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Poetry Apps

If you are an Android users and like poetry then you have landed on the right page. There are several poetry apps full of poems have novel ideas, that speak the language of your mind and heart. As poetry is pure art that encloses long chain of the thoughts into small words.

The poetry lovers can make best use of technology by downloading following poetry apps, which expose you to the limitless experience and priceless idea of past and current poets. These Android poetry apps are not just the product of technology but carry either a small but significant essence of art.

Love Poems

No matter who you are, there are always pretty decent chances to be a lover and if you are currently in the state of mind called Love, then you must check out this English poetry app. Although no medicine can cure this feeling and prevent you falling in love, but this app with its hundreds of the poems enhances that limitless experience of love. The best part about this Android app is you can share this experience with your friends, along with art lovers on social networking sites. It also has a feature allows you to send love poems to the person you are in love with, as poems describe the feeling best. This app also bears some love quotes too, help you get better understanding of it.

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Hundred greatest English poems

It is an amazing poetry app for Android, has poems related to any occasion. With this application you will never get short of saying few lines of the poetry that relates to the situation best. Either you are a kid or an adult this application will entertain you accordingly and serve you the poetry that share your interest.

It has several categories such as funny poetry, kids poems etc.. With which you never get bore of it. But we also see it as an educative and constructive app that can fill the purpose of learning poetry using such a great work of magnificent poets. If you are fond of poetry but find it hard to create a decent piece then it will  suit you best. Using this android application you will create better taste for poetry.

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Poem Apps for kids
The Creative Boys

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Poems – Shakespeare FREE

No one can doubt the greatness of Shakespeare when it comes to art and poetry. This Shakespeare poetry app is one of the best poetry apps dedicated to Shakespeare art pieces. It will help you listen amazing poetry using narrative feature, while at the same time you can also browse. Poems- Shakespeare is an entire book filled with precious gems of poem created by the legend Shakespeare himself.

In today’s era we find little chance of teaching the new generation about such great art pieces, as they are more indulged into products of technology. This is a great mean of introducing your kids with the incredible work of Shakespeare and the ideas he possessed. This application is really contributing and serving art itself.

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Shakespeare poetry and quote app

Download Shakespeare Poems

POETRY from Poetry Foundation

If you are fascinated by poetry then this will entertain your interest immensely. Read poetry of almost any famous poet you want either Shakespeare or Rumi. It will have the perfect line you want to hear concordance to the mood of the moment. Stop sending text to your friends and start deploying with the suitable lines from App. With its save feature you can have your favorite lines of poetry bookmarked and can read them again anytime you want.

If you are a poetry fan then you should have join the community, this visual poetry app can provide you some serious stuff to impress other community members.

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