Best Yoga Apps For Releasing Stress

Best Yoga Apps For Releasing Stress

Yoga can be really helpful for your mental and physical health, may be that’s the reason 2 billion people practice it worldwide. In this era of competition and fast moving life, stress is a common ailment one can suffer from. Yoga would not just avoid all such mental conditions but brings mental health, balance and happiness in your life. Fortunately there are some really impressive Yoga Apps on Play Store that can help you practice yoga like a pro. What you need to do is, just take out your Android phone and Download one out of these free Yoga Apps.

Simply Yoga Free

Download: 1000k-5000k

Price: Free

Reviews: 4

With simply Yoga, you will never again feel difficulty in following the yoga instructions again. The video it offers help you form 30 yoga poses with great proficiency. All the instructions in the video you mirror are performed by the professionals. If you get confused about the time and duration for performing the perfect yoga, this yoga app can also help you out. With three perfect yoga routines you can choose the one that suit you the best. If you have done with all the yoga poses the application providing you then there is some more in the premium package. But before you go for it, try to use the fermium first.

best yoga instructor application
Daily Workout Apps, LLC


Down Dog

Downloads: 500,000 – 1,000,000

Price: free

Reviews: 4.9

Down dog is a total studio experience with some real unique yoga moves and warm up music. The instructions it provides are so clear and easy to follow that you do not need to stare at the screen. With its vocal instructions you can put your phone next to you and can perform entire yoga without looking at the screen even once. The amazing part is you never get out of the new moves because it will generate some for you, every time you need them. Down dog yoga app is perfect for the people with any level of expertise because it’s easy to follow instructions and novelty of moves fulfill the need of all, from beginners to professionals. To get the ultimate studio experience, download this amazing meditation Android app.

yoga studio from beginner to expert
Yoga Buddhi Co.


5 Minute Yoga

Download: 10,000 – 50,000

Price: free

Reviews: 4.6

If you are a beginner then this is the right app to use. Because of its easy to follow instructions you will have a timer to make your yoga more effective and efficient. It bears images and text instructions to help you follow even the tiniest of detail with great precision. It avows several small sessions of yoga with each session of only five minutes time duration. There is also some short workout sessions for busy beginners. This application is a great example of how much you can achieve by starting from small.

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easy daily yoga workouts android app
Olson Applications Ltd


Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans

Meditate with daily yoga app with several different yoga positions and some moral support of community. There are 200 yoga positions for you to perform that will not only enhance your health, body immunity, decrease stress, lose weight but also improve your brain power.

You can choose from 200 yoga plans according to your physical needs. Not every posture is for everyone therefore the variation in plans are kept to make it feasible applicant for everyone. There is so many instructions and commands that you hardly get confused at any point. By chance even if that happens for a minor detail, there is a online personal trainer for you. With this yoga studio app, there would not any need of any other guidance, booklet or online blog to read.

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10 Daily Yoga Poses

For every tight scheduler, this pocket yoga app can do the magic. Even if you don’t have much time for proper yoga session classes then you can give some minutes at home. Just download this app on your Android and start performing 10 poses per day. Gradually your body will turn into athletic looking structure.

There are alarms and reminder to keep you on your routine if you get a bit out of track. Although it is not that yoga which will take you to a very advance level but highly suitable for beginners.

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