Best Real Time Strategy Games For Android

There are many strategy gene like but here we are talking about the best real time strategy games in which you are practically implementing a strategy to win a battle or to make something happen.

Nowadays you can easily find hundreds of games on each specific genre. So is true for the strategy category. There are many strategy games but here we are just talking about the best real time strategy games in which you are practically implementing a strategy to win a battle or to achieve your desired goal. Such games include several different open-ended factors that influence each other. There are some RTS (Real time strategy) games that will ultimately turn you into a real-time strategist after playing for hours.

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is what the name suggest. A clash between Kings that results in wars among armies of different kings. You being the king, have to make balance of your attack and defense factors by equally spending your resources on both. In this world, battles are not the way it used to be in old times because it’s not an old era but a fantasy world with lots of strange creatures, weird facts and figures. Check out: Games like Counter Strike

The army you will have, will be of some curious creatures such as dragons that will help destroying your enemy and make them defeat the war. Compete against unknown online players from diverse country, language and culture. The people with inborn strategy skills will surely show up in this free real-time strategy game. Your interaction is not just limited to the extent of game with other players but can start some interesting conversation on the game too.

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In DomiNations, you are the supreme leader and the ultimate ruler of your nation. Start building a civilization from the scratch and turn it into one of the most advanced and developed civilizations in the world. Don’t let down your nation because there are people not just of present day but from all other timelines.

All the people from the past and present has gathered as a nation under your umbrella of leadership. Use your strategic brain to make them a dominating super power and let the world know who you actually are.

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Battle Dragons

Battle Dragons is a build and battle strategy game where all you have is the dragons to use as weapon against your enemies. This fire-breathing creature will fight till the very end and will demolish most of your rivals from the very forts and castles they are living in. Let them know who is standing in front of them. You may have dragons of different breeds than your opponent army but it does not matter, all that matter is just the use of resources in more tactical manner. A  real-time war strategy game with a dragon spirit in it.

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Tropical Wars

Tropical Wars is like a dream come true for a pirate fan. You would be a pirate leader fighting against other pirate troops. Obviously you would also hold the title of ship captain. The real fun starts when you lead the gigantic troop of yours, into the battlefield of white stretched ocean. The one with the best troops or canons would not be the conqueror but the one with better strategy. May be there is a great admiral hidden inside you waiting to be unleash. See also: Best Action RPG

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Heroes of Order & Chaos

This game deserves the title “Real-time strategy game”, for it has the every big or small element makes one. Build an army, destroy enemies tower as simple as that. But do it with a sensible sound mind strategy. Otherwise you would not stand a chance for victory. A real center of attention for strategy game enthusiasts.

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