Big Surprise for Iphone Users

Iphone users

Apple always pride itself on being A1 since Day 1. Rather of being a little overpriced, it never fails to impress its users. Recently Apple unveils its new version of an operating system The Brand new IOS 12. This time enhancement in performance will be the prime goal of apple creators. The new Iphone IOS 12 is going to be in the market in September. To drive through what IOS 12 will bring to you, the apple presents the new IOS 12 beta version, which you download it now. Here is the list of some super cool features which is brought by Apple creators’ just for you in IOS 12.

Faster than ever

This time Apple creators are more focused towards enhancing the performance of Apple devices, making it better and faster than ever not of the new ones but the old ones too. IOS 12 will be bringing some lighting fast speed to it. The app launching time will be faster. It will take slightly fewer seconds than ever before to launch applications. Even while capturing some unforgettable memories you don’t have to hold pose for longer duration because with IOS 12 Camera capturing duration is a lot better than ever before.

With faster operations on cameras and app launching, it also focused on a little thing which is the keyboard. Now with IOS 12, you can type as long as possible messages and texts in tweak on seconds. Making apple devices more loved by everyone, this time apple creators are more focused on performance by that enhancing performance on devices which are under heavy loads.

Screen Time

With Better and faster performance in Devices, IOS 12 have a lot more surprises to bring. This time apple creators will allow you to note down the statistics of your screen time. That means, now users with devices supported with IOS 12, can down the time they usually spend on their phones. You can check how much time you are spending on a single application present in your devices. Nothing the less, with IOS 12, you can sum up how many notifications you have received so far and can also manage how much time you want to give to each application. If you exceed the time you set for a single application, your device will alarm you by prompting *Time’s Up*. If you aren’t done with it, you can ask your device for some extra play time.

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Grouped notifications

Whenever you look at your device, you always see some scattered notifications all over your screen which can be annoying for some tidy lovers? IOS 12 comes with a feature where your notifications from a single application are grouped together in a tidy way. To view all, all you have to do is to tap on the grouped notifications, and it will display all notifications you have received so far from that single application. With Grouped notification feature, you can now manage the grouped feature. By swiping right, it gives you an option of manage, where you can turn off and quite the notifications which are bothering you in your ME times. With a single tap, you can clean all the notifications in one go.

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New Animoji & Memoji

We all were so fascinated with snapchat’s dog filter, where it sticks its tongue out. Apple creators already surprised us with the introduction of animojis where you sing and bash your head inside of the screen with some animal avatars in IPHONE X. to spice up your animoji experience, IOS 12 brings new enhancements where you can stick your tongue out and have some with your friends and with introductions of new avatars like Koala, tiger, ghost and lovely T Rex. Nothing the less, with the introduction of IOS 12’s new feature of Memoji, iphone’s experience is better than ever before and fun too. Memoji allows you to create your mini you.

It gives the excess to create your mini avatar. You can make it as close as to your appearance choosing between various hairstyles, eye gears, different costumes, and accessories not just that you can also mimic them.

Group face time

With the bunch of good companions, the experience enhances whether it is a day out or even faces time. IOS 12 brings the new feature where you can actually do a conference on face time. Connecting with a bunch of old friends over a video call becomes easier. On grouped face time, you can connect with one just one or two friends but with 32 friends at a single time. Group face time on IOS 12 brings new and interesting graphics along. While on group face time when you are having a conversation with your gang at a single time, at the time they are talking their window itself gets enlarged and gets shrink when they are not. To add up little more fun to the conversation use can use animojis and Memoji.

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With the beta version of IOS 12, you can take a test drive of what IOS 112 has for you. With many more amazing enhancements and new features, IOS 12 tends to bring new experiences in your Apple journey. We all know, Apple creators never fail to bring the best in their devices to offer you best they can.