Best PS4 Games of 2018 That You Must Play

best ps4 games that makes best playstation 4 games list

Among all the gaming consoles that have been introduced in the market so far, Ps4 is the best. PlayStation 4 is today’s top-notch gaming console worldwide that is receiving huge round of applause from gaming enthusiasts.


Therefore, it is not a surprise that today we are discussing the best games for ps4 available in the market. From diverse genres and categories, PlayStation 4 is catering its users with great success. You can easily find games of every genre from car racing to RPG, it has everything you expect from a gaming console of this standard. Below are some exceptionally wonderful ps4 best games you should not miss the chance to play if you own a ps4 console or even a friend who has one.

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Far Cry 5


  • Open World game
  • Surviving & thriving
  • Hunting, Fishing & crafting
best ps4 games includes the top rated playstation 4 games

Hardly anyone doesn’t know what Far cry is, as its pre-successor has gained some real-time popularity among gamers of different gaming platforms and consoles. But Far Cry 5 is the best so far no where you can make such decisions you make in this virtual world of people, animals and machines. From weaponry to food, you can find almost anything in it. Here you will do some crafting and make different things like you usually do in any other sandbox game. You can be attacked by the animals in the wild or by people on the road

Like any other close to reality game, you can do almost anything what you usually can’t at such a place in reality. It is full of vehicles and large variety of weaponry which doesn’t gives you the chance to get fed up with it.



Rise of the Tomb Raider


  • Quiet famous story-line
  • Iconic Lara Croft
  • Search for Truth
best ps4 games included in ps4 games list Rise of the Tomb Raider
Square Enix

Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider was one of the first few video games that known as pioneer in 3D graphics and after so many years Rise of the Tomb Raider has come back with the same spirit to revive again this legendary story-line. The game play is not just about survival in the jungle and the weather but also include the encounter with paramilitary organization.

Lara has set on a journey to fulfill the dream of her dead father who was an archaeologist. It has highly defined graphics and incredible physics that make you live up every moment in the game. The survival scenario is astonishingly close to reality where each minor detail has been considered to be contributing in the entire game play. One of the best and highly recommended RPG adventure game with full of secrets and thrill. Let this secret world of ancient tombs and temples unfold before you their mystery.


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God of War


  • Third person action adventure
  • Full of elegant fighting
  • Astonishing powerful creatures
God of War is the best war games ps4 and also most popular ps4 game
Sony Interactive Entertainment

God of War is about a story revolves around a father name Kratos and his little son. Kratos being a warrior known for his rage but now he has decided to change himself for the better and learn from the mistakes of past.

Set out on the killer battling journey with Kratos and face creatures you have not even seen in fictional movies and animations. Everything seems like full of enormous superficial powers and trying to kill you. But that’s it is all about never giving up and keep moving forward no matter what. You will see creatures taller than trees and tougher than rocks. It takes a real calm, concentrated mind and courageous heart to keeping up with such shortcomings. You have been chosen for this, born to be a warrior and been seasoned by hardships and tragedies of life. This is your time to define who you are and live like legend.



Shadow of the Colossus


  • Adventure puzzle game
  • Sixteen giant creatures
  • Saving a girl
best single player ps4 games that are one of best playstation 4 games Shadow of the Colossus
Sony Computer Entertainment

Our hero in the game has to kill 16 giant creatures you have not seen anything like before. It would take place like a journey to save a girl and our hero will overpower sixteen huge creatures one by one. It may sound simple but the actual trick is to find that weak spot of each creature that can really kill it. How would you do it? By hit and trial method, hit at different spots on these super giant creatures and see where it affects most.

Obviously you don’t have much on the name of weaponry but that’s what makes it more thrilling.


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Monster Hunter : World


  • Adventure RPG
  • Dinosaur as monsters
  • Earn Loot
Monster hunter is a best single player ps4 game and one of top rated ps4 games

Like shadow of colossus, monster hunter also bears some real gigantic creatures but unlike the previous one, almost each of it wants to kill you. These monsters are non-other than dinosaurs from the Jurassic era of past. Many of them have the fictional ability that has nothing to do with real dinosaurs of the past. Some of them can throw fire at you while other can do the same with electricity. So it can be a really dangerous task and exciting at the same time to kill such fire-breathing ferocious creatures.

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Dragon Ball Fighterz


  • Multiplayer fighting game
  • 3 fighters in each team
  • Dragon ball Z characters
good ps4 games and one of top 10 ps4 games Dragon ball Z is
Bandai Namco Entertainment

When it comes to Dragon ball Z, things get a bit more intense, same is with it where the players have some extra-ordinary super human strength that can turn giant mountains into dust.

Choose three of the fighters among all the Dragon ball Z characters available in this ps4 game and fight with them till the very end. The animated graphics have kept the same spirit of Dragon ball Z animation. At the same time, makes it one of the most popular and best multiplayer ps4 games.



Tekken 7


  • Fighting game
  • Dozens of famous characters
  • Legendary characters with some change
top playstation 4 games includes Tekken which is also the most popular playstation 4 games
Bandai Namco Entertainment

Hardly any fighting video game series has managed to pass by so many gaming consoles and gamer’s generation that Tekken has. If you are fond of gaming and is not something to you doing it for the very first time then you don’t need the introduction. Rather you should play it and see how much Tekken 7 has changed especially with the characters. The same characters, each with a story has more on the name of it. You gonna find it out by giving some try to this game. A good ps4 game to try as an old school fans of Tekken.


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Project Cars 2


  • Car racing game
  • Professional race tracks
  • Dozens of Super cars
one of best ps4 car racing game which is also the best ps4 game
Bandai Namco Entertainment

Project Cars is not about car racing but has more professional and structure approach. You take part as a professional racer like many others in different racing tracks only designed for racing. You gonna perform in front of racing fans came here to watch you racing. The experience is in itself so real that while playing you will forget that it is just a game.

It seems like more of a car racing we watch on sports channels. You would be given feedback from your support team and every update you need to win it. Every car around you is one of the top-notch so be read to play it seriously or you would be left behind.


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Assassin’s Creed Origins


  • Famous story-line
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Suspense at each turn
best rpg ps4 also the best rpg ps4  Assassin's Creed Origins

You be other one of assassin on the land of Egypt to regain peace of the region. Fight for the poor and help your companions to win the war. You cannot confront your enemy as they are far much stronger and more in numbers than you but what you can do is hitting in directly wearing the cloak of deception. Don’t let them know who you are and you can achieve your purpose. It is getting some good reviews and praises from the fans and being considered as one of the best games for ps4.





  • Action role-playing
  • Gothic theme
  • Strange creatures
  best rpg ps4 game and overall a good ps4 game Bloodborne
Sony Computer Entertainment

You are a hunter wandering on the strange world filled with horrifying creatures. The only way back is to interact and search such monsters that can help you to see the clues to get back home.

The character you choose is highly customized and would be created by you. You would create the character to see how it looks like and do it resemble to the one of your imaginary hunter.




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