Best Time Management Apps To Manage Work Easily

Best Time Management Apps

Time management apps are one of the most beneficial and useful tool to keep track of your time and using time effectively. No matter what profession you belongs to and what goal want to achieve, if you do not plan your tasks concordance to a time frame, there are least number of chances that you would succeed. Time Tracking apps are the must for everyone; either you are a student, businessman or an artist. Everyone has to meet up their deadlines to make a name in their discipline. There is several time management apps each designed from different perspectives. Some are more of time sheet apps while other are better to call work track but each has their specific purpose.

To eliminate the confusion of time tracking apps we have created a list of some of the best time management apps.


Toggl : Manage Your Work Easily

Toggl is a well known time management app available in both platforms, Android and IOS. It is also can be used on different devices of mobiles and desktops while the time tracking tool of toggle for desktop is different then that of mobile version. With Toggle, your time tracking becomes automatic, either tagging time entries, displaying reports, timer for programs or reminders, toggle is a great choice for smart work. Its report is known as to be most conveniently presented either via Excel or PDF, you can make your choice for the document format.

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Best Apps for Getting and Staying Organized

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Asana : Organize Team Projects

If you are looking for time tracker app used by high level of professionals, then Asana is the best choice. Asana is used by professionals of NASA too, it is the work tracking app used by professionals from every walk of life. It is highly suited for time management for groups and teams, as it also allows conversation, sharing of performance and evaluation between the members of a team. In its free version, it allows 15 members of team to collaborative use the Asana App, while the premium version includes more features customized for convenient team time management.

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Timr is a work tracker app suitable for small businesses and startups for tracking the performance of your employees against time. It’s a simple to use app that allows you to track your employee’s performance, budgets, GPS even if you are not at work. So if you are an entrepreneur then I would say it is the time tracking app you are looking for.

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Slack is an Android time management app customized for group working. It is also available for desktops; slack allows you to store and share data, exchanges messages and the program goals with each and every team members. This App allows the team to collaboratively accomplish their deadlines with utilizing team work factor.

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Timely Time Tracking App

Timely is more of a scheduling and calendar app than that of a time tracking, which is available for cross platform. This app allows you to create schedule for each date of the calendar and then you can start the time tracker for each date of the calendar. You can put your days, schedule timely by simply drag and drop features.


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