Best Puzzle Games for Android To Exercise Your Brain

Best Puzzle Games for Android

Puzzle games have been consistently getting famous for the smartphones and the demands for such games have enormously increased. Brain training games are really interesting and not just interesting, they are good for your brain exercise. Every part of your body is anti-fragile. When they are put to some stress they die or get stronger. Same is the case with your brain, it is like a muscle which gets stronger and better when it is used. Check car drifting games also.


These are great source of brain teaser that improves your spatial memory, processing, analytic skills and problem solving. Android is constantly introducing such fun on its platform. Below is the list of best puzzle games for Android that will make you think harder.


This is the number matching puzzle game in which the challenge is to match similar number on board in least moves possible. Matching two similar numbers does not sound like a challenge but when you have only one way to do so then it will be a really headache task. If you fill up the board too soon and does not leave any space for further moves then you are done with the game and its over.

A cute tiny game with big bang in a single game play.

Heart Box

You are controlling a robot in a lab and the purpose is to test its puzzle solving skills. The robot has been provided with 15+ object, each with its specific property. You will go through 100 challenges along with the bot. For all those gaming experts who never compromises over physics and graphics, heart box will be up to the mark for all of their expectation.

That Level Again

That level Again is a great Android puzzle game which is simple yet a remarkable brain teaser. In this, you will have a button, a door and room full of spikes, and what you have to do, you can know by just giving it a try. This may sound simple as it does not include many items and concepts, yet it is really hard to get on the next level every time you play.

This puzzle game consists of 64 levels and each level has its own difficulty and tricks to play. See Also : Best adventure games

favorite puzzle game


There are some tiles you will be provided in this and what you need to do is, to make pictures of digits such as 2, 4, 8 etc. You have to do it consistently until you can’t make any further moves. This 2048 game is nothing about any story line and it’s just the simple brain teaser, you can enjoy in several pockets of time you usually waste while waiting for something. This is one of the Best puzzle games for Android to exercise your brain.

There are some tiles you will be provided in this game, and what you need to do is, to make pictures of digits such as 2, 4, 8 etc.


Flow is one of the most famous Android free puzzle games, yet it is simple to understand the rules to play. Several dots of different colors will appear. Each color will be in a pair of two dots and you have to connect them into a limited space without intercepting or overlapping any other color line. It has several levels and can be played in short span of time. Check out:Best Android Action Games List

Flow Puzzle game
Big Duck Games LLC

Cut the rope

Cute the rope is highly popular puzzle game for kids that is based upon the law of physics and imagination of a child, you just need to collect candies by going through several places such as forests, yards and underground which put in the game one of the most important factor “constant change”.

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Cute the rope game is highly popular puzzle game for kids that is based upon the law of physics and imagination of a child.

Crossy road

Crossy Road is a fun for kids as well as adults because it includes a simple concept of a chicken that has to cross the road without being hit by a car. This puzzle game has voxel graphics yet you can be played not just by being a chicken but also 99 other Disney characters such as Donald duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy etc.

This puzzle game has voxel graphics yet you can be played not just by being a chicken but also 99 other Disney characters.

Mushroom 11

It is a different game with a creative idea of controlling a blob of fungus by cutting it from different dimensions. When you cut it from one side, it starts growing from the other and in this way you have to keep its growth in control. Mushroom 11 has easy and simple controls but not that much to the extent it get you bore.


If you are gardening enthusiast and looking for a family game then Prune will highly suit you. It is a simple and as it is obvious from the name that it includes the cutting and growing of the plants. Your job is to grow a plant by taking proper care of it. It’s the best game for kids because it tells them more about plants.

Prune is also my personal favorite because in today’s world people are not much conscious about the ecosystem and this will help raise that awareness about the environment global warming and how they can so easily contribute in saving the planet by just planting a small Shrub or even sowing a seed.

The Room

The Room is an amazing brain teasing 3D puzzle which emphasizes more on using your observation, problem solving skills and creative thinking. You will be given a big box which has different puzzles to solve from each direction. The puzzles this box have, include dialers, locks, codes etc. You have to solve it to get to the next puzzle.

It has real-time graphics that makes the box seems real in the game. It is an inexpensive to play that comes with the price tag of only $1. Read also: Best PlayStation games

3d puzzle game
Fireproof Games

Monument Valley

An outstanding game which has taken the puzzle games into a new different direction and is known for its incredible playing experience by the Android users. In this monument valley, you will be finding yourself into a strange but attractive infrastructure of ancient times where you have to act as a navigator to guide your character at the top of the tower. But it is not that simple, you have to see through different puzzles, dialers and indirect routes to your way out.

The graphics Monument valley displays are animated but very eye-catching. It is simple to play and comes with easy controls. For this amazing thing, $4 is not a big price to pay.

Brain Teasing puzzles
ustwo games

World of Goo

Word of Goo is one of those puzzle games that never bores the players from its level of difficulty, but actually you will be grabbed by this, once you play it on your Android device. It is a simple and fun in which you have to create structure in a specific way demanded on each level. The building block of the structure will be GOO BALLS which you have to rearrange after retouching them from the existing structure.

It can be played really easily using the tapping controls, while the graphics are pretty reasonable and goes with the theme of the game.

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This is about cutting out a board in a way to make it as small in size as possible. But be careful about not to touch any ball before you complete the cut or you will lose a chance. A simple but strange puzzle game online that would be liked by those who have strong spatial skills.

Snoopy Pop

You will have Snoopy Pop to save his friend by bursting out the bubbles. He will rescue his avatars necessary to save his friend. Things get more interesting when you do it by going through other game modes.



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