Best Science Puzzle Games To Enhance Your Brain Ability

Science Games To Enhance Your Brain Ability

Science game is a great way not just for having some happy hours but also a good tool to enhance your brain power. There are so many puzzle science games that are waiting for you to be get discovered. In this post, we have piled up some of the most popular and amazing science based puzzles games you should have on your Android device.

Brain Dots

Downloads: 10,000k-50,000k

Reviews: 4.2

Price: free

A simple game where you just need to be good at understanding practical knowledge of the physics. You don’t need to be an A+ physics student but should know how the things move when a force is applied on it.  You are a line drawer and your aim of the game is to colliding two balls into each other. It may sound simple but the descending line you will create will get harder every time you level up.

Brain dots is a simple 2D game which supports more than 14 languages and a great brain teaser to have.


Cell Lab

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Reviews: 3.7

Price: free

A brief intro of genetic engineering and biotechnology who are a science lover but do not know much about biology. Cell lab provides you with the high profile laboratory where you can culture different organisms and can insert foreign genes into your under observation organism. It is not about the laws of biology because those of you who are bio students know that bio is about life and therefore scientists avoid to make laws in this discipline. May be that’s because the great exception of phenomenas in living things.

There are about 45 challenges which you have to overcome and there are 16 different cells would be provided to you. If you are not a science student, do not worry you will get some tutorials and it will prove a great mean of learning about genetics and cells.



Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Reviews: 4.6

Price: free

Atomas is a wonderful graphic game that will make you learn a lot about chemistry, molecules and the atoms. You will not only see how the compounds and different molecules came into existence but you have to make them in the game. There are about 120 molecules you have to create in it and that would be very mind teasing. Your goal would be to create precious elements like gold and silver. Atomas is an extremely addictive game along with its 4 different modes.

addictive puzzle game


Brain it on

Downloads: 10,000k-50,000k

Price: free

Reviews: 4.5

If you like making things, such as a city in a game or some kind of clan, it is highly probable that you will like Brain it on too. Brain it on is about solving physics puzzles through your drawing of specific forms and the shapes. Although it is created by a beginner level game developer yet its huge number of downloads shows that it has much more to offer. You have to perform extra-ordinarily to get unlock the next level. You will never be getting out of new levels because there is a community that will continuously provide you with new levels every day you visit it.


Science Tricks & Experiments In Science College

It is a science game that would have been played more in the real life instead of your smartphone. It will guide you to make simple different things from machines to electric cars. You have to do it concordance to the instructions it will provide you. Most of its simple items are fun to make and you will find most of the material at home it requires.

There is hardly any need to go outside. This science game for kids will make you learn so much about science and the concepts you would never forget because we humans do not forget things we experience. There is step by step guidance and the game is lot more of fun. A fun school that will surely make you a little scientist without attending any college or anything like that.

[appbox googleplay com.gameimake.sciencetricksexperimentsinsciencecollege]

Science Lab Experiments Kids

This game can be a great choice for anyone who is keen towards learning science but the game is a piece of treasure for parents who want to make their kids learn about science and scientific phenomenas. An interesting eye catching educational game that is full of colorful visuals. You wouldn’t had ever seen anyone learning science in such an amazing way.

Unleash the mad scientist inside you and perform some exciting experiments. Each experiment would be related to a branch of science and also will expose you to a new scientific law you want to learn. In this way, you would not only learn science in a more practical way but these visuals will help you remember the facts far more easily and for far longer time. Get aware yourself about some cool scientific facts and turn yourself into a scientific geek.

[appbox googleplay com.bibubi.sciencelabexperimentskids]

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