Best Study Apps For College Students

Best Study Apps
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Useful Study Apps For Every Student, To get the benefits that can add up to your Grades

If you are reading this post, then most probably you are a student who is trying to find out some study tools and how you can get most out of your android phone. Being a student most of your activities usually revolve around your studies. Your sleeping pattern, timetable and even your hobbies mostly matches that of a typical student. Now it is a time to do the same with your android device and get the benefits that can really add up to your grades. Like for everything else, there are also apps for students to enhance efficiency.

These are few some best study apps that every student must have in their android phone.

Quizlet : Learn With Flashcards

The difficult part being a student is to memorize all the facts and figures, usually most subjects demand. And doing it without losing your attention and getting bore, is a hack of a challenge. To get rid of this problem and making your study more interesting and easy, quizlet App comes handy. The application is full of the flashcards that has images and audible features which can make the learning process more fun and increases your efficiency. it contains flashcards for almost every subject and discipline. However it can also synchronize with some other flashcards apps you were previously using. In this way you can’t just get most out of this android application but can also use all the content you had previously collected on different flashcard apps.

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Like any other occupation, the most crucial factor that determines the success of a student is how he or she manages the time. Especially the college students are the one having least experience in doing so, for they have newly stepped out of the parent dependent discipline that had been imposed on them for a long time. Timetable app is a good way of managing your time by allotting period for daily routine tasks including studies. By making timetable although you may have lesser chances initially to make it work 100%, yet it will enhance your performance reasonable. You can also create different time frame for each course of your degree and the time you spend on it would be concordance to your strength and weakness of subject. while it can also be according to the weightage of subject as a major or minor course.

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Circle of six

It is a security app designed by keeping in view the university students, as it helps students to find their lost friends in emergency or the one who is in trouble. Either you go on a university trip or doing a mid night hangout with friends, this android application will make you call for help in the time of need.Just press a single button and you are done. Either encircled by the university bullies or you are a teenager girl who have gotten their she shouldn’t be; this is one of the best apps for students and will help you get your way out of the trouble.

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The most difficult task of the fresh year university students is to manage notes and PowerPoint slides of different courses. The consequence of not organizing your documents can be seen in your grades. Therefore, the importance of making and placing your notes at somewhere you can easily access, is a necessary thing to do. The app name LectureNotes can help to record video lectures your professor delivering in class and you wouldn’t miss a thing again because you were not busy taking notes. An application that will solve your problem of being not on the same page with a professor who deliver the concepts really Faassst. Hearing the lecture again can really worthy for the next exams. As while preparing for exams we often forget the concepts (Obviously if written notes are not detailed enough).

If you are recording video lectures consuming too much of your phone data then you can go for audio lecture recording. By minimizing its data size you can mail it to your other friends and classmates. It also allows you to open your notes on PDF. An app not only for university students but for anyone who loves learning. Because it can record lectures, experiments, practicals and takes notes you can access easily later at any point of your life (Obviously if properly saved in a proper way).

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Learning a new language can be part of your academics or formal education, but it is a great way of enhancing your brain power, iQ, general knowledge and better understanding other cultures. It also helps you to better understand your first language. So, as you can see the time spend on learning a new language worth spending. Babylon is a remarkable android app that would help you to learn new languages with accelerated efficiency and lesser time. Babylon can help you to translate the text on your android into 75 different languages and each with great accuracy. It is a hidden treasure for the people who finds other different languages appealing or always wanted to learn French, Chinese, Arabic or any other language. Just name it and the language will be on your finger tips.

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If you are one of those learner who want to make study out of the textbooks, by interacting and discussing the subject with the professional then TED is the perfect choice for you. As most of you know TED is a platform where professionals, masters, and geniuses of all field comes and share their experiences via lectures. No matter who you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a psychologist, a scientist, a student or even a housewife who loves learning about a specific domain.

TED is an outstandingly unbelievable application that will blow your mind with its interesting and out of the box diverse knowledge.

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