6 Best Writing Apps Android Users Must Try 2020

Best Writing Apps Android Users

In this digital era, written content of an average person has such exposure which it never had in human history. This completely justifies the significance of these prodigious best writing apps Android users must try. The Tweets we do, the social media captions we use to share our life happenings or the emails we write, a top-notch writing app is something that comes handy in  everyday tasks professional or personal.

Our pieces of writing, big and small get lots of eyeballs’ attention. Therefore it’s entirely justified if one gives more than usual attention to the text they are creating online. Especially if they are bloggers, poets, screenplay writers or belong to any such line of work. This array of best writing apps is must have for all of those android users. As most of these second to none writing apps are totally free, which eliminate all the excuses to not try.

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[appbox googleplay com.underwood.monospace]


  •       Allows exporting via Markdown
  •       Use hashtag to organize
  •       Sync with other devices


Monospace has a very simple UI that doesn’t clutter the screen with icons. Instead it’s a minimal notes and writing app that has all the necessary features for notes taking on a device. Basic features such as Bold, Italics, Quotes, different formats, Bullet and strikethrough.

The app allows organizing notes and your writing pieces with the hashtag instead of the categorized folders. You just need to add hashtags in the last line and Monospace will organize it on  it’s own. Can sync with other devices but it’s a pro version feature. The most spectacular of all is the Markdown exporting, which is copy and paste support for services like Tumblr and WordPress.

[appbox googleplay com.drakeet.purewriter]

Pure Writer

  •       Fully secure
  •       Sharble to other apps
  •       Auto save feature

The Pure Writer can be your blogging or creative writing app as it’s fully encrypted and doesn’t lose any data no matter whether you have saved it or not. Even if the user has deleted the content by accident, the user can still access it from the history. The app auto-saves your content every 2 sec and if the app can not save the change for some reason Pure Writer will notify you at once. The content you create in this app is conveniently shareable to other apps. Smooth scrolling and swipe keyboard enables users swift suitable user experience.

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[appbox googleplay com.viettran.INKredible]


  •       Write with finger
  •       Quite precise
  •       For tablets and mobiles

It wouldn’t be wrong to proclaim INKredible as one of the world’s best free writing apps, because it is about writing not typing and it is totally free. This app helps writers to write on their screen of phones and tablets. As typing for long writing pieces can be a bit tricky and even if you have completely mastered the art of typing on phone, still it hardly can take the place of actual writing.

Sophisticatedly well developed vector-graphics inking technology helps users to have experience akin to real writing on a paper. For there is a reason we still use pen when we want to do some brainstorming or want to write something linked with our inner self, like poetry. Use INKredible, the incredible writing app to let your creative juices flowing.

[appbox googleplay com.socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note&hl=en]


  •       Writing for diverse purposes
  •       Lined paper or sticky notes
  •       Auto-save and sync with other devices

You can write emails, memos, diary, checklists or to dos with ColorNote. It has no limit for characters so you can write your ideas in great detail even on sticky notes or on lined style paper. The best part is you can arrange the notes by color or by dates. If you want to have a todo list for a special day, it also allows you to set reminders for that particular date.

The checklist options allow you to write all the stuff of your shopping list or to do’s of the day. Then you can arrange the checklist task by your liking and once completed you can check or uncheck each option. After all the options are checked the app put slash on the notes title.

If it’s an email you want to write or brainstorm ideas it’s the way to go. Doesn’t matter whether you save it or not, ColorNote has auto save option. The device sync can be done to access the notes on your tablet too.

[appbox googleplay co.easy4u.writer]

Writer Plus

  •       Write article or drafts
  •       Heading Tags, italics & bold
  •       Word count
  •       For: Professional writing (creative)

Wrtier Plus provides access to those typing features that one usually has in Pc. However one have to use hash (#), star (*) and other such signs for heading tags and quotes (which you can see in the video below). As the app allows italics, bold, quotes, numbered list, and other such writing features used for professional writing. The app can also be used with a Bluetooth keyboard which enables you to do stuff like copy, paste, undo, redo, selectall, share etc with the keyboard.

The developer of Writer Plus proclaims that it is a book writing app, which can also be used for poem, notes, draft and essay writing app. Features like keyboard short-cut, support for 9 different languages and other fascinating features make it an expedient to use.

[appbox googleplay com.jotterpad.x]


  •       feature-packed text editor
  •       Markdown, Phrase-search etc
  •       Syncs with cloud & export in different formats


Either it’s screenplay writing or poem, novel or blog, JotterPad is full of features that helps you to convey your creative thoughts into text in the least distracted way possible. With features like built-in dictionary,  customisable typography, extended keyboard, typewriter scrolling, dark theme, table, bulleted list and checklist and many more. With JotterPad you will hardly miss your Pc for performing writing tasks any better.

You don’t have to worry about securing your content as it automatically synchronizes to the cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive) you use. Never have to hustle for having your file in the desired format to make it work. As it can print your work in PDF or export to formats like .docx and .rtf. Quite helpful for indulging into the art of creative writing.


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