Best Mobile Trading Apps in 2018

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As mobile trading becomes increasingly popular and more retail traders use Android and iOS apps in order to trade the markets, there’s still a huge debate on what is the best company providing the best platforms. Each platform for trading CFDs comes with different features and different functionality, so we have picked three of them, which will be described in this article.

Saxo Bank

The online broker based in Denmark stands out when it comes to trading platforms in general, due to their SAXO Trader platform, a proprietary software designed by the company. If we speak about the mobile platform, the interface had been designed in a friendly manner, allowing fast access to the entire instruments list, which covers more than 30,000 assets.

The platform includes a wide variety of functions like:

  • Market information about each asset
  • Fundamental information
  • Analyst’s reports summarized so traders will be able to go through the entire information very fast
  • Interactive charts with technical indicators
  • A great degree of customization for charts and work space.

Although the platform is not perfect, and it still has some flaws (no price alerts available, no order confirmation, search function not well-optimized), the Saxo Bank mobile trading app is still among the best.

Coming from a broker focusing mostly on the Eastern markets, the finq mobile app comes packed with a wide variety of features aimed at improving the way customers are trading CFDs. Among them we have:

  • Speed prioritization: each transaction, is executed fast, with no delays
  • Deposit and withdrawal requests directly from the mobile app
  • Fully-functioning displays on each asset
  • Traders Trend Bar
  • Trending Now Assets list.


One of the most popular brokers from Switzerland had also managed to come out with a mobile platform compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. The company had managed to come out with something original, a mobile platform with unique functionalities, like the Themes Trading, which enables traders to copy portfolios based on current trading trends. Other features are as follows:

  • Two-step authentication security
  • Financial information offered in real time
  • Dynamic graphs
  • A good search function and user-friendly interface.

Despite some weak spots (like no price alerts available and no order confirmation) the Swissquote mobile app is among the best trading apps out there, so must recommend it for any CFD trader.