Best Tetris Games For Android Mobile

tetris games for android

Many of us have some sweet memories with Tetris games. The good news is that you can try it on your Android devices too. Why? Because it can serve as a brain teaser and a great casual game play too. Placing down the right shape piece at the right time from the right side will demand some spatial ability, memory, processing speed and some quick reflexes too. You don’t have to spend long hours of game play to get at the real core of game.

It’s the game you can play at any spare time you receive, it does not demand long minutes of attention but you will be done with it within some free seconds you have in the day.


Tetris will put you into nail-biting situations where making decisions will be a challenge. A quite simple Tetris block game with highly competitive spirit. You have to make a proper strategy based on your strength because this Tetris puzzle game demands so. You will be tested by some challenging levels and there are more than 1 mode to conquer. Get some new missions in the new explorer mode, you will meet new missions where you can know how good you are in placing things at the right place and at right time.

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Block Puzzle Legend Mania

Block Puzzle is a different kind of Tetris for Android where you can’t rotate the block. The only thing you can do is to move right or left before it lands properly. Although it eliminates the large part of worry to rotate the shape but it gets challenging when you can’t find a suitable support to place the block. Pile up beautiful animated colorful blocks one onto other and try to leave no space between them. A Tetris like game play suitable for the people of different demographics.

It does not demand much of your brain power so can be labeled as a calming game. Its pretty amazing to see your name high on the “Block Puzzle Legend Mania” Score-board. A reasonable choice for puzzle Tetris lovers.

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Retro Tetris Classic

A memorable Retro game with the classic approach towards Tetris. Move and rotate the block until you find the right place to land it. Do so for at-least 10 blocks so they can assemble as a horizontal line without any gap. When this will happen, the line gets vanish and the top most blocks take its place. To surpass one of several levels, you have to make some of such horizontal lines disappear which will be consisted for 10 blocks. Celebrate the revival of Tetris blocks with this classic approach.

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Block Puzzle & Conquer

This game is not just a fabulous Tetris game but an effective brain teaser too. With its hard & fast rules and matching of different shapes of block puzzle together, you would enhance your spatial skills and logical abilities.

As the things get bit faster you have to use your fast mind processing to place the things where they should be. The game would get a bit difficult and quicker for you at each passing level. Don’t judge this highly addictive Tetris puzzle game with difficultly of levels I have described, because once you start playing it, it is really hard to quit.

Brick Classic

Brick Classic works the same way, with the same rules as any other Tetris puzzle do. But it can be seen as a survival challenge for blocks as it does not composed of multiple levels but the game ends once your chamber gets full enough that you can’t play further. We would not waste the time telling you the rules as there are same for all others mentioned above. Just be quick and smart at the same time.

[appbox googleplay puzzle.brickclassic.tetrisgame]

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