Best Shooting Games

With the constantly increasing Android users, the demand for Android games is growing on enormous pace. As Android Shooting games have a huge segment of audience who loves real shooting and gun games. Even in the old times (means two decades ago), arcade shooting was the center of attraction in the gaming parlor. As the history repeating itself, there are countless fun games exists today on Google Play Store which have taken games to the next level by creating sub categories of firing such as sniper and multiplayer games.


The best part is most of these are available online for free. Due to the enormous craze of game lovers, we have compiled a list of best shooting games for Android which you must try at least once.

Dead trigger 2

An outstanding zombie shooting game with amazing story line, this is a great combination of zombies and guns. Dead trigger has pretty decent graphics along with the huge variety of weaponry introduced in game. You don’t have to just kill a zombie with a gun, you can also try chainsaw for some change. Its premium version allows you to get unlock some more guns.

[appbox googleplay com.madfingergames.deadtrigger2]

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is an interesting and cool sniper game in which you perform the role of the Hitman who has to kill without dragging any attention to him. As the game proceeds you will be given different kinds of rifles and guns, using which you have to kill your targets. This grabs you into it and its 150 contract killing missions keep you stay with the game for long hours.

[appbox googleplay com.squareenixmontreal.hitmansniperandroid]

Major Mayhem

If you are looking for shooting games for kids then major mayhem will end your search. It’s a simple animated graphics in which you have to wipe out some ninja’s figures  and spy by taping on your Screen. It has an interesting but simplistic story line that kids find interesting. Check out: Third person shooter


Fields of battle

People who like FPS shooter game with realistic approach must see fields of battle. It’s an amazing game in which you are in a paintball match and you will get eliminated with just one hit of paintball. It also require some strategical and tactical thinking. As it does not has any kind of violence and nudity, therefore its one of few shooting games for kids. It has exceptional movements and graphics that allow you to dive, slide and jump. If you are a fan of paintball match, then it can also help you out with practicing different tactics.

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[appbox googleplay com.superxstudios.fob]

Dead effect 2

Dead effect 2 is a RPG based shooter which is an upgraded version of Dead Effect. It was one of the pioneers in mobile shooting and now its next version is also doing well. It has fantastic graphics with 20 hours play time that you can spend with this. This has huge variety of different guns which you can collect and upgrade and don’t have to worry as there are many bad guys whom you can shoot with your huge gun collection.

Into the dead

It is a zombie shooting game, in which you are constantly moving into destroyed fields in between the zombie crowd. You just need to keep shooting zombies that comes in your path of survival.

This game has 3D haunting graphics, although the details are not prominent and you can’t get the faces of zombie right but it justifies being a FPS. The sound track of the game also triggers your adrenaline level. You will also receive different guns and weapons in your way while you are constantly running.

zombie shooting games

[appbox googleplay com.sidheinteractive.sif.DR]

PewPew 2

PEW PEW 2, although is not the one with most high-profile graphics and sophisticated shooting game on Android platform, yet it fulfills the purpose of casual gaming at its best. This is based on a simple situation in which you are having a space craft and you need to destroy as many enemies as you can. The game has three different levels of difficulties while there are nine modes available for the players to enjoy as you can choose from 8 different space crafts.

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This is based on a simple situation in which you are having a space craft and you need to destroy as many enemies as you can.
Jean-François Geyelin

[appbox googleplay com.jyaif.pewpew2]

Frontline Commando

This is for those players who demand a game with advance level 3D graphics. It is about a single survivor solider who has to make his way to the city of the enemies. Frontline commando is not just a shooter but a battle zone shooting with dozens of guns and weaponry.

[appbox googleplay com.glu.modwarsniper]

Sky force reloaded

People who like games with arcade shooting genre and the one that has space crafts in it, sky force reloaded is perfectly designed for all those. Although it seems a bit older game play like we used to play in the gaming consoles of 90’s, but for mobile gaming it is something different. You will be controlling a space craft where there are enemy’s crafts around you and you have to destroy them and collect coins to get a high score.

The graphics are very simple and does not match the benchmark of today’s high profile mobile shooting game but this has made its way in this list due to its causal gaming addiction usually players feel towards it.

People who like games with arcade shooting genre and the one that has space crafts in it, sky force reloaded is perfectly designed for all those.
Infinite Dreams

[appbox googleplay pl.idreams.SkyForceReloaded2016]

Overkill 3

Overkill, a terrific shooting game involve some real cops who have gained mastering over their shooting skill. It does not mean because the game involve cop shooting, it doesn’t have much action. Instead overkill possesses some full of action, exciting tournaments where you will have opportunity to prove your skills.

Apart from the tournaments, it has other stuff like dangerous weaponry and boss fight.

[appbox googleplay com.craneballs.overkill3]

Cover Fire

It would not just demand your shooting expertise but also how good you are in strategy making. Military strategy making is a significant part of cover fire where you would prove yourself not just as a great shooter but along with it as a magnificent strategist. Learn about all the guns and where to use them via hit and trail method. You will soon learn how you should use your ammunition and in what way. Never again get defeated by preparing best before. It is full of advanced ammunition and killer graphics. Check more like Sniper games also.

[appbox googleplay com.generagames.resistance]

Metal slug Defense

It has revived the old spirit of 2D shooting. Once metal slug was among the top-notch shooting games but even today you would know it is no light weight, once you download it. Go on a deadly mission with your companions and save the world from mass-destruction weapons.

The responsibility of world is on your shoulders and you can hardly imagine how fun it is to fulfill your responsibility as a savior in metal slug defense.

[appbox googleplay com.snkplaymore.android003]