Best Play Store Games For Android Lovers

Best Play Store Games

The Google Play Store bears Android games from Adventure to Strategy games, it has tremendously wide range of free games that are making gaming experience better every coming day. Android gaming has become a trend today and every Android user’s Google Play library is full of trendy games that are interesting and addictive. The craze for the games are continuously increasing and therefore we have found out the best play store games you must play. Now you don’t have to waste your time that did not worth it.


Golf Clash

If you are keen of sports then you must try a Golf clash. This is a golf game that allows you to play against real players instead of playing time-consuming 18 hole rounds, it allows you to play one hole round with each player. If two players sink the equal bowl into the hole for same numbers of the shots then to break the tie, one have to shot closest pin shoot out than the other player.

You get trophy and the coins for winning and your points and trophies reduce when you lose. Golf clash is a popular game that you must try.

This game is a golf game that allows you to play against real players instead of playing time consuming 18 hole rounds.

Download Golf


Causality is one of the best Android puzzle games that should also be called brain teaser, as it is a very challenging game and pushes you to the limit of your processing speed. In causality, you have to guide astronauts to their way out but the tricky part is that you have to do it by jumping into the different timelines. By jumping into timeline, you have to earn enough time to get each of your astronauts to its destination.

 Download Causality

Rolling Snail

Rolling snail is the least time-consuming and at the same time one of the most interesting games to play. This is physic based game in which you have to guide a snail towards stars that appear on the screen. You have to create the line in which the snail will roll and advance towards the desired point. To get to next level, you have to collect three stars at least.

Rolling snail is one of the simplest games on Android Play Store among all others available.

Rolling snail is the least time consuming and at the same time one of the most interesting games to play.

Download Rolling Snail

Dead trigger 2

This is a cool zombie shooting game that has huge following, the reason for its popularity is that it gets updated with new challenges with time to time. You can also have a shooting match against any online player in versus mode, while there is also extra side mission which allows you to earn cash with which you can upgrade your weapons. Dead trigger 2 can be played by different gaming controls.

[appbox googleplay com.madfingergames.deadtrigger2]

Pokemon Go

Most of you already know how big success Pokémon Go is, its creator took 20 years to create this master piece of augmented reality experience. The interesting part of this game is, it is linked with the reality you live in and where ever you go, you will see Pokémons and Pokémon gyms on the map of your area. It’s an amazing experience to catch Pokémon from your house, on roads and to challenge other opponents at public places that would be shown on your Android phone screen.

Augmented reality based games

[appbox googleplay com.nianticlabs.pokemongo]

Sky dancer

Sky dancer is a free adventure that resembles very much to the Temple Run. In this game, you have to run on the slim pieces of land without falling off. It is a simple Android game that requires least amount of the guidance.

In this game, you have to run on the slim pieces of land without falling off.

[appbox googleplay]

Epic skater

The people who were fond on skating games, Epic skater will amaze them to the most. In it, a skater will represent you and you have to cover the longest distance on the skates and the distance you cover on the skates will determine your score. The greatest score you make, the more coins you will earn.

Using the coins, you can change your skate board and even your appearance, which will ultimately affect your performance. It is free to play which means you don’t have to say anything for enjoy skating on your phone.

[appbox googleplay]

Mortal kombat X

If you are a fighting lover then you must see this one. Mortal kombat has the longest history of fighting games series which none other Android game bears. This fun has been popular since the arcade game period. The mortal kombat introduces on the Android platform has the same fighting moves as its previous series have. But you don’t have to press complicated combination of buttons but just tap on the screen to make your fighting moves. It’s another free Android game in our list that worth your time.

[appbox googleplay]

Table tennis touch

This is an incredible sports game that revives great gaming experience of playing ping-pong on video game. For the people, who loves ping pong  should be known about this great thing that it is a sophisticated yet simple ping-pong game in which you can do top spin, backspin and the great shots. Although Table Tennis comes with the price tag of $2.99 but you would not regret after paying for this play.

Top Sports games

[appbox googleplay]

Chameleon Run

In chameleon run, you have to sprint and jump but at the perfect time either you will fall or smash your head into something but obviously just in the game. It is a great game to play which allows you to horn your eye and hand coordination and test your reflexes. This sprinting Android game will cost you almost $2.

Brain Teaser Game
Noodlecake Studios Inc

[appbox googleplay com.noodlecake.chameleonrun]

Crazy Taxi

I am sure most of you had played or heard about crazy taxi, if you had been playing games for more than a decade. This game has revived its previous spirit of desktop game on the Android platform. The rules are same again, you have a taxi and you have to pick passengers and drop them at their destination in a specific time.

FieldRunners 2

Field Runners is the second sequel after the successful appreciation of its previous version. This Android game is liked by many worldwide for its animated graphics and the way the different level of the game proceeds. You will be confronted with different waves of bad guys having some extra ordinary powers. You have to think to your way out to the next level as this is quite simple yet great fun to play.

[appbox googleplay com.subatomicstudios.fieldrunners2]

Titan quest

Titan quest is often declared one of the best Play Store games out there for its great adventure of RPG. Along with its story line, you have the opportunity to play 60 hours of accumulated time duration for the entire game. It is also something until you give your dedicated effort of 60 hours to this.

This great Adventure quest game has several villains whom you have to fight with to reach the end. According to the past reviews of Google play store, this is a real deal to download. You just need to pay $9 at once and no further charges till the end of the play. Actually for the Android game lovers, it’s a very negligible price to pay.

[appbox googleplay com.dotemu.titanquest]

Super hexagon

You just need to rotate a triangle using touch screen taping in the hexagon container where dimension are coming closer to the center. It may sound simple yet it is a really complicated to play. It can be seen as a great addictive brain teaser and one of the best play store games.

Infinite Loop

You will be given a great, which you have to connect in a  way that no further patterns can be made by your Android phone. Your device processor will use an algorithm to create a pattern from grids which you have to end in the game.

It is a great puzzle with high addictive elements. You can get it for free without paying anything; this makes it an outstanding fun on the Google Play.

Doodle bowling

To kill small pockets of the time, doodle bowling is the great game but not for long time. This is about bowling where everything, from everything means the graphics is doodle based and it seems like that you are playing bowling game by drawing it on a piece of paper. Although this is not really competent to be the part of this list but its short-term playing is a great amusement.

Bowling games Android

[appbox googleplay com.gameresort.plugin]

Micro machines

Micro machines, a car driving game which will be played by the multiplayer all around the globe. You will be in the game after selecting your desired vehicle and its elimination mode will eliminate one person at every single level and if you can manage to keep up with the competition then it will a lot you some points which you can later use for upgrading your vehicle.

Rules of Survival

It is a battle to stay alive; here you would compete in an arena. The opponent you would compete against will also be a seasoned fighter so pick your weapon carefully. The weaponry includes modern-day ammunition and even of futuristic guns. Keep searching for the most effective weaponry because this is what on your life depends upon.

[appbox googleplay com.netease.chiji]

Human Resource Machine

Human Resource Machine is making a career for puzzle solving. Yes, it may sound like strange but that’s how things go in this world. Actually you are coding for your boss and here coding means you are solving some real-time puzzles. By doing well, you can be get promoted for better job title and will receive even harder puzzles. As with better job designation comes the heavier responsibilities. Your career depends upon the thing you love most, solving puzzles.

[appbox googleplay com.tomorrowcorporation.humanresourcemachine]



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