Best Tool for Android Game Development

Best Tool for Android Game Development
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So You Want to Develop Android Games But Confuse Where to Start, We are mentioning Best Tool for Android Game Development

If you are a mobile phone game enthusiast and learning Mobile phone Game development, then this is the post for you. With the increasing trend of smart phones and the tablets games, the demands for game development tools have increased also. Sometimes developers get confused for choosing the right smart phone game development tools for them. Below we have mentioned few of the Best Tool for Android Game Development and their brief intro:

 1. Cocos2d

Codos2d is so popular among the game developers that approximately 19% of game developers uses it, while the other 8% have use it at some point of their lives, especially as a beginner game developerCocos2d is recommended for you if you are a newbie in smart phone game development as it is an open source game development tool.  You would not have to pay anything to use it and there are several online communities’ supports for the cocos2d environment. It comes along with a wide range of extensions and the tools.

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cocos2d game tool

 2. Marmalade

Marmalade is one of the best options for a cross platform game development tool. It works both on PC, tablets and smartphone while support both the platforms Android and IOS. Even then it is open source code and free to use. This game development tool is used by advanced level game developers.


marmalade game engine


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 3. Epic games

Epic games is known for creating a master piece such as Flappy Bird. Ad you know flappy bird does not have really very high profile graphics and even it does not bear any levels more than 1. But don’t judge Epic games just on the basis of flappy bird, because Epic game is known for developing advance level graphic games for professional game consoles. If you want to see some of recent Epic games project then you must have a look at the games created on unreal engine 4. The unreal engine 4 is a professional level and one of the best game development tool that exists in the market and you can go professional with unreal engine 4.


epic games

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 4. Corona

Corona is something like a paradise for the professional level game developers, due to its requirement for writing code because it does not have any visual scripting tool but it comes with three plans and the first one is for free. It is highly famous among the professional as it comes with extensive API documentation. Corona has the widest platform range including Android, Kindle and IOS. It supports easy monetization.



corona gaming tool


 5. Unity 2d, 3d

Unity is the market leader and is the best game development tool till far a game developer either beginner or expert can have. Unity is available in 2d and 3d which is a rare thing for any game tool. If you are a newbie game developer and does not have much proficiency over coding or does not know coding at all then unity will help you find a way towards learning game development. For the unity 2d requires least or some times no coding and is such an easy and useful tool for beginners. And the good thing about unity is that when you become a game development savvy with time you don’t need to switch to another development tool which can fulfill your higher demand for game development but instead you can go for Unity 3d. It is available for free with limited amount of tools and you can publish the game for monetization purpose and does not have to pay up any until your annual revenue reaches to $100,000.

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unity3d game engine

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