Often the word of military pops into one’s mind if talking of strategy, for the concept is connected with each other and it was war from where the strategy came into existence. And the chess is a good example of how battlefields and strategy games are highly interrelated.

Therefore military games if belong to the strategy genre are the most primitive and thus feels real. And illusion of reality is the most significant trait of a video game. This attribute is more important if the screens are of your phones and not of PC or Tv.

Anyhow the military strategy games mentioned in this list are full of illusion of the reality with it’s attention grabbing characteristic but also includes the fear factor, exist little to no amount in strategy games,that are not military in nature.



[appbox googleplay com.kixeye.wcm]


War Commander: Rogue Assault

  •    3D multiplayer
  •    A world after World War 3
  •    Player vs Player or individual

The game bears a huge community of players love military strategy game and you can either compete against them in multiplayer or play your individual game.

You will be in a future world where the third World War has taken place and now you are in a world where the remaining commanders fighting with each other for control. But only the best can win and conquer the world. Though you can make alliances with other players online.

You will have not just the foot soldiers carrying military ammunition but you will use helicopters, tanks, aircrafts and vehicles against your opponent. And obviously your rivals in the game will also have access to all these resources too. So play it wisely and patiently with a plan in hand.



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World at Arms

  •    Modern war game with strategy
  •    Fight against KRA world invasion
  •    Different modes, social features and modern machines

World at Arms is a complete package of war simulation and strategic game play. In the game all players connected online have a common enemy, KRA a force trying to invade the entire world and you have to stop it.

On the other hand you can have player vs player matches and call your alliances to help you. If you have no alliance you can instantly invite your friends via Facebook to provide you with that helping hand against an opponent that only a friend can provide. Or if you don’t want that just raise your army of immortal war robots that are masterpiece of modern warfare technology.



[appbox googleplay com.geargames.aow]


Art of War 3

  •        Modern Real-time strategy warfare
  •        Invent new tactics and upgrade resources
  •        PvP, Thousands of players, numerous features

As the name suggest, this game is all about managing to win the war using your military resources. Either it is about Player vs Player matches or selective missions, there will be many factors using the specific combination of which you can make a new strategy.

The weaponry, ammunition, vehicles and other war machinery isn’t like any other we know of today’s world. It’s an advance weaponry wargame where the right strategy is the recipe to succeed.

In this 3D graphic game there are different military units each with there own special characteristics, but you can upgrade them as well as the aircrafts, assault vehicles, tanks and buildings.

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[appbox googleplay com.naturalmotion.dawnoftitans]


Dawn of Titans – Epic War Strategy Game

  •        Massive action-strategy game
  •        conquer or get invade
  •        Ancient style war with superhuman heroes

You enjoy this awesome graphics strategy gameplay by controlling each unit of your military. This makes it a real time war strategy game with dozens of superheros having novel powers. You can take part in PVP matches by selecting the heroes you like or participate in daily events and campaigns.

The Dawn of Titans have that feel of epic battle adventure we often sense in fictional medieval or ancient war movies. Yet it doesn’t compromises over the strategic and tactical aspect of the game. It is as tactical as any great military strategy wargame can be. In fact the more variants there are in the equation the more close to reality strategic thinking you have to do.

The game is so absorbing that one gets real good grip on the Nitty gritty of the game in no time but becoming the master mind strategist is another thing.



[appbox googleplay com.easytech.wc3]


World Conqueror 3

  •        History based military strategy game
  •        Choose different time and country to fight
  •        50 countries, 200 famous historic generals and 5 modes

The world map will be in front of you and you can choose war in different times like WWII or Cold war. There will be the greatest generals in your service whom you can employ to win war for you. Your soldiers and commanders will be promoted, base on your performance.

You can enjoy 32 historic military campaigns along with the conventional weapons of that time. There also will be 148 military units to recruit in your military of air force, navy and army. Look into the military academy to hire the best generals from modern history of warfare.



[appbox googleplay com.easytech.ew4]


European War 4: Napoleon

  •        18 century battles and generals
  •        Master the features of troops to be the Conqueror
  •        Napoleon’s age nations, wars and generals

Napoleon was the most achieved general of his time and one of the best if not the best general in military history. Lets peaks in to the age of this genius military strategist and meet the other generals of that time.

There will be 6 military campaigns of Europe, America, Asia and 6 conquests of Napoleon’s time. The best way to enjoy it is to catching up with some historic events of Napoleon wars and how he rise from a common soldier to an emperor. This will add so much extra fun into the game itself.

Along with Napoleon there are other generals of that time such as Nelson, Wellington,  Murat and many other. Even if reading and knowing about the history is not your thing you will know enough just by going through this game which include 130 types of units, 200 generals, 42 countries, 46 general skills and much more.

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[appbox googleplay com.erepubliklabs.worldatwar]


World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO

  •        Massive multiplayer Online strategy
  •        Raise your army, make alliances and command war
  •        Historic wars events, weapons and generals of WWII

As you can get the idea from the title of the game, it’s about the WWII between Allied and Axis. Therefore you will have the assault vehicles, tanks, weapons and aircrafts of that time. The countries took place would be the same. But what’s most interesting is the social element of the game that not just allows you to make new alliances but to have live chat with them for discussing strategy.

Gather resources and do research on the warfare technology to have the competitive advantage over your opponent. Take over the nuclear weapon facility.

Not just the war but you can also do trade with your alliances to get the economic leverage over your enemies. The game presents in front of you the world map and the opportunity to live among the great generals of that time and also to be one of them.



[appbox googleplay com.camelgames.superking]


War and Order

  •        Medieval fantasy world war
  •        Command battles and build & defend castles
  •        Fantasy creatures, Different warriors and castles

You will lead the army reside of 50 different types of heroes including Orcs, Humans, Elves, Angels and others. Your army will confront the monsters and opponents massive armies in PVP matches. As the game is a fine blend of Real time strategy war, along with tower defense of the castes you built.

The soldiers you will recruit gradually promotes and upgrades during the wars. Where as you can have alliances of other online players worldwide with whom you can have live chat. The players agrees to be your ally will not be bonded by rules and can deceive you like in real world. Build your magic and technology weapons of war with research, explore new lands, get bonuses, climb power rankings and build an empire of your own.

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War and Magic

  •        MMORPG strategy wargame
  •        Take the throne of Tyroria
  •        Chess resembling gameplay, real players and fantasy world

The war and magic is a world where everyone wants to take the Dragon city. Here you can’t survive alone therefore it’s necessary to have alliances and strong army. But it’s not just a numbers game when it comes to soldiers but of tactic and strategy. The soldiers and heroes belong to different races will join hands at one point while fight with each other at some other.

The game is a mixture of real time and turn based strategy wargame being played by millions of players world wide. These players are connected with each other provides each one with the rich strategic gameplay close to reality. For you will play against humans most of the time rather than just AI.

The game bears so many spectacular features that it is hard to mention each one but can only be known by experiencing them.    




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