The title “Best strategy games Android users like” include those strategy games that are acknowledged by majority of Android users, so if you own an Android device then there is great probability you would love most of the names below. The list contains prime class best strategy games’ sub genres, like turn based strategy games, Real-time strategy, war games etc. Strategy games are great mind teasers and can demand great amount of processing speed, memory, creativity and out of the box thinking, as the matter of fact strategy game is about to get desired results with the same amount of resources as your competitors have.

The games listed below have the ability to make you play for hours at a stretch and still have enough addictive juice to make you play again, obviously if you are a strategy game fan. Even if you are not, still these games can help you survive through boring parties easily or can make the experience of being in the waiting list more bearable.




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World at Arms

  • True World war strategy game
  • From submarines to fighting jets
  • Fight against a rouge army or challenge your friends

World at arms is a complete android strategy game that revolves around a war that has dragged the entire world into it. A rouge army called KRA is trying to invade all the world and you have to stop them from diminishing the world. The game has rich social element which allows you to find your allies to fight against this destructive army. However you can also challenge your friends for fun. World at Arms is a real war game that demand real strategy skills, for you gonna command air force, army and navy. You can also unlock Atlas, an army of immortals robots.




[appbox googleplay com.nexonm.dominations.adk&hl=en]


  • World domination war strategy
  • Choose from 8 nations
  • Lead civilizations from very beginning to modern era


DomiNations is an unbeatable idea about a true war game with real time historic events and nations. You would choose from 8 great nations which would include Greeks, Romans, British, Chinese, French, Germans, Japanese and Koreans. Raise a civilization from the very starch, lead them and fight wars for the total world domination. The 50-on-50 alliance warfare get the excitement of this war game to the next level.

You can’t win by fighting more ferociously but more tactfully and strategically. You don’t just have to be aware of your count of soldiers but also have to take into consideration the inventions of armaments and the development of your civilization as a whole. DomiNations is truly one of the best strategy games for Android users not for 2018 but of all times.




[appbox googleplay com.socialquantum.acityint]


  • A city building strategy game ace
  • Have breathtaking 3D detail oriented graphics
  • Can invite friends and see their cities

You are the mayor of the city and strategy plays the key role in the development and prosperity of the city. As the game has sophisticated economy model, so you don’t just have to build the city but have to run it well. From sky-scrapers to atomic power plant there so much you can do to make the city a heaven on earth. You would build the other significant components of the city what makes it a city and also have to start projects that generate revenue for the city. Your strategic juice will help you decide in what projects you have to spend most of your time & resources because these are in scarcity and a single mistake can be disaster.

If feeling bore you can invite friends and can visit neighbors cities, whereas the leader-board will let you know about the top-notch player globally. Whereas daily free gifts and updates adds into it’s excitement.




[appbox googleplay com.supercell.clashroyale&hl=en]

Clash Royale

  • Build battle deck & great card collection
  • Play real-time strategy with global players
  • Built clan, share your cards with other clans and learn tactics from TV Royale

Really an ace even among the best RTS (real-time strategy) games for Android. After Clash of Clan, the developers have set new standard with the launch of Clash Royale in 2016. As you can see yourself the number of downloads and reviews are shouting out load that it is a matchless title in the entire list of Best strategy games Android users like.

Having the elements of other strategy game sub-genres like tower defense, war and RTS, it’s a splendid blend that makes users stay last too longer. To be an unbeatable contender and raise up the rank you just need to have a perfect timing strategy along with some cards. Cards that you can share with your clan members. However if you feel bore but not enough to take the unnecessary risk of fighting unprepared with big clans the you can have private battles within your clans and invite your friends for it.




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The Battle of Polytopia

  • Built city, develop tech & rule the world
  • Be one from 4 tribes
  • Simple graphics & mind boggling

The Battle of Polytopia will remind of old retro games for the first time you will see it but what is true for books also applies on games, “Never judge a game by it’s graphics”. This turn based strategy game is one of the most sophisticated strategy game, too simplistic for flashy game lovers.

You would explore new areas on this flat surface of world and also would built cities. But it is not know for it’s brain crushing layers of tactical gameplay. A real choice and quite popular among many android strategy fans.




[appbox googleplay age.of.civilizations.jakowski]

Age of Civilizations

  • Battle, make alliance or make peace with other civilizations
  • Once lose for your capital you will vanish
  • 193 civilizations and modern & historic wars

Age of civilizations is a top class android strategy game that is about world domination. You have to fight with other civilizations and have to conquer them. The colorless civilizations are neutral territories whereas colored areas indicate other civilizations. You can either go on war with other civilizations or can set peace treaty with your neighboring civilizations. You can build different infrastructures like ports, forts, watch towers etc.

Your population of civilizations will pay you taxs from which you can built new structures and can bear expenses of your military. Therefore although the invading new civilizations can cost your big army but it will fulfill the break-even and profit in no time. However the twist is, it’s not just the military that can make you win war but the right strategy. But what ever you do, don’t let the capital of your civilization let perish by the opponents because if it happens for 3 times in  a row your civilization wouldn’t exist anymore.



Best Android Turn-Based Strategy Games