Best Travel Apps For Android

Best Travel Apps

Nowadays you don’t have to go through the headache of planning your trip as there are great trip planning apps on Google Store that you can use to arrange places for the stay and plan for places to visit. The Android travel apps are the great and reliable source of planning a trip. Although you would not find difficulty in finding best hotels, as it can be managed by a trip view app yet it’s a great hustle to find the perfect travel application for planning your trip. We have evaluated travelling apps and searched out Best travel apps for our audience. Check more: Travel tech gadgets for travelers



Skyscanner is an amazing trip planner from cheap flights to rental cars, it got everything you expect from a travel app and much more. It is partner with Google Flights which allows you to know about dates for the cheap fights and also inform you via alerts. You can also find your desired hotels concordance to your budget. It just not tell you about the flight, rental car but also the best offers for your nearest airports.

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As finding the right flight is a big part in making your trip great, here apps like Hopper comes handy. Rather than a trip view app, it is more of a cheap flight app that allows you to have the most discounted and cheap plane tickets in the least amount of time using their push notifications.

Hopper claims that you can have a flight on their application within only 1 minute and Google has awarded it with the Google Play Award, may be because it is the most proficient and precise in sorting out the best suited flight for you by analyzing billions of flights.

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Airbnb is one of best trip planning apps and also reasonable for booking cheap hotels for you. This helps you from getting a rented car to the guidance of a local guide. It also collects experiences of the travelers traveled through different places and the destinations.

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It is a must have travel app for everyone who is travelling a new place. This is actually a most beneficial and useful public transport that helps you finding the right transportation to reach a destination in least amount of time. It has a ride sharing service and tells you about the train, subways and bus line schedules, it even works offline for some cities. Read also: Useful Car apps

Offline Travel Application
Citymapper Limited

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Even if most of you already knew about the Uber app, but it is so useful for the travelers that I have to add this in my best travel apps list. For being collaborated with the transportation service of 600+ cities worldwide, it is a great ride sharing app. You don’t have to worry about a safe and secure taxi, if you are a woman and especially in a new country you don’t know, Uber will help you find a reasonable taxi’s fair for you and don’t worry about the approaching taxi towards your destination because you can track the location of your requested taxi.

It also allows you to pay with the credit card even in a country where people don’t use credit card much.

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Live trekker

Either you are travel blogger or just on a vacation, this is the most effective way of making your journey and unforgettable memory documented with the minor details. Although live trekker is an application that can be useful for anyone yet it is most beneficial to travel bloggers and journalist. This will track your entire routine via GPS system and help you to make it more detailed oriented with the videos, photos, audio and the text that you generate during all your travelling experience.

For both professional and personal use, this application worth trying and you do not have to worry about risking even for a small price because it is available for free on store.

Evaneos Travel

For its fantastic service, it has become a must have tool for every traveler. It guides you for your journey by providing you the reviews and guidance of experienced travelers. This is a complete master travel guide in your phone that helps to get most out of summer vacation or world trip. Either for the business or pleasure, people find difficult in judging their destinations and what they should expect from the place they are going to.

Evaneos travel will help you to visit the tourist attractions at their best and tell you where you should not waste your time. Now you do not have to worry about being misguided by the travelling guide, you will hire for few hour services, because now you have travel trips using which you can travel anywhere in the world. As this is for free so download it now because you may forget to download it, when the time comes for packing up to go on a travel adventure.

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If you are travelling for the first time and inexperienced in doing so then this is the perfect app for you. TripIt will make sure that nothing goes wrong with your travel schedule by booking and reserving hotels and transportation services. You do not have to worry about finding hotels to suit your taste and even if you find them you don’t get it into the hassle of finding most convenient and reliable method of reserving them. This is a free travelling Application that every youngster must have in their Android devices as it will fulfill in the gaps of yours mismanagement and inexperience.


If after reaching your destination you suddenly remember that you have forgotten putting the towel in the luggage or luggage you have managed is not suitable for the current weather conditions, you may spoil your comfort for the trip. So to avoid such mismanagement, you must download Packpoint. It is a complete checklist of your luggage and package items that you should carry along your journey.

You just need to insert the designation you are going to, your travel duration and the purpose of your travel, this application will provide you with the full checklist of the luggage you must carry with you.

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Tripoto Travel App

Whenever we think of travel trip, exotic and famous tourist destinations like Istanbul, Paris, Dubai and Bondi beach comes to our mind. But Tripoto breaks the monotony for frequent travelers and even helps the one who haven’t traveled before to find destination that are fabulous but aren’t well-known.

Download Tripoto app if travelling is something you always wanted to do. Even currently haven’t that much time or resources to travel but being in touch with it can provide yourself such opportunities in the near future. You can start your travelling blog at Tripoto or can search for tourist destinations you were always planning to see. This can also provide you with the reviews of real-time travelers who already have been to the destinations you are planning to go.

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Google Trips

It can provide a helping hand in making your travelling more memorable. It can make all the arrangements perfectly on time for you so that you do not have to miss anything due to lack of time. Reserve the accommodations and get the best services according to your budget. Read also: Apps for survival

We all know that how gigantic Google is, when it comes to gathering precise and diverse information about anything. Relying upon Google Trips surely would not disappoint you. At least unlike many other apps, we know how it serves its users.

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Almost every digital services, we are using is designed according to the human convenience and for the best user experience a person can have. An app or a website would be of no use if it is providing all that information that the users don’t want.

Minube has given more weightage to their real-time user experience by adding up reviews of travelers who had already seen that destination. No need to rely upon mechanical and bookish reviews about a tourist destination when you can have of some frequent travelers. Don’t take recommendation lightly because may be the past travelers have enclosed their experience in a single line you are searching for.

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