Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

Best Voice Recorder Apps

Voice recording apps are really very important for every Student and Professional because it later provides you some stuff for the brain storming. We humans hardly notice the words but the way or the tone they said in, therefore we often miss a lot. This would not be the case for your next meeting or class lecture. Record your meetings, interviews or any important verbal communication that you feel you may need later.


A great and faster way to record your experiments or other work projects. Because writing stuff may take more time and you cannot get your ideas or thoughts onto your journal if you are doing exercise or driving a car. So it’s a must have for every career geek out there who wants to make a difference. Read also: Apps for Personal Assistant

Smart Voice Recorder

It skips the silent gaps of your audio file to save memory and time, that’s why it is called Smart Voice Recorder. You cannot just record sound but also can use it in different ways unlike any other voice recorder apps. For example, you can use the recording as alarm or use it as a reminder. Voices along with visuals have really strong and long-lasting impact on our memory. Therefore, the next time you go for a college lecture or training seminar, don’t forget to take it with you.

[appbox googleplay com.andrwq.recorder]

Audio Recorder

Sound recording is something hundreds of apps can do for you but this one can do some editing too. If you are a YouTube vlogger then it can be of some extra importance for you. Download it and try it yourself. Even if you are not a vlogger, try it to record as your notes recorder, lecture recorder or recording of some important meeting conversation.

If you want to be a sales genius or any other profession then this is the best voice recorder app for you. Either a lawyer or a marketing professional, you may need to gain some experience from the big achievers in all such fields. This voice recorder tool will make it a bit easier for you by recording important conversations of your mentors.

[appbox googleplay com.sonymobile.androidapp.audiorecorder]

Easy Voice Recorder

This voice recorder will suit all your needs the best way it can. Either a motivational speaker, business professional, students or even singer, it will get it done all for you. With its high quality recording system, you will never feel the problem of having a low quality recording again. If it’s the specific TV commercial you want to get record for some reason, this is the best Android voice recorder you can have. A reasonable choice for every professional from different walks of life.

[appbox googleplay com.coffeebeanventures.easyvoicerecorder]

Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder has great variation of customization settings when it comes to recording any voice or sound. You can either record your singing or record your most favorite seminar; you are going to attend this week. In every way, it’s a recorder that fulfills the purpose in the most satisfying way. You can record your voice in the background or can do some changes with the sounds recorded. You can even set any sound you have recorded as your phone tune.

[appbox googleplay com.andrwq.recorder]


It can record any sound that is heard able to human ear. (Like Baby Driver movie), you can do some editing with sound and voices you have recorded. This will add up to your creative juice and change your imagination into a more dimensional and perspective thing. Check also: Text to Speech apps

[appbox googleplay name.markus.droesser.tapeatalk]


Cogi is not just any other voice recorder app but a serious tool for notes taking. By note taking, I don’t mean for school kids but for some experienced Professionals. Because Cogi allows you to take written notes in its note-book along with images and sound. Obviously there are few things that are easy to write, while some ideas are easy to record as a voice talk. Here Cogi helps to save most of your time by making your notes more meaningful and easy to understand when you review it later.

The purpose of cogi is to add up every detail from the biggest to the tiny one, so you don’t miss anything when you later analyze the information you have recorded. A real helpful tool especially for professional like detectives and journalists.

[appbox googleplay]

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