Bird Sounds App For Android

Bird Sounds App

Either you are a bird watcher hobbiest, student or just a common man who loves to hear the sound of different birds. The good news is there are Android apps for this that can make you listen the sounds of birds. For wild life biologist or people studying birds in details will find this Android application very informative and amusing.

Nowadays kids have little interaction with the forestry and due to this minor expose to nature most of today’s generation does not even know the sounds and names of the birds that found in the natural habitat. Parents of such children can use this Birds chirping App as an entertaining mean of educating about birds.

No matter how you use it, it is a fun for everyone. Following are few best Android bird sounds App that worth downloading.


This Android app is created for educational purpose by Nord University. Although this Bird watching application is designed by keeping in view the demand of students and professors of university. As it can make you learn more easily about the birds but any Android users can download it to get mesmerize by the bird songs of 280 different species. By listening to so many different bird sounds will not only release the stress but also make you remember the appearance and name of different birds you like to listen the sound of.

This app has precise name, images and sounds of several bird species to make learning a more real experience. It make study bird a lively experience and what you experience yourself you can’t forget. BirdID also contain different quizzes and book to practice that will measure your learning. Or you download the application to just listen your favorite bird sounds, you can also make yourself learn about different birds like a bird watcher.

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Bird image and sound

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UK bird sounds

This app of Android bears all the sounds of  birds that are found in UK. Either just a hobbyist who is curious about this strange voice of the birds or bird enthusiasts who love bird sounds and learning about them, it can fulfill both such purpose. Although this application is specific to the United Kingdom bird but it will add up to the knowledge of yours no matter which country you are living.

To hear the sound of a bird you just need to tap at its picture and if you like it, you can set it as your Android phone ring tone. You can also find a checklist of birds  that you can use to make sure you have seen all these bird in nature. The purpose of this Android app is to provide the sight of those rare birds that sometimes get close to you in public parks, but you don’t pay much attention because as the matter of fact you don’t know at the first place that this is the sound of a rare bird. With this cute birds app you will know how the most beautiful birds sound like and will enjoy to the fullest what nature has given us.

75 Bird Sounds

75 Bird Sounds is for every that person who is interested in Birds either as a hobbyist or as a student. You can also use this game app to make kids learn about different kinds of birds, because the way we are cutting down the trees hardly any bird could stand in cities and towns. Its a great way to make yourself more aware of surrounding. There are birds in apps classifies as domestic birds, wild and pet birds.

Every time you open the app, different full of color birds picture will appear in-front of you. You just need to tap on the screen and the bird will speak. The next time you go for summer camp or a trip in the woods you will know which bird is making that beautiful sound.

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