the Snapchat. Its self-destruct automatically removes the photo, videos, or any digital data you have posted after sometime. And it has novel features such as funny filters and picture editing.

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snapchat funny filter




Viber is not just the great messaging app but also very useful for making domestic & international calls provides it at a low rate. However, viber to viber calls are for free either international or domestic. This texting app is full of the emoticons and the favorite stickers which are the heartbeat of any SMS app. You don’t have to put your contacts into the app it will automatically grab your contacts into its system.


viber calling app




Everyone knows about whatsApp and there is no doubt it is the best or at least one of the great messaging apps on the planet. It has all regular features of a texting app such as voice messaging, video call, send documents and video sharing feature, but it is known for its strong and reliable security and the massive amount of data it can store for you and you have accessed each bit when needed. It is one of few SMS apps that support GIFs which makes it a great fun for you.


whatsapp for mobile




IM+ app is a SMS and messaging App, highly suited for social birds who have accounts on every social network. This texting app is my personal favorite as it allows you to receive messages from every social site you are having and you can respond them by using a single app.


All in one messenger App



Google Hangouts App

The Hangout app’s unique selling preposition is, it works even on desktop and laptops. You can keep in touch with your friends and family without diverting your attention from one device to another. As Google hangouts application can be set as by default messaging app for any platform and the device. It also has some other amazing features such as sharing GIFS, photos, videos, video calls and also group calls. It is a fantastic texting app especially for the people who spend most of their time on your PC’s such as graphics designers, programmers and web masters.


Chatting and texting app
Google Inc.

Download Hangouts

Handcent next SMS

It has made texting simpler for the people who are new to it or for those people who hates the complexity in using different features of the messaging apps. But it does not mean that it is less than terms of providing any features or the services. Apart from any other features that a texting application possess ,it also has other, although small but interesting features such as cards, text messages for certain occasions and the customization features which allows you to change the appearance of your application interface concordance to your likability.

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Android SMS application

Download HNS

Signal private messenger

Signal private messenger is the application for the people and professionals who want some extra security in for their SMS apps. It provides them proper protection as it is one of the most secured messaging application, which has end to end encrypted data and even the links or pictures you put in it will get encrypted too.

secured messaging application
Open Whisper Systems

Download SPM

Google Allo

If you are fascinated by the Apple’s siri but regret about buying an Android phone then this is an application for you. Google Allo is a texting app but it works in a manner more like of Siri’s. However, it also allows IOS users to use the application. Apart from its voice control feature and assistant it has every small or big feature any other chatting app usually contains.

Download Google Allo

Chomp SMS

There are many applications which will provide with the wide range of emojis, customizations and there are  also some which will give you high level of security but the chomp sms is only one with such combined compatibility of both. You can put access code to your messaging application and even to the text itself. It also allows you to blacklists some of the unwanted contacts. Like any other application, it has everything you expect to have in a texting application. Chomp sms is a great combination of the privacy and fun which every Android user must try for at least once.


Emojis app FOr android
Delicious Inc.

Download Chomp SMS

Textra SMS

Along with all common features it provides users with uncommon number of themes. It also has few unique features such as popups and even floating notifications. This application is for those people who prefer aesthetic elements in their apps, as they come with the option of about 100 different themes.




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